Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Question from Ameetha - Anne Boleyn Queen Regnant or Queen Consort

In Alison Weir's "The Six Wives of Henry the VIII" she says that Anne Boleyn was actually crowned Queen Regnant and not was not merely a Queen Consort and therefore the only person then or since to have been a consort and yet crowned Queen Regnant.
Here is another link I found to a book that also agrees that since Anne was crowned with the crown of St Edward, she was a queen regnant as it was the crown used to crown reigning monarchs.

Question: Was Anne Boleyn crowned queen consort or queen regnant? Is there an absolute answer?

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Question from Eva Maria - Jane Seymour's appointment to Katherine of Aragon

I wonder - do we have any idea of the date when Jane Seymour was appointed to serve Katherine of Aragon? I have read as late as 1532, but somehow I had always thought it to have been before then. Does anyone know?

Many thanks!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Question from Marilyn R - Katherine Howard sending Margaret Pole clothing in the Tower

I would be very grateful if someone could help me out with a reference for Katherine Howard sending warm clothing to Margaret Pole when the old lady was in the Tower.I have had the source but seem to have deleted it & just can't find it amongst my jottings!

Thank you in advance.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Question from Lesley - Clothing on bodies lying in state

What clothing would have been worn by the wives of Henry VIII and in particular Katherine Parr when she lay in state prior to burial. Would this be her normal and elaborate clothing or would it have been night/ shroud type clothing?

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Question from Eva - Falconer Mary of Canterbury

I need historical information about Queen Elizabeth's Grand Falconer, Mary of Canterbury. I hope to write a novel based on the Falconer's life.

Where can I find any information about her?

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Question from Carole - Info and sources on Anne Bourchier

I am an amateur at genealogy and am in the process of learning how difficult it can be to get at the correct information for my family tree.

My questions are:

1.Where can I find information and sources for Anne Bourchier (b abt 1520 who married William Parr, Marquis of Northampton b. abt 1513) specific to her affair with a person by the name of John Lyngfield, AKA John Hunt, AKA John Huntley? He was supposedly Prior of St. James Church, Tanbridge, Surry.

2.Also her supposed marriage to a John York or John of York.

3.I would also be interested in knowing if her children retained the Parr surname.

Thank you in advance for your input.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Question from Mary R - Feasts and Saints' Days after the Reformation

My question is about medieval feast days and Saint's days (there seem to have been rather a lot of them:) Which were still observed after the Reformation?

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Six years!

I just wanted to mark the occasion of this blog reaching six years of existence! [Yeah, I'm trying to find new and more creative ways of saying the same thing every year.] I know I say it frequently - but perhaps still not enough - a big thank you to everyone who comments and sends in questions. Without you all I would be buried under even more email than I already am!

Question from Maggie - Jacquetta of Luxembourg

I am a woman how happens to be a amatur historina and i like to know things so i was wondeing why there is no entry anywhere for Jacquetta of Luxembourg who happens to be the mother of Elizabeth Wooodville grandmother to Elizabeth of york

Monday, November 07, 2011

Question from Mary R - Thomas Boleyn and Anne and George's trials

Did Thomas Boleyn actually sit in judgment of his own children (Anne & George's [supposed] incestuous affair) and find them guilty? I have read in a couple of novels that he did, but is there any documentation to support this?

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Question from Liz - Dowager Princess of Wales document

First, I'd like to thank you for having such a great website! Anyway, my question is regarding something I read in Alison Weir's "The Six Wives of Henry VIII". She mentions that Catherine of Aragon was given some type of letter stating that she was now to be called the Dowager Princess and that Catherine scribbled it out and yelled that she was the queen and would continue to call herself queen. Weir says that letter (or whatever it was) still exists today but I can't find it. Have you heard of it? Thanks so much

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Question from Becky - Henry VIII's 1541 progress to York


I am trying to develop some learning resources and wondered if I can beg help (please).

I am trying to find out where Henry VIII stopped overnight on his progress to York in 1541? A book reference I can get would be brilliant. I have looked on line but I am getting no where fast.

Thanks in advance

Question from Marty - Yeoman of the Queen's Chamber in Elizabeth's reign

What were the duties and wages of a "Yeoman of the Queen's Chamber" in the earlier years of Elizabeth? How were they selected and appointed?

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Question from Esther - Unsigned warrant for Elizabeth's execution

The "Lion's Cub" episode of "Elizabeth R" shows that, while Elizabeth was imprisoned in the Tower, an warrant for her execution was sent to the people in charge, unsigned by the queen. (they refused to act on it). Does anyone know if such a thing actually occurred, and if so, what sources refer to it?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Question from Ellie - Elizabeth of York's fashion and jewelry

What kind of clothes and jewellery would Elizabeth of York have worn?

I was wondering what kind of style dresses, headresses and jewellery Elizabeth of York would have worn, as there are descriptions of what people more of Catherine of Aragon's generation would have worn, but not the generation above her (that of Elizabeth of York).

Thank you!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Question from Mary R - Katherine Parr biographies

Can anyone recommend a good biography on Katharine Parr?

Question from SaraMarie - Anne Boleyn's crowns


I'm doing research on Anne Boleyn and am wondering if anyone knows about her crowns (Marquis and Queen), and what they may have looked like.

I found the description of a crown when she was given the title of Marquis, but want to know of more details and maybe drawings of what they could have looked like.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Question from Marilyn R - Norfolk House, Lambeth, in Kathryn Howard's time there

I am having a final tidy-up of my research on Norfolk House, Lambeth, during the time Katheryn Howard lived there with her step-grandmother.

I would be grateful if anyone can help with any references to the domestic arrangements, other than those to be found in ‘Letters & Papers’, which were recorded after Katheryn’s fall from grace. After years of working on this, on and off, I have come up with very little in the way of contemporary references elsewhere.

I wonder if life in this household was really very different from that in other homes of the nobility which acted as sort of ‘finishing schools’ for young people. If this place was so notorious in its day it seems strange that there are no references to it in the gossipy correspondence between foreign ambassadors and their leaders when Henry married Katheryn, bearing in mind that the Dowager Duchess was one of the greatest ladies in the land, step-mother of the third Duke of Norfolk and step-grandmother to the late Anne Boleyn, whose train she carried at her coronation, and to whose child she was godmother. The ambassadors were usually on the ball when it came to a nice bit of scandal!

What I am asking is: are there any references, apart from those in ‘Letters & Papers’ to Norfolk House having a bad reputation? The ‘evidence’ in L&P is retrospective, and some of it was extracted under duress. So many people seem to have seen so much, but it was all kept quiet for years - could this really be done in a household of 100 people or more? One Andrew Maunsey, a former a servant of the Duchess, said under questioning that about a year before she came to Court he had three times seen Mistress Katheryn in bed with Francis Derham at Norfolk House. Katherine Tilney was also in the bed at the time and could confirm it, he said, which she did later; he thought a laundrywoman named Besse might also be helpful.(Beds were a luxury and the girls and women in the dormitory would have shared.)

But what about the gossip when all the naughty stuff in Lambeth (and Horsham) was actually happening? Any comments/observations will be appreciated.

Question from Elizabeth - Holbein's "Maids of Honour" painting


I have been reading about a painting by Holbein "Maids of Honour to Mary of England Queen to Louis XII."

I think it is in the Royal Collection at Versailles or in the Louvre.

I cannot find an image of it online anywhere.

Can anyone help?

Many thanks


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Question from Em - Weight and eating disorders in Tudor times

I have a really odd question: were people ever worried about their weight in Tudor times? Or did they just ignore it? Were disorders like anorexia and bullimia virtually nonexistent back then?

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Question from Dafydd - Henry VIII and Cotter

Some years ago I watched a televised dramatisation of Henry VIII and his many wives. I can't remember the name of that particular series, but it wasn't Dr. Starkey's "Six Wives".

In two episodes of that series, the character playing Henry VIII would shout "Send for Cotter"; I seem to recall that this Cotter was summoned when Henry was having problems with two of his wives, Anne Boelyn and Catherine Howard.

Would anyone know who this Cotter was? or was he an invention of the screenwriter?

There is a Cotter Baronetcy of Rockforest, Co. Cork, who found favour with the Stuarts, but I can't find a connection to the Tudors.
Thank you.

Question from Dafydd - Documentation of Henry VII's claim of descent from Arthur

Henry VII claimed to be a descendant of Arthur of the Britons. A search on this site revealed some quite interesting inputs from various people (in 2009) regarding whether or not Henry VII was attempting to 'legitamize' the Tudor rule by making this claim. I don't wish to enter into speculation as to Henry VII's motives, but to raise another question. Did Henry VII document how he was related? i.e., is there a genealogy report somewhere for Henry VII which shows his connection, be it factual or fictitious, to Arthur?
Thank you.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Question from Orla - Henry VIII and his mother Elizabeth of York

I'm curious about the relationship between Henry VIII and his mother Elizabeth of York. I heard that he was favoured by his mother, and he would always compare her to any woman he was married to. My question is, what proof is there that they were actually close?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Question from Mary R - Care of babies in the Tudor period

My question is about the care of babies during the Tudor period. I know that they were "swaddled", but what exactly did this entail (besides tight wrapping) and for how long was this done? How were the calls of nature attended to? What was standard practice in the nurseries of the well born regarding the general care and feeding of infants?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Question from genevieve - Punishments for female actors

what was the punishment for an elizabethan woman who was found to be acting in a theatre?

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Question from Grace - How Tudor clothes were made

I am doing a year 6 project on tudor clothing and am trying to find out how did the Tudors make their clothes?

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Question from Tracey - Tudor history courses

I am looking to undertaking a course studying tudor history. Does anyone have any ideas?

[This is another type of question that comes along periodically but is always worth posting since new courses, particularly online, may have come along. - Lara]

Question from LauraQofU - Mary reversing convictions of More and Fisher

Did Mary I reverse the treason convictions of Sir Thomas Moore and Cardinal Fischer after her accession to the throne?

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Question from Mary R - Wealth and the Elizabethans

My question is about what Elizabethans did with their wealth (besides building E shaped manor houses:)

I've read that they displayed their riches by exhibiting and using gold plates and goblets set with precious stones,and also sewing pearls etc. into their garments. The explanation given for this was that there were no banks. Were goldsmiths not yet common? When did the practice of putting ones money with a goldsmith and thus accruing interest begin?

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Question from Em - Marrying of sister's widower

I know that it was considered sinful for a man to marry his brother's widow. Was it also considered sinful for a woman to marry her sister's widow?

1500 posts!

As regular readers will know, I like to celebrate numerical milestones, so I thought I would mention that we've reached 1500 posts! Thanks once again to all the great readers and commenters that help make this blog work. I know I don't say it often enough, but I really appreciate everyone who contributes here!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Question from princessseni - Tudors dissertation topic ideas

hello! i'm a fourth year Algerian English student at the university, I am starting to think about my dissertation for this year and am planning to do something on the Tudors Dynasty, I thought of Henry VIII particularly, but I am afraid it is so vague. I studied a little The Tudors Dynasty and watched the series "The Tudors" and I am fan of it and so interested. I would really appreciate any kind of help especially with the outline and content.
If anyone has any suggestions that would narrow down my topic, these would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you a lot.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Question from Sara - Tudor history graduate studies in Canada

Ok, so I am going into my final year of my BA in history, and I am absolutely enthralled with the Tudor history, the only problem is that I live in Canada, and I have looked at previous posts that mention the US and the UK and Europe, but I can definitely NOT afford anything out of the country as much as I would love to. I have been looking at some universities with Early Modern Europe degrees, but they only focus on things much past the Tudor era. Would anyone be able to recommend a university within Canada that, if nothing else, comes at least *close* to studying Tudor history? Anything would be much appreciated, thank you!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Question from B - Battle of Spearhead Wikipedia article

Wikipedia article on "Battle of Spearhead"

This article might be deleted because it's so short. Can anyone help add to it? I'd be grateful for anything people can add.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Question from Em - Forms of address for equal rank

How would two dukes address one another? Two kings? Two marquesses? Two earls? Two barons?

Question from B - Wikipedia article on Hoxun Court

There's an article "Hoxun Court" on Wikipedia that may be deleted for lack of information. Can anyone help?

[Link to the article posted below. - Lara]

Question from Em - Family opinion of Anne and Mary Boleyn

I just finished reading a book about Anne Boleyn. In the book, her sister Mary was the family favorite while Anne was hated. Is this true?

Monday, August 08, 2011

Question from Mary R - Use of maiden names

Did noblewomen during the Tudor period customarily keep their maiden names? For example: Margaret Beaufort is never called Margaret Tudor or Margaret Stanley. Lady Jane Grey is never referred to as Lady Jane Dudley. At first, I thought it might have been due to historians seeking clarification; but a portrait of Katherine Parr (artist unknown) shows her with the name Katharine Parre picked out in gold. This portrait does not look to be that of a young girl, which Katherine certainly was when she married for the first time. Any thoughts on this ?

[Related thread linked below. - Lara]

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Question from Tracey - Book recommendations

I am really interested in reading both fiction and non fiction books on tudor history.  Can you recommed some books for me.  I am not undertaking a course just like reading about the period in history

[We periodically get this question, but I don't mind posting it again and again since there are always new books coming out. To see the previous threads just search on "book recommendations" in the sidebar and you'll find threads on general and specific-topic books. - Lara]

Friday, August 05, 2011

Question from Em - Books on Jane Seymour

Are there any good books on Jane Seymour? I would prefer fiction, but any suggestions would be appreciated.

Question from Em - Addressing Queen or Princess Dowager

How would you have addressed a Queen Dowager or a Princess Dowager?

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Question from Mary R - English monarch and the English language

This may not be exactly a Tudor question, but who would have been the first monarch to have used English as a primary language?

Friday, July 29, 2011

Question from Richard - Henry VIII and Catholicism at death

I recently visited an Elizabethan manor house and the guide happened to mention that Henry VIII had a Catholic Mass on his death bed and died a Catholic.
Can anyone verify or help with this bomb shell. It is quite unbelievable if he did. Thank you.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Question from Guy - New Catherine of Aragon books

There seem to be lots of books coming out on Catherine of Aragon this year and next. Which should I buy?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Question from Nancy - London at Night

I am researching London at night. Who would have traveled around at night on horseback--no electricity, obviously, and few torches. So would anyone be able to even see? I read that some people would hire a "linkboy" to light the way.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Question from Orla - Lettice Knollys' banishment from court

When Robert Dudley the earl of Leicester married Lettice Knollys, Elizabeth found out and banished Lettice from court, my question is to what extent would this have been carried out? Say if for example Elizabeth was holding court at Richmond Palace, was Lettice allowed to stay at her husband's residence in London, so she was not too far away, or was she not allowed in London at all and forced to stay in her husband's country estates?

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Question from Mary R - Rift between Seymour brothers

 When, how and why did the rift between the Seymour brothers (Thomas and Edward) originally begin?

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Question from Peggy - Sources for info on possible abuse of Catherine Howard in her youth

I am currently working on a masters level paper regarding Catherine Howard. I am approaching the paper from the view that while her guilt of infidelity is hard to fight, the treatment of her life has been treated rather cruelly. I have read several books on her and I find myself filled with pity for the young girl. I was thinking of using the possibility of her being emotionally and even sexually abused. Can you point me toward some articles or books that might help me? I am interested in either the point of view that I may be on the right path or that I am seriously wrong. It may be that I am off base due to the Tudor era beliefs toward women.
Thank you for any help you can provide.

Monday, July 04, 2011

Question from Mary R - Women's rights in Wales and influence on early Tudors

I've read a couple of accounts of women who lived in Wales during the Plantagenet period. Both of these works went into the rights of women in Wales. According to these works, women could not own property because they were considered to be incapable of defending it. However, women were allowed to divorce men for being unfaithful. Also, unlike their Norman brethren, Welshmen were only allowed to beat their wives for three offenses: 1. Gambling away all of the family property. 2.Infidelity. 3.Casting aspersions on her husband's manhood. Also, if a kinswoman of a Welshman's was being abused, or was doing without what she needed, the shame was on the Welsh kinsmen who did not protect or provide for her. How much of this was true? How might have this Welsh influence have affected the behavior of Jaspar Tudor toward Margaret Beaufort and his nephew Henry VII?

Question from Helen - 16th century term for spyglass

Hello, Lara! Thank you very much for the blog, it's a great job really.

I have a question about language of the time - a sea term, to be precise.
How did they call a spyglass?

As far as I know, this term was fixed only in 1706. By 1580-es they had simple hand-held misrcoscopes and magnifying lenses, but I doubt that these words were used just as they are

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Question from Ashleigh - Death in Tudor and Stuart England

Hi, I am a senior in high school, i am 18 years old and i am doing a research project for my history class. I have to focus on one aspect of social history in Tudor-Stuart England looking at the idea of continuity and change, i have decided to focus on Death in the time period.
Within this i have to form 3 focusing questions on different things that caused death in that time.
1 - Health and medicines
My question here is: How did the general health of people affect how diseases were passed on with people seeking help from diferent Medical pratices and what sort of diseases/illnesses were the most devatsating?
2 - Witchcraft
My question here is: how did the people view witchcraft in Elizabethan/Stuart Engalnd and why were so many of them killed?
3 - Religion
My question here is: How did differnet religious views of Monarchs control how "heritics" were treated?

My questions have to show a significant and prespective understanding of the aspect studied. I dont think question 1 is very good, it is to long and i dont think it focuses right on what i want it to.

Any help will be much appreciated.

Question from Em - Anne of Cleves' reaction to Kathryn Howard

Henry VIII fell in love with Kathryn Howard while he was married to Anne of Cleves. This may seem like a ridiculous question, but how did Anne react to Henry's infidelity? Did Kathryn hate Anne, did she feel sorry for her, or what?

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Question from Anna - Roses of the Tudor period

This may seem like a silly question, but what roses in the Tudor period look like? I know that many of the roses we see today are hybrids and are genetically modified. But what would a person in the Tudor period see when they saw a rose?

Question from Mary R - Outlawing of serfdom in England

Does anyone know when the practice of holding serfs was outlawed in England? I know that during the Wat Tyler rebellion, Richard II agreed to free them; but I think he reneged on this.

Question from Mary R - Papal dispensations for non-royal marriages

I was wondering about papal dispensations for marriages. Who had to have them? Was it only Royalty or did the nobility need them, too (If so the pope must have been a very busy guy). Did the dispensation cost money, and if so how much? Was there a sliding scale:) What about the peasants? I know the parish priests kept records on who was related to whom; but many of the villages were very small. I also know that a lot of people never traveled more than a couple of miles from home during their entire lives. How did this work?

Question from Alia - Forms of address with no title

In the Tudor period, how would you address a man or woman without a title but still respected? For a woman, could you only use 'mistress', or 'madam' too?

Friday, June 24, 2011

Question from Anna - Mary Tudor and Mary Seymour

The the article about Katherine Parr's daughter, the author writes: "She was christened Mary, after Katherine’s elder stepdaughter, was healthy and pretty and her life with two doting parents seemed set fair."

If little Mary was named after "Bloody" Mary, why didn't the elder Mary take her in? I mean, she didn't have any children of her own and was not yet queen, what was stopping her for caring for her namesake?

Question from Em - Margaret Beaufort and John de la Pole

On Wikipedia, it says that Margaret Beaufort was married to John de la Pole before Edmund Tudor. But I have also read that she was only betrothed to him and that it was broken before her marriage to Edmund Tudor.
Which is the truth?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Question from G. Adarve - Henry VII's stolen crown in Spain

Exist any historical ground in this? :

It seems that a Spanish adventurer called "Juan de Lepe" wound up at the court of Henry VII in London some time around 1500 and became great friends of the king. One day they played a game of chess, with a dare that, if Juan were to win, he would be king for a day. He won. The 'King' promptly emptied as much of the royal loot as he could and, while this sounds unlikely, actually made it back to Lepe (Huelva) and on his death left his possessions to a local Franciscan monastery, the "Nuestra SeƱora de la Bella". A good story? It gets better.

The Royal Crown of Henry VII of England, part of the "booty", is on display for the first time in 400 years in the monastery. Sounds like it's worth a visit.

Link to the spanish article with photograph of the crown:

Question from Shelley - Tudor-Grey-Seymour descendants

Dynasty - Descendants of Tudor-Grey-Seymour families. If there are legitmate descendants from Mary Tudor living, why isn't this group on the "throne of England" vs. the House of Windsor, which is more Germanic-Greek, etc.?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Question from Gill - Families of peers executed for treason

What would happen to the family of a peer after he has been executed for high treason, and all his property confiscated by the crown?
Would his wife still have her jointure?
What would happen to his children, if all of them are underage? I assume they won't become royal wards since they have nothing to inherit from their father, and their wardship wouldn't be profitable to anyone.

Question from Emma - Whorlton Castle

Does anyone know about Whorlton Castle in North Yorkshire and its connection with Mary Queen of Scots marriage contract to Lord Darnley?

I went there a few weeks ago a gatehouse is really all that is left. There was no information to be found anywhere on this lovely site, the only info was a road sign with the name whorlton.

I came across its connection with Mary QoS in an article on the web but no reference to why there and who was present etc can anyone help with more


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Question from Fanny - Ideas for presentation on contemporary Elizabethan images

Hello Everyone,
I have a somewhat unusual question. I am supposed to give a presentation on 'Contemporary Elisabethan Images', meaning images of Elisabeth today, in a university seminar on Elisabethan England.

Currently, I am still lacking ideas and information :).

I intend to talk about the BBC Tudor films, maybe about coins (but this was already mentioned in another presentation) and I would realy like some more ideas. Where and in what contexts is Elizabeth's image used today? Also concepts, ideas, etc. of the Elisabethan Age that are still relevant today could be of interest. Is her image used in any advertisements that you know?

Thanks for any suggestions/ideas/links in advance!

Regards, Fanny

Question from Mary - Henry VIII and Oedipus complex

Does anyone besides me think that Henry VIII might have suffered from an Oedipus complex? Incidentally, I always thought Oedipus got a bad rap on that. It's not like he knew that Jocasta was his mother :)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Question from Mary - Elizabeth of York biographies

Can anyone recommend a good biography on Elizabeth of York? I would also be interested in a well-written fictional work as long as the author has done his or her research (I'm not a fan of Phillipa Gregory's books). I would appreciate any help you could give me.

Question from Lauren - Seymour siblings birth order

Strickland names Jane Seymour as the eldest child of her parents, saying all the peerages agree. Wikipedia (John Seymour's article) has Jane as the fifth oldest child. Which is right and how do we know?


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Question from Lauren - John Skelton's poems

Which of Skelton's poems are meant to be about Anne Boleyn's mum, and which about Jane Seymour's mum, and what's the evidence?


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Question from Guy - Holinshed's Chronicle

I was looking at Holinshed's Chronicle ([]), which as recommended to me recently. I found this version hard to read. Does anyone know if there are other versions you can get online? Also, what parts of Tudor history is it useful for? I'm wondering whether to perservere...

Question from Em - Elizabeth of York and Richard III

In Philippa Gregory's novels, The Red Queen, and The White Queen, Elizabeth of York is portrayed as having been in love with her uncle, Richard III, and wishing to marry him rather than Henry VII.
Is this true?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Question from Mary - Henry VIII's gift of Hever to Anne of Cleves

I know that Anne of Cleves got Hever Castle in the 'divorce settlement', but I wondered why Hever was within Henry's gift. I know George Boleyn would have forfeited any property he owned when he was convicted; but his father was still living and was at least nominally in the King's good graces. Also, might this mean that Henry did not believe that either of Mary Boleyn's children belonged to him since he did not secure this inheritance for them?

Monday, June 13, 2011

Question from Lauren - Anabaptist George Wulweber

Who was the Anabaptist "George Wulweber"? Is this the main spelling of his name?

Question from Guy - 1536 pardon of the Duke of Suffolk

On 4th Feb 1536, it says in L&P that the Duke of Suffolk was pardoned. What had he done?

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Question from Michelle - Rings of Kings and Queens

I know that there was a ring Henry VIII wore when he was king and then one that Mary wore when Queen that was removed from her when she died and given the Elizabeth when she became queen. Is there a name for this ring or kind of ring? Is it like a ring that says "im king" or "im queen"?

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Question from Em - Blount and Boleyn rivalry

Since Mary Boleyn became Henry VIII's mistress after Bessie Blount was discarded, was there ever a rivalry between the two women? What were Bessie's feelings towards Mary?

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Question from Guy - Gregory di Casale

According to Catherine of Aragon's Wikipedia article (ref Letters and Papers of the Reign of Henry VIII, vol. X, no. 200), "Gregory di Casale" tried to poison Katherine of Aragon. Who is Gregory di Casale?

Question from Anonymous - Bishop of Faenza

Who was the Bishop of Faenza in 1530s? Was he an ambassador?

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Question from Guy - Martin Valles

Who was Martin Valles?

Question from Guy - Roland Lee comment

LP, X, no. 129: Roland Lee wrote 'Please send me my lover Mr. Gregory...';

Was lover used in a different way then, or was he openly homosexual?

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Question from Merlin - Lady Rochford's motivations

What are your opinions regarding Lady Rochford's motivation in aiding & abetting Kathryn Howard in her relationship with Culpepper? I've never quite bought Julia Fox's suggestion that she was simply following orders and felt unable to refuse Kathryn's requests to facilitate meetings (after all, it wouldn't have been so difficult for Lady Rochford to have gone down with a diplomatic illness and left court for a while)but on the other hand Julia's research seems to demonstrate fairly convincingly that Lady Rochford's sinister reputation was a later invention (which suggests that Lacey Baldwin Smith's take on it- that Lady Rochford was probably always verging on insane- doesn't hold water either). Starkey suggests Lady Rochford's relationship with Kathryn was akin to that of Juliet & her nurse in "Romeo & Juliet" but I find that a bit hard to believe as well. Admittedly, Lady Rochford had no children but I can't really see Kathryn coming to represent the daughter Lady Rochford never had.

What I don't get is how, with her considerable experience of life (and intrigue) at court, not to mention her first-hand knowledge of the consequences of adultery in a queen, Lady Rochford could have behaved in such a suicidally stupid and naive fashion.

I'd be very interested in your opinions.

[There was a similar discussion last year, but on opinion questions it's worth bringing them up again for fresh views. Previous thread linked below. - Lara]

Question from Sara - Richard III biographies

This is only partially Tudor-related, but can anyone recommend some good biographies on Richard III? So far I have only read fiction ("Daughter of Time", Shakespeare's "Richard III") and Alison Weir's "Wars of the Roses", but I do not know where I should go from here. I would like to read about him from different perspectives, both pro-Richard and anti-Richard. Any help you can give me is greatly appreciated!

Question from Anonymous - Kathryn Howard fiction

I know that there are many biographies about or that include Kathryn Howard, but is there any historical fiction books on Kathryn Howard?

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Question from Valerie - Literary patronage of Henry VIII's wives

I am currently a doctoral student in the USA, and next year I will beging the dissertation stage of my program.

I know I would like to write my dissertation on the patronage of the wives of Henry VIII, but I am not sure from what aspect I would like to do this.

So far, I have been thinking about writing on the books dedicated to the wives of Henry VIII. Literary patronage of the wives has not been done as a comprehensive study, and print culture is a very current historical trend.

I have already gathered the titles of all of the books dedicated to the wives, but I am not sure where to go from here. Is there even enough information to complete this type of study?

Question from Guy - Charles Brandon's treatment of Mary

Is this true? I read it in Richard Brandon's Wikipedia article, about Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk:

"His treatment of his beautiful royal wife was on a par with his low conception of his moral obligations. He neglected her, spent her money, and lived openly with a notorious woman known as Mrs. Eleanor Brandon, by whom he had an illegitimate son, Charles, who is said to have been the well-known jeweller to Queen Elizabeth."

Did he openly live with someone else? What did the King think?

Monday, May 30, 2011

Question from Patricia - Portrait of Amy (Anna) Seymour

On a portrait of Amy(Anna)Seymour, at Trerice Manor, Cornwall, dated 1623, she is wearing a ring on her left little finger with a black thread attatched and tied round her wrist.
I understand she was not widowed at the time the portrait was painted, what would be the significance of the ring and thread?
If this is a mourning ring who would she be mourning?

Question from Tudor fan - Role of Lord Chancellor

During Tudor times, was Lord Chancellor like President/Prime Minister?

Question from Tudor fan - Jane Fitzwilliam

Who was Jane Fitzwilliam in the mid-16th century?

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Question from Hannah - Book recommendations for daily Tudor life

Hi, I was hoping for book reccomendations. I want to learn more about the way of life during tudor times, I have been reading a lot about the Tutor times so I don't want any biographies or anything. I want to know about the various titles and what they mean, different roles of people in tutor courts, meals, educations ect. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Question from Henry - Salisbury and Landsdowne manuscripts

What are the Salisbury MSS and Landsdowne MS and can I acess them online?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Question from Sara - Sir Henry Vernon

Can anyone give me more detail on Sir henry Vernon 1441-1515 "Govenor" to Arthur Prince of Wales (he is not mentioned in your list of bods in Trdor Age)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Question from Anon - Privy Councillor Lord Russell

Who was the Lord Russell in Henry VIII's Privy Council?

Question from Tracey - Bessie Blount and Catherine of Aragon

Bessie Blount and Catherine of Aragon...

According to Philippa Jones in her work "The Other Tudors", Henry's wife visited Bessie Blount upon the birth of Henry Fitzroy...and offered her congratulations.

There are source notes used by Ms Jones, but nothing which pertains to this particular sentence.

What do other historians think? Did the visit occur?

I will say, there are quite a few statements in this book that cause me to frown. This sentence shouted out at me for some kind of clarification.

Question from Lauren - Mary Fitzroy's position in widowhood and precedence order

Mary Howard Fitzroy - did she retian her position in the hierarchy (i.e. as first lady in the land) after the death of Fitzroy? Did dowagers usually keep their places? And was the Duke of Richmond given precedence over Norfolk, and then Norfolk over Suffolk?

Friday, May 20, 2011

Question from Rio - University study suggestions

I am 17 years old and starting to look around universities. Does anybody know if there is a course specific to the Tudor period, or 16th century in general? I have looked on the UCAS website to no avail and I would really love to study this as I have had such a strong interest all my life.

[We've had this question a few times before, but it never hurts to revisit it since programs have probably changed since the last time it came up. - Lara]

Question from RW - Resources for writing historically accurate fiction

I'm intersted in writing historical fiction, set at the Tudor court and historically accurate. Can anyone recommend a book which will give me the information I need to make it historically accurate?

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Question from Guy - Study of changing opinions of Henry VIII

I heard that someone is doing a study of how historians' opinions of Anne Boleyn have changed over time - how the culture we're in influences how we see past figures. Has anything like this been done on Henry VIII?

Monday, May 16, 2011

Question from Anon - Catherine Parr's mistress quote

Did Catherine Parr really say, better to be his mistress than his wife?

Question from Anon - Henry Manox

Was Henry Manox ever in serious danger of execution?

Question from Anon - Information on Dr. Chamber

I am looking for any information on "Dr Chamber", I think he was a royal physician?

I'm grateful for anything people might know, even a first name. Thanks.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Question from Anon - Consequences of Henry VIII's excommunication

Did the Pope invite English people to rebel and foreign rulers to invade when he excommunicated Henry the Eighth?

Question from Lauren - Catherine Parr quote

"They curse and ban my words everyday, and all their thoughts be set to do me harm....
I am so vexed that I am utterly weary."

Did Catherine Parr really say this? I thought she was popular.

Question from Guy - Catherine Parr's mother and Catherine of Aragon

I've read lots of times that Catherine Parr's mother was good friends with Catherine of Aragon. Is there any evidence that they had a friendship?

Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger seems to be back

Apologies for anyone who has tried to leave a comment for the past day or so. As some of you might have already heard, Blogger had a big outage that stemmed from some data corruption during a planned maintenance period (more details here if you want them). At the time I'm posting this, some of the posts and comments that were temporarily removed during the outage are still gone, but Blogger says they will be back up in the next few hours.

Thanks for your patience!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Question from Lou - Henry VIII's progresses

Are there records of where Henry VIII went/stayed on his summer progresses during the years of his reign? (I have attempted to look for this information in Letters & Papers but haven't been successful.) I'm particularly interested in the summer of 1538.

Question from Marie - Noblewomen marrying outside England

In Elizabethan England, could a noble woman marry outside of the country? I mean, would it have common for English woman to marry someone that lived in France? I am asking this because it seems that Europe is very close together, it seems like traveling to another county to find a husband or bride wouldn’t have been out of the question.

Question from Nia - Even more crime and punishment

im a high school student studing social life in tudor england and i need to learn more about the case of laws orders/crimes and punishment in the area as its my first time studing this area.

1: how were laws reated to their importances and punishment and how are they compared with morden laws?
2: why were laws fabricated who made the decisions for punishments and how did laws effect the people positively or negatively?
3: how were laws enforced and what methods were used to overcome this process and what were the outcomes?

thanx for helping :)

[I've lot track of the number of "Crime and Punishment" questions we've had, so I'll point everyone to the search box at the left to get to previous threads. If anyone has good recommendations for new resources that haven't come up before, please post them! - Lara]

Monday, May 09, 2011

Question from Glenda - Sir Francis Bryan

Sir Frances Bryan: Was he a close friend and advisor of Henry VIII?

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Question from Candice - Differences in The Six Wives' coats of arms

When comparing the coat of arms of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn to those of him and his other wives, I noticed that the lion supporter is different. It is an uncrowned lion that is chained with a crown around the neck. All his other coat of arms have a crowned, unchained lion. Do you know why there is a difference? What is the significance of the chain? I also noticed that only Anne Boleyn's falcon, Jane Seymore's unicorn and Catherine Parr's lioness are chained. Thank you.

Question from Anonymous - Death of Mary Tudor

What did Mary Tudor, Queen of Portugal and France, die of? Was she ill for long?

[I didn't have an email address to reply directly to this question, so I'll just do it here. - There were a couple of previous threads about her death, which I will post below. And I should point out that Mary Tudor wasn't Queen of Portugal, only France, as well as the Duchess of Suffolk. There may have been some confusion caused by "The Tudors" television series and I've included a link to a previous post about that as well. - Lara]

Question from Anon - Witchcraft and paganism in Henry VIII's reign

I was watching the film "Black Death" and it got me thinking. Are there any good books about witchcraft, paganism etc. in the reign of Henry the Eighth? I had read that there were parts of England that had only the most basic understanding of Christian beliefs, and were still essentially pagan. Can anyone suggest further reading on this?

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Question from Katie - Sources for story of Wolsey's dog biting the Pope

Oddly, since I have studied Tudor history for years, I have just come across a bizarre anecdote floating around the internet. I wondered if there were any factual evidence for it, beyond dog-afficionado websites.

The story goes that when Cardinal Wolsey traveled to Italy to plead the annulment case to the Pope, he met with said Pope and they were just about to reach agreement on the annulment. Wolsey's greyhound Urian, who (probably in defiance of every protocol in the history of time) had somehow been included on the guest list for the meeting. As Wolsey knelt to kiss the Pope's shoe (again striking me as odd; this was not the normal way of saying "thanks a ton" even to the Pope), Urian freaked and bit the Pope for being too close to his master.

My understanding (flawed though it may be) was that Wolsey never even got to meet with the Pope in person, given that whole being-besieged-by-the-emperor nonsense that made personal audiences impractical, if not lethal.

I am, of course, familiar with the popular story of Anne's hunting dog Urian killing the cow, and Henry reimbursing the farmer. I am just having a lot harder time buying the idea that the entire Reformation sprang from the Pope being bitten (and thereby offended) by a dog who evidently missed one too many obedience lessons.

Any reliable sources?

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Question from Michelle - Henry VIII's accent and books on History of the English Language

I'm wondering if there is any academic information on what type of accent Henry VIII would have had? What regional accent would it be most similar to in today's world?
Also, can anyone recommend a book about the history of the English language (written and spoken)? I'm hoping for something specific to Tudor times, but a broader scope would be just fine too.
Thank you!

Lara - I searched the blog because I thought I remembered reading something about Henry's accent before, but all I managed to find was a post about Henry VII's accent. Thanks for your help!

[One related link below for general Tudor accent information. - Lara]

Monday, May 02, 2011

Question from RW - Henry VIII quote on Lincolnshire

I have read so many times that Henry VIII called my home county, Lincolnshire, "the most brutal and beastly in the realm." Did he really? Every book I've seen it in doesn't back it up with a reference, just states it as generally accepted fact.

Also, was it worse than other counties? In what way?


Sunday, May 01, 2011

Question from KK - Unchaperoned men and women

In Tudor times, could a man and woman talk together unattended?

Question from Guy - Tudor descent of Prince William

Which Tudors is Prince William descended from?

[This has been covered by several related questions linked to below, but I'm sure there are other lines we haven't covered. - Lara]

Friday, April 29, 2011

Question from Mer - Festivities of Arthur and Catherine of Aragon's wedding

I just saw an article on the most expensive royal weddings, and amidst them was a Tudor celebration. Where can I find more info on the wedding festivities of Arthur and Catherine of Aragon in 1501?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Question from Anon - Henry VIII and depression and other illnesses

Did Henry VIII suffer from depression and if so, is there any research into how this affected his decisions?

What illnesses did Henry VIII suffer from?

[I combined two related questions in to one post here. Some previous related threads are linked below. - Lara]

Question from Anon - Sir G. Gostwick

Who was Sir G. Gostwick, an enemy of Cranmer's in the 1540s?

Question from E. Manford - Treason to discuss the monarch's death

Was it reallly trason to even discuss the idea that the king/queen might die? If so, did any Tudors get into trouble for this (not plotting, just discussing their illness/rumours etc)?

[There was a small but crucial typo in this question that I edited. The end of the first sentence said "do" when I think the submitter meant "die". - Lara]

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Question from Anon - Lenden, Thornton and Barber

Does anyone know more about who Lenden, Thornton and Barber were - apparently associates of Dr. Gardiner?

Question from Anon - Cranmer's "Book of Articles"

What was the Book of Articles which Dr. Cranmer wrote?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Question from Guy - Last monastery suppression

When was the last monastery suppressed?

Question from Guy - Lowliest origins of Henry VIII's wives

I'm reading a book which states that: Jane Seymour had the 'lowliest origins of any of Henry's wives.' Is this true? I'd have thought, as a knight's daughter, she ranked alongside Anne Boleyn and Catherine Parr, and that as Anne and Jane both had connections to the Howards, that Katherine Parr was of the lowliest origins. What do you think?

Question from shtove - Anne Boleyn's Irish connections

I'm mostly familiar with the later Tudor period, so H8 and his amazing array of wives tend to confuse me.

Boleyn was related to the Ormond Butlers, and I do understand the basics. But I have not come across a full account of that relationship and its political implications.

English historians tend to treat Irish matters with arched eyebrow - "ouch, that's impenetrable, and anyway it's a matter for the Irish" - but even the Irish accounts, including the Butler archives, don't do the relationship justice.

The pivotal character is the 9th earl of Ormond:,_9th_Earl_of_Ormond

Anyone have insight?

Question from Anon - Tudor history events in south-east England

I'm interested in learning more about Tudor sports, clothes etc. and wanted to go to an event in the south-east of England. Any recommendations?

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Question from Lauren - Non-fiction views on Perkin Warbeck as Richard of York

I'm not familiar with Sandra Worth's work, but enjoyed reading her interview. Thanks, Lara and Sandra, it's great to read author's views on here!

My question is - do any historians in non-fiction books argue that "Perkin Warbeck" was really Richard, duke of York?

Question from Guy- Reliability of Foxe's Book of Martyrs

How reliable is Foxe's Book of Martyrs?

And is there an equivalent Catholic martyrologist?

Friday, April 22, 2011

Answers from Sandra Worth now posted!

Just in case anyone reads this blog but doesn't check the News blog, I've posted Sandra Worth's answers to your questions. Thanks again to Sandra for taking the time and getting back to us so fast (all the delays were entirely on my part, I assure you!).

Question from Guy - "Almost wives" of Henry VIII

What women did Henry VIII almost marry? I can think of Mary of Guise, Christina of Milan, Eleanor somebody?

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Question from Guy - Catholic opposition to Edward VI's legitimacy

I read that some Catholic rulers didn't fully accept Edward VI's legitimacy because he was born to an excommunicate. But Henry wasn't an excommunicate at the time until 1538, was he? Is it more because the Catholic Church weren't involved in sanctioning his parents' marriage? Was there any serious opposition to his legitimacy?

Question from Danica - Social class and criminal behavior

Hello, I am doing a research project on crime and punishment during the tudor stuart period
I have some questions that I need some help on.

How far did social class influence criminal behaviour?

Did the punishments act as a deterrent to criminals?

Were there any changes in the way the govt and local authorities dealt with the problem of crime, law and order?


[There are many related 'crime and punishment' previous threads that can be found by searching on the term in the bar at the top of the page. - Lara]

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Question from Lauren - Henry VIII's proposal to Catherine Parr

I read that Henry VIII proposed to Catherine Parr, and she took a few months to think about it. Is there any evidence to back this up? How do we know when he proposed?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Question from Meg - Humanists in Anne Boleyn's household

I have been thinking recently about the effects that some of Henry VIII's wives had on Renaissance Humanism, and was just wondering whether Anne Boleyn had any notable humanists within her household. I know that Catherine of Aragon had Mountjoy, and others that Katherine Parr had, but I can't seem to find anything about Anne that is not related to her religious or familial affiliations. Any thoughts?

Monday, April 18, 2011

Question from Guy - Henry VIII's love letters online

Where can I find all Henry VIII's love letters to Anne Boleyn online? And if he has surviving loveletters to his other wives, where can I access them?

Question from Sharon - Online sources for mid-Tudor leadership

Hi, I'm doing an essay on the following:

How far is it fair to claim that "England suffered from poor leadership" in the years between the death of Henry VIII and accession of Elizabeth I?

I have so far read Alison weir's book on Children of England and numerous others. I need some online resources and was hoping you could help. I am registered blind and find it difficult to trawl through finding info so any help you can give is much appreciated.

again thanks for your help

Question from Lauren - Godchildren of the Tudors

How many godparents did Tudor people have? Were they always named after them?

Was Mary Tudor, Queen of France the godmother of Mary I of England, or was that another Mary?

I read that Elizabeth I had over 100 godchildren. Is this true?

Did she ever turn people down who wanted her as a godparent? Did other Tudor kings and queens have a similar number of godchildren? Did the Tudor monarchs favor their godchildren over other courtiers?

And lastly, is there a list of each ruler's godchildren anywhere? Do we know who any of them were?

[I combined two related questions from Lauren together for this post. - Lara]

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Question from Lauren - Henry VIII's minister after Cromwell

After Cromwell's execution, did Henry have a chief minister? Who was then considered the most influential of Henry's courtiers?

Question from Lauren - Mid-16th century economic crisis

Is it true that there was a Europe-wide economic crisis in the 1540s and 1550s? How did this affect England?

Question from Lauren - Tutoring of Mary and Elizabeth

Re: Mary and Elizabeth

When they were tutored, were they tutored alongside other noble children, or on their own?

Question from Lauren - Mary Howard Fitzroy

I am interested in Mary Fitzroy, Duchess of Richmond. Has much research been done into her life? Was she really friends with Anne Boleyn and Catherine Parr? And why didn't she remarry?

Has she been the subject of any books, fiction or non-fiction?

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Question from Guy - Burning of Cranmer's house in 1544

Foxe wrote about Cranmer's house being burnt down in 1544, and how his brother-in-law died in this.

Was it thought to be deliberate?

Question from Peter - Specific rumors of Elizabeth I pregnancies

I'm interested in the pregnancy rumours about Queen Elizabeth.

I'd like to know the dates and the specific Progress(es) on which
she was rumoured to be pregnant.

I also heard rumours that her baby was given up to someone 'in the country'.

Any information on the above would be much appreciated.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Question from Guy - Annulling of the Howard marriage

Did Henry VIII have his marriage to Catherine Howard annulled? If so, on what grounds?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Question from Guy - Further information on Catherine Middleton's ancestry

Further to my earlier question about possible Tudor descent of Kate Middleton...

My copy of "The Ancestry of Catherine Middleton" arrived today, and I'm afraid it's a disappointment as far as Tudor connections go. Despite information in newspapers, it shows no link to Thomas Leighton and does not show descent from the Boleyns/Careys. It states that they removed late on some information about the Davenports.

She is descended from Edward III through his son Lionel. She is descended from the 4th Earl of Northumberland, so there are distant connections to the Percys. Her known Tudor ancestors were Sir Thomas Fairfax and Agnes Gascoigne. Slightly later, her ancestors included the Sheriffs of Norfolk, including Elias Browne and George Birch, who was Sheriff in 1604.

Just thought I'd share!

[Previous thread linked below. - Lara]

Question from Guy - Historians' use of Queens' maiden names

Do you think it's OK for historians to refer to Henry VIII's wives as "Queen Catherine Howard" and "Queen Anne Boleyn", seeing as once they were queens they wouldn't use their maiden names? I see it written this way a lot, and think it's useful as there were 3 Catherines and 2 Annes, but I feel uncomfortable with it.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Question from Mary Jane - Queen Elizabeth I and the Cromwell family

Am working on the Cromwell family, a son of whom came to Massachusetts in the early 1630s...and I know Queen Elizabeth was a visitor to the grandfather, Sir Henry Cromwell's home on her travels, perhaps staying with him at Hinchenbrook. Do you have anything on her dealings with the son, Sir Oliver Cromwell, of Ramsey and Hinchenbrook, Huntingdonshire, or any of his 8 children? Sir Oliver was the heir to Henry, and married 3 of his own children by his first wife to 3 of the children of his second wife, Anne Hooftman Pallavacini of Babraham, Camb., and London, (who inherited a lot of money from her father and her first husband) to avoid them being taken as wards to the court after Anne's death, ca 1620. I realize Eliz. was dead before that, but wonder if Sir Oliver was a close friend of hers.

That was a genealogical question, however, I am working on a project of interest which includes 36 godparents of the 16 children of Sir Thomas WEST of Wherwell, Hampshire,just about all of whom came out of Q. Elizabeth's court. Many of the men (and women) had connections to the Knights of the Garter, either themselves or their fathers. Thanks, Mary Jane Lewis

Question from Richard - Master of the King's Tents

I am interesting in Henry VIII's Army and about Thomas Caverden I have found the title of "Master of King's Tents". Despite researchs on it I have found nothing.

Is it the title of the person, in a general pre-staff, commissionned as responsible for troops housing, a sort of a quarter-master?

Was this title standing or temporary, only for the time of a campaign?

Was the extent of his commissio, to the whole British forces or only to an army?

Were the other titles and roles of the senior officers with the same rank in the other military fields?

I hope despite my bad English anyone could answer my asks.
All the best.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Question from Ann B - Defending of the Faith title

Isn't it odd that the title "Defender of the faith" is passed down from Henry VIII, who recieved in from the pope, to his children. Is it still a proper title of Queen Elizabeth II, just wondering. Thanks!

Question from Ann B - Men who went to Mary after Edward VI's death

How many men went to Mary's aid once Edward VI had died and Jane was crowned. Anyone of note among them? I'm in the mist of writing my historical research paper and can't seem to find a number. If you have a source that would be great! Thanks!

Question from Rebecca - Dissertation ideas

I am starting to think about my dissertation for next year and am planning to do something on the Tudors, probably either Henry VIII or Elizabeth I. I haven't previously studied the Tudors much but they fascinate me and I would love to do a big research project around the period. My problem is that I have no idea what areas to focus on and i am worried that whatever I choose to do will have been done a hundred times due to the popularity of the era. If anyone had any ideas on getting a general overview of the period or any areas that have not previously been extensively explored i would be very grateful!!

[Search on "dissertation" in the bar at the top of the page for several related threads. - Lara]

Friday, April 08, 2011

Question from SP - Deaths of elderly bishops in 1532-1536

Lipscomb writes that: from 1532-1536 there was "an extraordinary crop of deaths of distinguished elderly bishops who might have proved awkward obstacles" to reform.

She doesn't suggest that this was anything other than coincidence and old age, but has anyone else thought it murder, either at the time or now?

Question from Anonymous - Secret murders by the Tudors

Do we have any evidence to suggest that any of the Tudors had people secretly murdered?

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Question from Guy - Henry VIII executing previous friends

Who did Henry VIII execute, who was considered his good friend previously?

Obviously Cromwell, Norris and More, but any others?

Question from Guy - Stephen Gardiner's religious beliefs

Is it true that Stephen Gardiner was not an out and out papist, and called the Pope his "enemy"? If so, how did he get such a high position under Mary?

Question from Guy - Henry VIII quote of the Duke of Suffolk

David Hume wrote about the death of Henry VIII's friend, Suffolk:
"during the whole course of their friendship, his brother-in-law had never made one attempt to injure an adversary, and had never whispered a word to the disadvantage of any person. 'Is there any of you, my lords, who can say as much' When the king subjoined these words, he looked round in all their faces, and saw that confusion which the consciousness of secret guilt naturally threw upon them"

Is this true - firstly did Henry VIII say this (I can't find it elsewhere?) and secondly was he really that nice? I thought he was publicly rude to Anne Boleyn and to Wolsey?

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Question from Guy - English friends of Anne of Cleves

Which English women did Anne of Cleves become friends with?

Question from Guy - Women at executions

Did women go to see executions?

Question from Guy - Henry VIII blaming Privy Council for marital problems

Is it true that Henry VIII blamed the Privy Council for Catherine Howard's affair, and his previous marital problems? Where can I find out more?

Question from Guy - Sources for rumors of Catherine Howard's pregnancy in 1541

I read that there were rumours in 1541 that Catherine Howard was pregnant, and that Henry VIII was angry with her for a while after they realised she wasn't. Are there any sources for this?

Question from Guy - Wedding of Henry VIII and Anne of Cleves

Who attended the wedding of Henry VIII and Lady Anne of Cleves?

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Question from Anon - Spanish Chronicle on Arthur and Catherine's marriage

It says in the Spanish Chronicle that Prince Arthur didn't consummate his marriage to Catherine of Aragon because he was impotent. Is there any other evidence for this?


Monday, April 04, 2011

Reminder - Submit questions for Sandra Worth to answer!

I've gotten some great questions through email and blog comments but if you still have something you want to ask Sandra there is still time! I meant to close off questions last weekend but since I didn't post a reminder I'm extending it another week. So if you still have something you want to ask, put it in the comments on this thread: or send me an email at

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Question from Anon - Collections of Chapuys' letters

Are all Chapuys' letters gathered together in a book I can buy?

Question from Lauren - CSP

If a reference says "CSP", is this the same as Letters&Papers, or as CSP, Spanish?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Question from Guy - Books and speeches of Henry VIII

Has Henry VIII made any recorded speeches?

And what about the books he wrote, can you buy them or access them online?

Question from Lauren - Illegitimate children of Charles V and Francis I

Did Charles V or Francis I have illegitimate children? And if they did, did they give them dukedoms like Henry VIII?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Question from Guy - Group of courtiers

Is it true that a group of courtiers were called a threat?

Question from Guy - Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon's cornonation day

Was there any significance to Henry VIII and Katherine of Aragon's coronation being on Midsummer's Day?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Question from Colleen - Nobility paying taxes

Did nobility (under Mary I, specifically) pay taxes to the Crown or were they exempt for any particular reason?

Question from Guy - John Dudley and Mary I

I read that John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland had once been close to Mary I and had made her godmother to his daughter. Is this true?

If so, what happened to his daughter? Did she side with her godmother or her father?

Question from Anonymous - Conducting business in St. Paul's Cathedral

I read that people used to conduct business in St Paul's Cathedral during Tudor Times, just as they did when Jesus went into the Temple. Is this true and was it allowed?

Question from Guy - 19th century examination of Henry's wives' bodies

I read that Henry VIII's wives Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Catherine Howard and Catherine Parr all had their bodies dug up in the nineteenth centruy. Is this true? And if so, why?

Also is it true that Catherine of Aragon's skeleton was completely destroyed, and if so how/why? Was it deliberate?

[Related threads linked below. - Lara]

Question from Lauren - Mary Tudor's tomb and the dissolution

Is it true that during the Dissolution of the Monasteries that Mary, sister of Henry VIII, had her tomb destroyed? Why would Henry VIII have allowed this?

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Question from Guy - Tudor period county histories

I am interested in looking in more depth at counties during the Tudor period, and was considering Kent or Essex. Where can I find out more on them?

I see that there are books on Tudor Lincolnshire and Yorkshire, but could find nothing on other counties.

Question from Guy - Violent behavior at court

I have read that Henry VIII used to hit Cromwell, and that the Duke of Northumberland once slapped Bishop Gardiner in a Privy Council meeting. Was this kind of behaviour common, and what were the consequences for the courtiers involved?

Question from Orla - Biographies of Margaret Tudor

Can anyone recommend a good book on Margaret Tudor, Queen of Scotland? I've read Maria Perry's book, but has anyone read any others?

Question from Nomadic Queen - Biography of Edward Seymour, Duke of Seymour

Does anyone know a good bio on Edward Seymour, Duke of Somerset, brother of Queen Jane Seymour?

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Question from Guy - Total number of Henry VIII's children

How many children did Henry VIII have in total?

[Of course, depending on who you ask, this will have a range of answers - see all the previous questions regarding possible illegitimate issue of Henry VIII - Lara]

Question from Guy - Foreign marriage alliance after Catherine Howard's execution

After Jane Seymour's death, his councillors began encouraging a foreign marriage alliance almost immediately. Did this happen after the execution of Catherine Howard?

Question from Guy - Malaria

Was malaria common in Tudor England?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Looking for reviewers for "The Queen's Lady"

I think this is a first of its kind for this blog - Ann is looking for people to comment on her manuscript "The Queen's Lady". If you're interested, drop me an email at and I'll put you in touch!

Here's short description of her book:
"The fictional story of Mary Hawke who witnessed and was involved in many of Anne Boleyn's most tremendous events."

Updated April 4 - Thanks to everyone who has volunteered, Ann has plenty of offers now so we don't need any more.

Question from Guy - Returning a prospective royal bride

Henry VIII allegedly wanted to send Anne of Cleves back after he met her. Had this ever happened before?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Question from Claire - Tudor recipes for preserves

I have recently started making and selling my own preserves and am researching the introduction of sugar and its use in preserving in Britians history. I would also love to find an old recipe that i can re-introduce on my stall and i understand that the Henry viii was fond of sugar and preserves? Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Question from Guy - Henry VIII and Valentine's Day

Is it true that Henry VIII started Valentine's Day being celebrated?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Questions for Sandra Worth - again!

Just in case people haven't seen the post over at the news blog, I'm doing another Q&A with author Sandra Worth and here's your chance to submit questions! If you have something you'd like to ask, leave a comment on that thread or email me at

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Question from Karen - Fate of Anne Boleyn's clothing and jewelry from her execution

I love this site and come on frequently to read the Q&As, its a wealth of information.

My question is in relation to Anne Boleyns clothing and possesions.

Annes body was taken by her ladies and stripped and placed in the arrows chest after her death. What happened to her clothing and the jewellery she was wearing at her execution? Ive read that after executions that the officers of the tower would take items from prisoners to the king and they would be rewarded for handing them in. Would this have happened with Annes items too?

Also what would have happened to her clothing and possesions after her death? Would these have been recycled by Jane Seymour or would they have been distributed to her ladies? I cant imagine Jane Seymour wanting to be reminded of her predecessor by wearing her clothing. I know that her book of hours is at Hever.

Many thanks

[I don't think the first question has been asked exactly this way, but some of the second question has been addressed in the previous threads linked below. - Lara]

Monday, March 14, 2011

Question from RW - Young Henry VIII's friends

Who were Henry VIII's closest friends at the start of his reign?

[This is basically a repeat question, but I don't have a contact email for the submitter. And I figure it couldn't hurt to throw it out there again in case anyone has additional information. Previous thread linked below. - Lara]

Question from Anonymous - Anne Boleyn encouraging action against Henry VIII's sister Mary

Mary Rose Tudor apparently didn't approve of Anne Boleyn. Did Anne ever encourage Henry to take action against her, as she did with Princess Mary Tudor his daughter?

And I read that Mary Rose's husband was a cousin of Anne's, through the Mowbrays, I think. Is this true?

Question from Lauren - Ancestry of Catherine Parr

Strickland said that Catherine Parr was "of a more distinguished ancestry than either sir Thomas Boleyn or Sir John Seymour. From the marriage of his Norman progenitor, Ivo de Tallebois, with Lucy, the sister of the renowned earls Morcar and Edwin, Sir Thomas Parr inherited the blood of the Anglo-Saxon kings."

Is it true that this made Catherine Parr "of more distinguished ancestry" than Jane or Anne? And is there proof that she was descended from Anglo-Saxon kings and if so which one?

Friday, March 11, 2011

Question from Nannette - Coffin family and Anne Boleyn

Joanna Denny, in her book "Anne Bolyen - A New Life of England's Tragic Queen", mentions William Cosyn, which is correctly spelled Coffin. On page 190 she states, "..., William Cosyn, another relative, was to be her Master of Horse."

I am interested in the connection between the Coffin family and Anne Boleyn. Do you know if it was through the Howards or the Boleyns? I have tried looking myself but being new to this I am not making any progress.

Thank you for any help you can give.


Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Question from Bea - Accessibility of medicine in Tudor times

Hi I'm a 7th form and I'm doing a Project for History. I was hoping if you could assist me in answering one of my questions about tudor medicine.

"To what extent was medicine accessible to the different classes?"

I discovered it was difficult researching information on this question because most of the notes I found had no detail and would only be a sentence or so. I would appreciate any help towards this answer.

Thanks :)

[A related previous thread linked below. - Lara]

Question from Greg - Deciphered coded letters

I have been examining the calenders of Spanish papers and letters along with others for research for my Tudor books and have hit a snag. A number of letters are ciphered, has anyone deciphered them? If so where? Any suggestions would be appreciated

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Question from Cribbaquoy - Charges of witchcraft against Wolsey and Cromwell

I've read that when Wolsey and Cromwell fell foul of Henry VIII they were both accused (among other things, of course) of witchraft. Does anyone know any more about this?

Question from Meg - Advice for paper on influence of Henry's wives

I am currently a 3rd year history student writing a dissertation on the importance of Henry VIII's wives. My current title is "How far were the wives of Henry VIII able to excercise their influence over the royal Court". However, I feel that this is quite weak and would like to improve it. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can do this?

[This is a follow-up from Meg's question from last year, linked below. - Lara]

Monday, March 07, 2011

Question from TA - Index and access to PhD dissertations

I am thinking of doing a PhD on a sixteenth-century topic, probably on the reign of Henry VIII or Edward VI. However, I wouldn't like to spend all that time on it, and find that someone had already researched this area. Is there any way to find out what topics people have also done research masters or PhDs on? And if so, is there an index of them somewhere? Can we read them?

Question from TA - Poetry of Anne Locke

Hello, great website.

I am interested in Renaissance poetry, women's in particular, and have just come across Anne Locke. I don't know how well-known she was, but she was a sixteenth-century poet. What I want to known is: what she the first ever to write a sonnet sequence? And was she the first woman to write a sonnet?

Friday, March 04, 2011

Question from Guy - Tudor relations of Kate Middleton

I've read that Kate Middleton is distantly related to Prince William and thus descended from historic aristocrats or royalty. Does anyone know if she is descended from any Tudor notables?

Question from Anon - Tudor history societies

I'm interested in joining any societies (semi-academic or academic) about Tudor history, especially Henry VIII. Are there any?

I've heard of the King Henry VIII Society, but don't know if that's real as can't find any information on it.

Can anyone recommend journal/websites which track the very latest theories and research in the area?

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Question from Lauren - Prebendaries Plot

I'm interested in the Prebendaries Plot. Can anyone tell me where I can get more info on it (the Wikipedia article isn't very detailed?) And was this the only serious plot against Cranmer before Mary's reign?

Question from Lauren - Queens publishing books

Catherine Parr published two books. I read that she was the first woman to do something like this, and definitely the first queen. I find this hard to believe, is it true? And if first queen, weren't there even any foreign queens who had published?

Question from Nancy - Daily life of aristocratic lady in Henry VIII's reign

I'm trying to find information about the daily life of an aristocratic lady in London in the reign of HVIII. Not a lady in waiting to the queen, but someone who owned a large manor house.

Question from Lauren - Illness of Prince Edward in 1541

Is it true that in 1541 Edward VI (then Prince of Wales) nearly died? Can anyone direct me to any sources on this?

Thank you

Question from Lauren - Catherine Howard seeing Culpepper and Dereham's heads

Did Catherine Howard really pass under the bridge which Culpeper and Derham's heads were displayed on?

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Question from Sandra - Cromwell and the Lincolnshire rebellion

I am doing some personal research on the Lincolnshire rebellion and I am having a tough time with a passage that I found. It was written on Oct 5th 1536 from Ankastyr from some of the gentlemen to Cromwell. 'Their petition is for pardon and that they may keep holydays, &c as before, that suppressed religious houses may stand and that they be no more taxed; they would also fain have you.' What I am perplexed by is the last part. 'They would also fain have you.' The rebels did NOT want Cromwell around the King. They stated it directly, so why did Sir M. Constable and Robert Tyrwhyt write otherwise? Any help with this would be great, Thanks!


Question from Lauren - Katherine Parr and plot to put Jane Grey on the throne

Were Katherine Parr or any of her friends implicated in the plot to put Jane Grey on the throne? As she had been Jane's guardian, and she was openly Protestant, it seems she'd have had clear motive to do so, and seems unlikely that she'd have known nothing of it.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Question from Lauren - Catherine Howard and Traitor's Gate

Is it true that Catherine Howard was taken through Traitor's Gate, as the Beefeaters told me?

Also, where is she said to haunt?

Question from Susan Higginbotham - Black Parliament

In his deposition given as part of the investigation of Thomas Seymour, Lord Clinton quotes him as saying, 'I have heard speaking of a Black Parliament; an they use me as they do begin, by G—d's precious soul I will make the blackest Parliament that ever was in England!'

I get the point of Seymour's threat in the latter part of this quote, but what was a 'black Parliament' in the first place?

Question from Guy - King of Poland and England

When did the King of Poland visit England? Did he propose to Mary I? And where there many ties between Poland and Tudor England?

Question from Guy - Public notice of Henry VIII's weddings

I know that Henry VIII's weddings to Catherine of Aragon and Anne of Cleves were well-known, and his to Anne BOleyn secret. But did the populace know in advance that he was planning to marry Jane Seymour, Catherine Howard and Catherine Parr, or was it just announced after the event? Did all at court know about it?

Friday, February 25, 2011

Question from Sarah - Hugh Latimer giving a Bible to Henry VIII

I read that Bishop Hugh Latimer gave Henry VIII a Bible with a marker on the passage: "Whoremongers and adulterers God will judge."

Is this true? And if so, how did Henry respond? And why would Latimer have said this - presumably Henry VIII was then happily married to Jane Seymour?

Question from Sarah - Self control in Tudor times

I've read that in Tudor times, people exercised less self-control in many ways. Do you think this is true and if so in which ways?

Question from Ella - First queen convicted of adultery

Was Anne Boleyn the first Queen of England to be convicted of adultery?

[A sort-of related thread linked below. - Lara]

Question from Guy - Burning for heresy

Why were people burned for heresy and witchcraft but not for other crimes?

Are there accurate statistics on how many people suffered the death penalty in each reign?

[Some related threads linked below. - Lara]

Question from Abbs - William Brandon and Henry VII

What did William Brandon do to be given the honour of being Henry VII's standard-bearer (assuming Wikipedia is correct and it was an honour)? Were they close?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Question from Abbs - Tudor horseriding injuries

You hear about horseriders injuring themselves badly all the time. Were any Tudor courtiers paralysed or killed by horseriding?

Question from Len - Old and young age limits for childbirth

How old was considered old for a woman to be having a baby? And was there a minimum age, beneath which people were concerned?

Question from Len - Judging a woman's fertility

Did the Tudors think you could tell if a woman was able to bear children? For instance, was there an age or appearance that they thought meant you were more likely to bear children well and be fertile?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Question from Lauren - Great Master of the Household

What was the position of 'Great Master of the Household'?

I see that Wikipedia has an article on 'Master of the Household', which I assume is the same thing, but this is just from 1660 onwards. Who were Henry VIII's great masters of the household and how important a position was it?

Question from Lauren - Nicholas Carew

I am interested in Nicholas Carew.

I read that he was very similar to the King and people even suggested that he might be the King's illegitimate brother. Was there anything to support this?

Also, Wikipedia says he fell out with Henry VIII after responding angrily to the King insulting him. Do we know the full story?

Also do you think he was guilty of treason?

Question from Lauren - Anne of Cleves' English ladies-in-waiting

Who were Anne of Cleves' English ladies-in-waiting and could any of them speak German?

Question from ClassicalSteve - "Thankful Remembrance of Gods Mercie"

I have a copy of the 1630 edition of "Thankful Remembrance of Gods Mercie" with the many illustrations. Does anyone know how rare this is or if there were previous or subsequent editions? I have never seen another copy for sale. If anyone would like any pics from this book, feel free to let me know.
Steve W. aka classicalsteve

Question from Greg - Marking time in Henry VIII's reign

Hi I am doing some research on Tudor London specifically during the time of Henry VIII. I have found out that there was a large clock at St Pauls that rang out the hours. However I haven't found any reference to other public time devices. Also in the public usage were the daily times still refered to as Terce Sext None Vespers and Compline as in the monastic fashion or had they moved to 9 o'clock 10'clock and so on?

[Updated to add - there was a little discussion of the "o'clock" usages in this previous thread. - Lara]

Lots of questions coming in

For the past few days I've had a large influx of questions which I'm pretty sure are mostly coming from the same person since they are all coming from the same IP address (which is automatically appended to the email I get when the form is submitted), even though they've been submitted under several different names and with no email address. In order to keep from flooding the blog all at once with them, I'm going to space the posts out over the next few days. So if you've submitted some questions in the past couple of days it may not be posted right away. I'm going to try to pre-schedule some to post about every 8 hours or so.

And to the person who has been submitting a lot of the questions, it's okay to do it all under one name! There is no "rule" about how many questions you can submit, but I just might not post them all at once.

Thanks for your patience and understanding,

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Question from Eliza - Henry VIII searching for fourth wife after Jane's death

I have read that Henry VIII started searching for a fourth wife the day after Jane Seymour's death. Is this true? If not, how long did he wait?

I also read that Henry let Jane bleed to death because he had a fourth wife in mind. Could this be true?

Monday, February 21, 2011

Question from RW - Eresby Place

I have been reading about Eresby Place in Tudor times. Is this the same as Eresby Hall or Eresby Manor? Anyone know where I can find out more?

Question from RW - Robert Bauding and the Lincolnshire Uprising

Hello, I am from Lincolnshire and interested in local history. At the moment, I'm researching the Lincolnshire Uprising. I want to find out more information on one of the leaders, Robert Bauding. I read that he was the cook of a prominent gentleman, and wondered who it was and if he was implicated in the uprising?

I appreciate any responses.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Question from Debbie - Marriage and children of Stephen Gardiner


I am doing some family history research and came across something I find very puzzling.

Stephen Gardiner is a Catholic Bishop (right?) and I have been reading - mostly on blogs - that he was married to a Margaret Grey and had children (George).

I believe it must be another Stephen Gardiner, not the Bishop (although the DOBs look the same).

Could that be true?

Thank you very much.


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Question from Ann B. - Origin of the nickname "Bloody Mary"

When and by whom was the nickname "Bloody Mary" coined? I am writing a 20 page research paper on Mary I and i was wanting to find a origin, if possiable. Thanks!

Question from Drew - Officers of the Tudor miliary

Hello, I have a question regarding the Tudor military, specifically the officers, that I was wondering if anyone could help me with?

I am completing an assignment on the progression of the military ordinances of the English army, mainly focusing on the Hundred Years War period. However, for purposes of charting their progression over a longer period and having something to compare, I am extending the analysis to briefly consider the early Tudors; more specifically up to Henry VIII's campaign to France in 1513. I am much more familiar with the military of the medieval period and have been learning about the Tudor developments on the job as it were, and the one thing that is frustrating me is the use of the term "petty-captain".

Almost every book or article I have read mentions them somewhere, usually referencing a muster roll or some other archival source, yet nowhere have I seen anyone actually explicitly state what one was. Why were some officers "petty" captains, as opposed to normal captains? Was it due to the size of their company, their experience, their status/nobility? Did a company have a captain and then also an under-officer, similar to a vintenar or some equivalent, who was called the petty-captain?

No books I have looked at so far have clarified the matter, nor has many hours scouring J-stor, ProjectMUSE or google. Any advice anyone could provide to clarify this matter in any way whatsoever would be greatly appreciated, whether its an answer or just a suggestion for another book/article to try. This is for university work, so please don't hesitate to refer me to academic journals, monologues or theses etc.

Thank you in advance for your time and any suggestions you may be able to offer.
All the best, Drew.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Question from KB - Source material for the De La Warre family

I am starting a research project on the De La Warre family and would appreciate any tips for source material.

I am starting with Thomas West, 2nd Baron De La Warre and his wife Anne Knollys. I have the genealogy of Anne sorted. Her role as a lady of Elizabeth's court is well confirmed although details of her activities are thin.

I have the names of 12 of their children. I know that at least three of them were part of the English encounter with the New World with 3 of the brothers serving as colonial governors.

These are the same De La Warres that lent their name to the state of Delaware.

Does anyone know if the parish records for Wherwell Hants. are online?

Any ideas welcomed. Thank you.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Question from Guy - Primary sources, particularly on Henry VIII's finances

How good are the range of primary sources onlnie and can anyone recommend a site? I am most interested in the finances of Henry VIII's reign

Question from Guy - Magazine and journal recommendations

Can anyone recommend a good history magazine/journal for those interested in the Tudors?

Question from Guy - Mary Seymour and crown wardship

I am interested to know why Mary Seymour, daughter of Catherine Parr and Thomas Seymour, wasn't made a ward of the crown, as aristocratic orphans usually were?

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Question from Merlin - A Katherine Howard "what if"

Another question re Katherine Howard- or more of a "what if?" really.

I've sometimes wondered- if Katherine hadn't had something going with Thomas Culpepper, and Francis Dereham had stayed in Ireland rather than returning to England and cashing in on Katherine's good fortune, what would Henry have done when the news of her earlier romance with Dereham broke? Would he have proceeded as he did (perhaps on a charge of presumptive treason for failing to disclose her lack of virginity and possible pre-contract)? Would he have had the marriage anulled on the basis of the probable pre-contract and banished Katherine from court? Or would he have forgiven her and instructed Cramner to issue some sort of "after the fact" anullment of the pre-contract with Dereham? I'd be interested to know what you think.

Question from Anonymous - Mary Tudor Brandon recognizing Anne Boleyn as Queen

Did Princess Mary Tudor, former queen of France, ever recognise Anne Boleyn as queen?

Did Mary have a long illness before death?

[Previous threads for the second question linked below - Lara]

Question from Anonymous - Historically accurate computer games

Does anyone know any historically accurate computer games, ones that teach you about the Tudors as you're playing them?

Question from Katie R. - Unfulfilled gifts clause in Henry VIII's will

Hi everyone! I am wondering whether the full details of the "unfulfilled gifts clause" in Henry VIII's will is available online. I have found any number of summaries of it, but I would like, if possible, to see the actual words.

Thanks so much

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Question from Diane - Henry VIII and Anne of Cleves during his marriage to Kathryn Howard

I'm checking out The Tudors season 4 since I've been quite interest in the topic. In this season, is shown how Henry while married to Kathryn Howard return to Anne of Cleves' bed. I wonder if there is some sort of prouf on the subject, or, is it one of the more historical "arrangements" to spice up the series?


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Question from Marilyn R - "Treacle and water imperial" treatment

I am still plodding on with my research on Agnes Tilney, Katheryn Howard's step-grandmother, which i have mentioned before on this blog.

In 1528 she met Cardinal Wolsey’s servant, one Forest, and was pleased to learn his master was well, although some of his servants had been very poorly. The area was in the grip of the dreadful sweating sickness and in a letter later on the Duchess offered to minister to Wolsey should he fall ill. She had daily experience of such matters, she said, and was so successful in her cures that her neighbours would send to her “and if they be sick at heart I give them treacle and water imperial..."

Can anyone elaborate on what this concoction actually was?

Thank you

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Question from Hilary - Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn and Westminster Abbey

Where were Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII married? I know they took their initial vows in secret, but surely there was also some sort of public event afterwards? If so, where did that occur?

Also, was Anne coronated inside Westminster Abbey? It always seems that when reading about her coronation, only the procession through the town is discussed.

On what other occasions would have Henry VIII and/or Anne Boleyn gone into Westminster Abbey?

Thank you!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Question from Taryn - Fashion of Henry VIII's reign

Hi all, I'm a bit of a historical fashion buff and I have a two part question, and I'm sorry that it's so long:

First, does anyone know of any good books that detail the fashions (both male and female) of the reign of Henry VIII? I'm particularly interested in somehting that can contrast the differences in male fashion of Henry's marriage to Catherine of Aragon and the marriage of Catherine Parr full on until his death, but anything on women's fashion and sumptuary laws would be amazing.

Second, I would like to know if modern day mediums (such as the Showtime series and other fiction books I've read) are correct in that for the sake of masques and other costumed affairs that normal propriety could be shirked and men and women could be seen in very little (for the time). I realize fiction is never a good place for historical fact, but I am curious as to whether it would have been possible for a woman to go without a chemise underneath of her bodice for the sake of costume!

Thank you all very much for your time.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Question from Livingston - Choice of Darnley's residence at Kirk o' Field

In February 1567 the ailing Lord Darnley, husband of Mary Queen of Scots, was returned to Edinburgh from Glasgow to convalesce for a short period at Kirk o'Field before reconciling and residing with Mary and their 7-month old son at Holyrood Palace. Within days of Darnley's installation at the house at Kirk o'Fields it was blown-up with gunpowder. Just prior to the explosion Darnley was caught escaping the house and immediately stabbed to death by an unknown.

Darnley was a hated man among his peers and known to be in grave danger on return to Edinburgh. My question is why Edinburgh Castle was not considered as a place for his recovery and was this question ever considered by contemporaries or later historians? Mary after all had chosen the safety of the Castle for delivery of her baby only months before.