Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Question from KB - Source material for the De La Warre family

I am starting a research project on the De La Warre family and would appreciate any tips for source material.

I am starting with Thomas West, 2nd Baron De La Warre and his wife Anne Knollys. I have the genealogy of Anne sorted. Her role as a lady of Elizabeth's court is well confirmed although details of her activities are thin.

I have the names of 12 of their children. I know that at least three of them were part of the English encounter with the New World with 3 of the brothers serving as colonial governors.

These are the same De La Warres that lent their name to the state of Delaware.

Does anyone know if the parish records for Wherwell Hants. are online?

Any ideas welcomed. Thank you.


Marilyn R said...

I Googled ‘Wherwell Hants parish records’ and came up with several options including

maybe not your timescale, but there are contact addresses that might be of use.

The church obviously has connections with the father of the West who married Anne Knollys.

‘A Benedictine nunnery was founded here by Elfrida, the widow of King Edgar; was given at the dissolution to the first Lord Delawarr, and passed to the Iremongers.’

I wrote a book about the Mowbray family and discovered that Eleanor, daughter of John third Lord Mowbray (d. 1361) and Joan Plantagenet, married Roger (de) la Warre and they are ancestors of the Harrison Presidents and Robert E. Lee, but not through Thomas West and Anne Knollys. The wife of President Woodrow Wilson, however, was descended from them.
If you find any Mowbray references anywhere I would love to know.

Good luck with it all,


Marilyn R said...

Somehow I lost this bit about the church

A stone wall tablet dated 1691 (9 years after the founding of the City of Philadelphia USA) informs that one 'Philadelphia Whitehead Purchased from the Right Hon John Ld La Warr out of the yearly rent of the White Lion Inn Wherwell the sum of 12 shillings to be payd yearly to 12 old men and women of Wherwell at Christmas and for ever'

This charity is still maintained -now by the Parish Council.

shtove said...

I googled around for Mowbray - powerful in the north of England, and succeeded by Howard, a very important family in tudor history.

I found this link interesting:

I wonder if the US Mowbray connection is from the Scottish side.

Marilyn R said...


If you are interested in the Mowbrays see my web site

The Scottish Mowbrays were descended from Phillip de Mowbray, brother of Sir William de Mowbray, the Magna Carta baron; the Harrison presidents, the Bush presidents and FD Roosevelt are descendants of Sir William, who died in Epworth (later the birthplace of John & Charles Wesley) in Lincolnshire in 1224.

Lincolnshire was at the centre of the Mowbrays' vast holdings until the early fifteenth century, when their major interests became concentrated in Norfolk and Suffolk. Lincolnshire and Yorkshire were thereafter mostly associated with settlements on the four Mowbray dowager duchesses of Norfolk.

kb said...

Marilyn -
Thank you for response. I saw the Wherwell parish records on the link you so kindly posted. Unfortunately, I am looking for c. 1578-c. 1620.

As you may know, my doctoral research was on the Carey kinship network which includes Anne Knollys who married Thomas West, 2nd (or 11th) baron de la Warre.

Their children were active in exploring, colonizing and governing New England.

The church stone reference is handy. Thank you. If I see any Mowbray references, I will be sure to pass them on to you.

Mrs. Richards said...

Not New England. Virginia. I am a descendant. I am happy to help, even though it's 3 years late...