Sunday, February 20, 2011

Question from Debbie - Marriage and children of Stephen Gardiner


I am doing some family history research and came across something I find very puzzling.

Stephen Gardiner is a Catholic Bishop (right?) and I have been reading - mostly on blogs - that he was married to a Margaret Grey and had children (George).

I believe it must be another Stephen Gardiner, not the Bishop (although the DOBs look the same).

Could that be true?

Thank you very much.


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Lara said...

I'm pretty sure that the Stephen Gardiner who was Bishop of Winchester did not marry and have children. I could find nothing in his ODNB entry that mentions a wife and children (or even an illegitimate child) either.

It appears that it is mostly genealogy sites that have his wife and children listed, but with no supporting sources. I'm guessing someone is mixing him up with someone else or is trying to create a much more interesting family tree. :)