Thursday, December 22, 2016

Question from Arthur - Seating arrangements at early Tudor feasts

Hi, I have a question about feasts in the early tudor period.I just watched the TV A Tudor Feast and I have a few questions I wondered if someone knew the answer too.

Who exactly sat at the top table, I know the lord did but who else? If the lord has several sons and daughters and they are all adults or teens where do they sit? Also if there is visiting nobility of a higher status do they get the prim place at the top table in place of the lord? And lastly in the case of a wedding feast do the couple occupy the head table too?

I am writing a novel and want to try and get things as accurate as possible..thanks.

Monday, December 05, 2016

Question from Pendragon525 - Lady in waiting to all of Henry's wives

I attended a lecture on Tudor-era women in England, and the lecturer mentioned--briefly--that there was one lady-in-waiting who served all 6 of Henry VIII's wives. Her name was not given. I have researched this with no success. Does anyone know if this is factual, and if so, who the lady in question was?

I brought this up to a fellow history buff who thought that the lecturer might be referring to Jane the Fool, but I can find no evidence of Jane in Katherine of Aragon's service, and she looks quite young in the famous "family portrait" painting; she appears to be of roughly the same age as Mary I.

Which brings me to my second question: why were the fools in that portrait at all, and was that commonplace? Are there other such paintings?

Saturday, December 03, 2016

Question from Tonya - Margaret Tudor

I'm the 15th great granddaughter of Margaret Tudor Queen of Scotland and located in Tennessee, USA. I'm curious about information in regards to her as I have not been able to find much and also would love to hear about others that fit into my family through Margaret or Mary of Scots.