Saturday, June 29, 2013

Question from Peter - Elizabethan wardship

Dear Friends,

Re Wardship

The following is from the Calendar of Elizabeth I Patent Rolls:

"16th May 1587 Grant to Anne Copleys and Robert Bradforde of the wardship and marriage of Jasper Pecke son and heir of Nicholas Pecke with an annuity of £3 from 16 July 26 Eliz. (1584)"

I believe both Jasper's parents were alive in May 1587.Nicholas Pecke died circa 1590. Jasper was born circa 1568.

Q.1 Is it possible one or both of Jasper's parents were living at the time of this wardship in 1587? I know the law on wardship changed over time.

Q.2 What is the likely relationship between Anne Copleys and Robert Bradforde? Would they have been in the same household?

Q.3 What is the annuity of £3 all about? Was this a large sum?

Q.4 What is the significance of the two dates 16th May 1587 and 16 July (1584)

Thank you so much Peter

Question from Tim - De La Warre house in London

The family of Thomas West, Baron De La Warre, of Wherwell, England, lived in London for part of the year.

Where in London did the De La Warres have a house?

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Question from Sora - Anne Boleyn story and toast

I read today that Alexandre Dumas père wrote a cookbook dictionary, & that he included this story about Anne Boleyn in his cookbook:

"One day Anne Boleyn, then the most beautiful woman in England, was taking her bath, surrounded by the lords of her suite. These gentlemen, courting her favour, each took a glass, dipped it in the tub, and drank her health. All but one, who was asked why he did not follow their example. 'I am waiting for the toast,' he said. Which was not bad for an Englishman."

Is this true? I never read about Anne taking bath surrounded by men.

I also read that the english namead a toast of 'Anne Boleyn'. It is made os black bread with butter, herring and cinnamon. They eat it with tea, as a snack or as a simple meal. I also never head about this toast, and found nothing on the internet about it...

Monday, June 24, 2013

Question from Michael - Edward IV's children

I am currently watching the television production of the "White Queen", could you please tell me in what order Edward IV's children were born and which ones survived?

Monday, June 17, 2013

Question from Denise - Marriage of Anne Knollys and Thomas Temple

Thomas Temple son of Sir William Temple provost Trinity College married Anne Knollys daughter of Sir Francis Knollys the younger. I cannot find their marriage or birth of any children ESP their daughters Laetitia and Francis. He was a Minister in Ireland then Battersea London. Can any one help?

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Question from Trish - Robert Brandon (d. 1591)

Hi I am hoping you can tell me if my Robert Brandon died 30th May 1591 English goldsmith and jeweller to Queen Elizabeth 1 of England married to Katherine Barber and father to Alice Brandon whose husband was Nicholas Hilliard (he was Roberts apprentice of seven years in the 1560s)

Is connected to any of the William Brandons mentioned on your site, as I have failed to find parents for him.

Thank you in anticipation
Kind Regards Trish

Sunday, June 02, 2013

Question from Bronwen - Attachment of jewels to clothes

I have read and researched Tudor history for many years now. I cannot find an answer for the following:
How did court dressmakers and tailors attach jewels to clothes, I have read they were sewn on - but how ? surely some would have come adrift and conveniently ended up in someone's pocket.Is it possible they used a form of paste.