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Question from Analisa - Help pick a battle for a project

For my final we have to write a report and do a poster on a famous battle, in any period of our choosing. (For those who are curious, I am in a military history class) I, of course, chose the Tudors :)

But what battle should I do? Of course there is the War of the Roses and the Battle of Flodden Field, but are there any more suggestions out there.

Oh, and to note, it doesn't have to take place in England. If there are any neat battles fought by Charles V or Francis I for example, please let me know!

Thank you so much for your help,

Question from Gervase - Elizabeth's coffin

Was the coffin of Elizabeth I ever opened, and if so, what was the reason?

Question from Julian - Elizabethan school curriculum

I am writing a historical novel set 1582 - 1599. What sort of curriculum would a boy, educated in a great house on his own by a private tutor from the ages of 7 to 14, between 1582 and 1589, follow? What literature would he study? What sort of religious instruction would he receive? Would he receive any more from elsewhere, e.g. the local priest? Thank you.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Question from Haven - Descent of Elizabeth II from the Careys

I've been reading about descendants of Henry VIII and the Careys, and I've been wondering: How would Elizabeth II be a direct descendant of Henry VIII if he was the father of the Careys?

Monday, April 27, 2009

Question from Rhoda - Seal of Jane Grey and Guildford Dudley

I recently came across a copy of Richard Davey’s biography ‘The Nine Days Queen’ in a local library. A good wealth of information, but very outdated, as it was published in 1909.

Anyways, on pg. 266, the author mentions that in the Museum of Hastings there exists a supposed impression of Jane and Guilford Dudley’s seal. The image is described as having ‘an arched crown’ with the initials G.D. on either side. There are also ‘2 escutcheons, one to the left bearing the royal arms of England… and to the right, 2 animals, probably bears, grappling a ragged staff, the arms of the Dudleys…Under the escutcheons are the words IOANNA REG (Jane the Queen), and on either side the date 1553’.

Does anyone know about this seal impression? In all my readings on Jane Grey, this is the only source about it. I’m wondering if it wasn’t a fake of some sort, perhaps made centuries later even. For one thing, the inclusion of the G.D. (apparently for Guilford Dudley) - sounds fishy as he wasn’t even King Consort. He wasn’t even officially made a duke yet as Jane had tentatively promised him in the Tower of London.

Surely, the seal impression would’ve received attention from other historians if it were authentic.

Question from Mindy - Windows in St. Mary's Church at Sudeley

I am sorry if this has been asked before, but I was looking at Lara's pictures of St. Mary's church where Katherine Parr was entombed. And as I am looking I realize that the stained glass windows are copies of known portraits of Edward, Henry and Elizabeth. There is a stained glass window of Jane Grey, and of Katherine Parr of course. So now to the question, when were the windows put in, did they take copies of known (at the time) portraits of Jane Grey, and Katherine Parr, and could that help to identify unknown pictures of Jane Grey and Katherine Parr? Especially ones there are confusion about?

[Ed. note - here is a link to the photos: ]

Question from Stephanie - Why people turned to crime

I'm in year 13 doing a research assignment on crime and punishment in tudor stuart england and im having some trouble finding some interent resources on one of my questions
What made people turn to crime in tudor stuart england 1558-1667?

[Ed. note - I thought we had seen all the possible questions on crime and punishment but this is another aspect worth discussing]

Question from Jessica - Descendants of Henry VIII alive today

I tried the search option and didn't come up with the answer to my question, so I apologize if this has been asked/answered previously.

Are there any direct descendants of Henry VIII alive today?

Thank you for your time.

Question from Emilia - Henry VIII and Sweden

I am a swedish Tudor-enthusiast and I wish to have some information (if there are any) regarding connections between Sweden and Henry VIII.
Were there a Swedish ambassador present at court?
Did Henry VIII and the swedish king Gustav Wasa have any interaction of any kind?
I am happy to know whatever little information there is about Sweden and the Tudors!
I am planning a trip to London (and it´s surroundings) and wish to see as much as I can regarding Henry VIII and his wife´s. I would be very pleased to get som recommendations concerning where I should go and what is worth seeing? I sadly discovered that the exhibition att the british library will close before my visit can take place...
Is Hever castle just a tourist-trap? I visited the castle´s webpage and kind of got that impression...
Sincerely / Emilia

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Questions from Roland - Tudor "20 Questions"

Hi every, a few months ago someone started a ‘get to know you’ thread, which I regrettably never got around to filling out. With Lara’s ok, I’d like to start a new one. Please copy the questionnaire, delete the previous answers, and put in your own. Great way to learn more about each other and about our common interest in all things Tudor. Have fun!


1) Name (or web ID):


2) How did you get into the Tudors?

When I was small, my family went on vacation to England. We went to ‘Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum’. I don’t remember much about that first visit except that the ‘Chamber of Horrors’ scared the **** out of me! Anyway, we bought a guidebook. Some years later, I went through it, and became absolutely fascinated with the picture of the wax group of Henry VIII and his wives. I started reading up on them, and have been hooked ever since.

3) Favorite Tudor book(s)?

‘Anne Boleyn’ by Marie Louise Bruce, ‘Anne Boleyn’ by E. Ives, and the various ones on Tudor art by Roy Strong.

4) What Tudor book(s) are you currently reading, or have read most recently?

‘Edward VI’ by Chris Skidmore, and ‘Lost Faces: Identity and Discovery in Tudor Royal Portraiture’ pub. by the Philip Mould Gallery.

5) Favorite Tudor personality, and why?

Anne Boleyn. Her life was filled with so much high drama, and she was a fascinating and powerful figure in her right.

6) Favorite Tudor films or tv series?

: ‘Anne of the 1000 Days’, ‘Henry VIII and His Six Wives,’ ‘Mary Queen of Scots’, ‘Elizabeth’, ‘Elizabeth – The Golden Age’, ‘The Six Wives of Henry VIII’, ‘Elizabeth R’, ‘Lady Jane’, ‘A Man For All Seasons’ (1966 version), and ‘Elizabeth I’.

7) Best portrayal of Henry VIII (Richard Burton, Robert Shaw, Ray Winstone, Charles Laughton, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Eric Bana, Keith Michell, Charlton Heston, etc.)?

Keith Michell (no comparison!)

8) Best portrayal of Elizabeth I (Cate Blanchett, Bette Davis, Glenda Jackson, Anne Marie Duff, Flora Robson, Judi Dench, Helen Mirren, Judith Anderson, Florence Eldridge, Jean Simmons, etc.)

Glenda Jackson!

9) Best portrayal of Anne Boleyn (Natalie Portman, Dorothy Tutin, Helena Bonhan Carter, Genevieve Bujold, Johdi May, Merle Oberon, Vanessa Redgrave, Natalie Dormer, Barbara Kellerman, Charlotte Rampling, etc.)?

Genevieve Bujold (though I like Vanessa Redgrave as Anne in ‘A Man For All Seasons’ too. I thought Vanessa looked a lot like what the historical Anne was supposed to look like.

10) Best portrayal of Mary Queen of Scots (Vanessa Redgrave, Vivian Pickles, Barbara Flynn, Samantha Morton, Katharine Hepburn, etc.)?

For me, a tie between Vanessa Redgrave and Samantha Morton.

11) Do you think Anne Boleyn was guilty of adultery?

No. I think she was framed by Thomas Cromwell. But I also think she helped get herself in hot water by having unwise, indiscreet conversations with Henry Norris and Francis Weston before her arrest.

12) Do you think Katheryn Howard was guilty of adultery?

Yes. I think her denials under interrogation were just a frantic attempt to save herself.

13) Do you think Mary Stuart was involved in the Babington Plot to assassinate Elizabeth I

Yes, despite her many denials. Though I don’t blame her. If I was confined for close to 20 years, I would be desperate for escape too.

14) Imagine it was the beginning of February 1587 - if you were Elizabeth I, what you have done with Mary Stuart (execution, secret assassination, continued imprisonment, exile, pardon, etc.)?

I would have seriously considered washing my hands of Mary and sending back her to Scotland. There, I know her son King James would keep her under very close watch saving me the expense and headache. For me, Mary’s execution would be risky as the Pope, France, and Spain might retaliate with force. Lastly, executing a fellow monarch would have moral and legal ramifications.

15) Do you think Richard III murdered his nephews?

I think so. Frankly, killing one’s rivals to the throne was hardly new news. King John murdered his nephew Arthur, Edward IV killed Henry VI, and Henry VIII wiped out a few of his Yorkist relatives.

16) Have you ever visited Tudor related places? Or if not, where would you like to go?

I’ve been to the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, Hever Castle, Greenwich, Hampton Court, and Edinburgh Castle.

17) Have you seen any Tudor related exhibitions?

Yes, the 1991 Henry VIII one at Greenwich, and the 2003 Elizabeth I one also at Greenwich. I’d like to see the Henry VIII one in New York City (the Grolier Club) this year if I can.

18) If you can own (yes, own!) any Tudor related museum piece, what would it be?

I would love to have the locket ring with the portraits of Elizabeth I and Anne Boleyn inside.

19) What legally obtained (LOL) Tudor related items do you have if any?

I have shelves of books, and I collect movie memorabilia (photos, press books, posters, etc. on Tudor films I enjoy. As for actual 16th century Tudor items, I have some Tudor era coins.

20) What interests do you have outside Tudor history?

I like to paint/draw and work in stained glass. I like to travel (Britain and California are my fave destinations). I like old Hollywood films (especially ones with Bette Davis or Joan Crawford), and I’m a huge Stevie Nicks fan.

Question from Monica - Other love interests

Has anyone seen a suggestion that Katherine of Aragon or Anne of Cleves fell in love with someone other than Henry?
And did Mary I ever have a love interest other than her husband?

Question from ? - Elizabeth's friends

Who were Elizabeth's closest female friends?

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Answers from Leanda de Lisle Q&A

Just wanted to let everyone know that the answers from Leanda de Lisle Q&A have now been posted over at the Lady Jane Grey Reference site!

Question from Marilyn R. - British Library exhibition catalogue

I am wondering if anyone else has a copy yet of the British Library Henry exhibition catalogue. Mine arrived this morning and is a beautiful full-colour book 9 inches by 11 inches and 1inch thick, weighing nearly three pounds – and this is only the paperback! In comparison with British Museum, Royal Academy and National Gallery catalogue prices of recent years this is amazing value at £12.99 on Amazon.

We shall have to give David Starkey and the rest credit for getting together such a wonderful array of artefacts, especially in the light of all the other Henry exhibitions which will be running at the same time.

I know from previous posts that Mary Tudor and Charles Brandon fans will like to know that there is a letter from Mary to Henry in November 1514 and her large, messy scrawl looks just like his; also one from Charles Brandon to Henry the following April. Their marriage portrait is the one belonging to the Duke of Bedford (Woburn Abbey), not the one in the collection of the Earl of Yarborough.

Apart from David Starkey there are 30 contributors to the text including John Guy, Steven Gunn and Eric Ives, who wrote the piece on Anne Boleyn.

Question from Matthew - Law enforcement

What legal / law enforcement systems existed in tudor-stuart England?

[Ed. note - I thought this question had come up before, but I couldn't find any specifically about how law enforcement was done in the archives]

Question from Milly - How the Commons changed under Elizabeth

I am having some difficulties with the debate regarding whether the nature of the Commons changed under Elizabeth I. I study History A2, my exam board is OCR. In order to prove I’m not just being lazy I have read around and come up with this:

Neale – yes – power of commons increase – foreshadow civil war conflict –
Evidenced: Puritan choir – not present under Mary, of increasing importance
Elton – no – parliament was already well placed at the beginning of Elizabeth’s reign = she couldn’t return the power to what it had been in the 1530s since it had already increased, but she did manage to monitor it and keep it from increasing anymore: the opposition within parliament was more marked not because it was of greater strength but because a large number of Mps were apathetic towards political affairs under E = the limited number of opponents was more notable.
1. I know that a large number of MPs played truant in Elizabeth’s parliament – I’m not sure how this compared to the parliaments of Henry VIII, Edward VI and Mary I?
2. I know these as the two sides of the debate, but I don’t have any facts to back them up, particularly on Neale’s side of the argument.
3. I can’t find any information looking at, if commons didn’t increase in importance in relation to Elizabeth, did they in relation to the Lords?

I have read through my textbook and I have a copy of Stephen Lee’s The Reign of Elizabeth I but I can’t seem to find any concrete evidence for this debate. Any help would be amazing, even if you can only point me in the direction of historians that could help, or sites or lectures I could try and get access to. Obviously if anyone understands the debate well and could explain it to me a bit better this would be perfect.

The question that appeared in June 2003, OCR was “assess the view that the nature of the commons changed during Elizabeth’s reign” – however the OCR website doesn’t provide mark schemes before 2005.

Thank you in advance for any help you can offer,
Best wishes,

Question from Diane - What Mary "Rose" Tudor is holding

What is Henry VIII's sister Mary holding in her hand in the "Cloth of gold and cloth of frieze" portrait (among others) with her husband, Suffolk?

There is a copy in Mary's gallery on this website.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Question from Monica - Thames street in London

Apparently several courtiers owned houses on Thames Street. Where is this today and are there any signs of Tudor residences?

Question from Michelle - Further evidence on Henry VIII and the Carey children

I'm hoping to find more information about the claim that Henry and/or Catherine Carey were the natural children of Henry VIII. I've searched this site and have seen some good information, but I'm hoping for more specific details/evidence. From what I've read, I know that KB has some particularly good insight and I'm hoping to find out more. Specifically:

1) Aside from the gifts/potential marriages/land Henry granted to the Carey children, is there any further evidence of Henry being their father? If so, are there some good books/articles I can read?

2) Is there any new historical work being done on this?

3) From what I understand, Elizabeth I favored her Carey 'cousins' - is there any evidence, or thought that EI knew and/or suspected the Careys were in fact her father's children?

I appreciate any insight as well as direction toward primary and secondary sources. Thanks!

Question from Liz - Malleus Maleficarum and witch hunts

I was wondering, was the Malleus Maleficarum "The Hammer Against Witches", read in England? How widespread were witch hunts during the sixteenth/seventeenth centuries?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Question from Stephanie - Jane Grey's claim to the throne and execution

I am having a hard time understanding how exactly the monarchy went to Lady Jane Grey. Also, why did they execute her? Just because of an uprising? (I know that is a "good enough" reason in Tudor Times... it just seems a little odd) A little more insight about Jane Grey would be appreciated. Did she have any kids?

Question from Colleen - Was Elizabeth at Mary's funeral

I've checked a couple of sources but for some reason I can seem to find an answer to what I think is a pretty simple question...was Elizabeth present at Mary's funeral?

Thanks in advance!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Question from Roland - Follow-up on previous portraits of Lady Jane threads

Hi everyone, this is a follow-up to the past threads on Lady Jane Grey’s portraiture. As we know, the National Portrait Gallery recently bought a portrait of sitter called ’Lady Jayne’ which is said to be of Jane Grey.


From articles I read, scientific analysis indicated that the ’Lady Jayne’ inscription was added at the same time the painting was done, not afterwards. Thus, it was not slapped on later to ‘enhance’ it as Jane Grey (assuming that it was indeed meant to be of her).

My question is about the other version of this painting.


Does anyone know whether scientific tests have been done on this one, and where this painting is currently located? One source says Houghton Hall in Yorkshire, but I contacted them, and they say it’s not there.


Question from Rae - Mental affects of punishments

I'm a year 13 student (17 years old) doing an assignment on crime and punishment in Elizabeth 1 reign. One of my focusing questions is:
How did these severe methods of punishments affect the mentality of individuals in the Tudor-Stuart period?
I've read heaps about this topic in general but im struggling a bit with putting good detail into this question.
Is this question any good? Do you have any suggestions of websites or books or an opinion of what i could write for it?
Thanx =]

Monday, April 20, 2009

Question from M. Lawrence - Henry VIII's musical instruments

In the inventory of Henry VIII's possessions after his death, it has been noted that he left many musical instruments, including more than 70 recorders. What happened to those recorders and other instruments? Did any survive, and if so, are they on display in museums, or are they in private collections?

(This is not a question for a school project; I am merely curious about whether any of Henry VIII's musical instruments still exist)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Question from Elizabeth M - Portrait of Mary as a child

Was there ever a portrait done of Mary Tudor, henry's daughter, as a child? She was his sole legitimate heir for many years, and it seems strange there is no record of a portrait being done of her as a child?

Reminder about search box, etc.

Hello all! I hope everyone has been having a nice weekend!

Since I have received a couple of repeat questions lately, I want to remind people that there is a search box on the left hand side of the page that searches this blog only. The lower search box searches my whole site, since you might find answers on other parts of the site as well. You might have to try a couple of search terms to see if your question has been asked before, but please give that a try first.

I also strongly encourage people to leave an email address when they submit questions. I do accept that some people don't want to share their addresses (which is why I don't require it), but I want to emphasize that I am the only person who will see those addresses and they will not be shared with anyone. It is very helpful for me to have a way to contact people since I occasionally get repeat questions or questions that I can otherwise answer directly, so they don't need to be posted to the blog. I've also gotten questions about things elsewhere on the website that I should really address directly, but I can't if I don't have a way of contacting you.

In response to the recent question about the spelling of Catherine/Katherine of Aragon's name, it has been covered in these threads:

Question from Haven - Holbein's portrait of Amelia of Cleves

I was wondering what the picture was that Hans Holbein painted of Amelia of Cleves. Is there a picture of it?

Question from Nasim - Authenticity of Anne Boleyn's portraits

In the recent BBC History magazine podcast, historian Brett Dolman discusses the current exhibition at Hampton Court on the women in Henry VIII’s life. At one point in the interview he mentioned that portraiture of Anne, including the famous image of her as a dark brunette, wearing French dress and the B pendant may have been based initially on a portrait of Mary Tudor, Henry VIII’s sister. He mentions that a recent art historian has proposed this although unfortunately does not mention the name of the historian and the work in question. Has anyone else heard of this theory?

I understand that in regards to colouring the women were very dissimilar (I’m not an expert on Mary Tudor but what I have read relating to her implies that she was blond. Anne on the other hand is noted to have been a brunette in more than one source). However I remember an (inaccurate) portrait of Mary, alongside her second husband Charles Brandon, duke of Suffolk, which depicts her as a brunette and in French fashion. There is a certain resemblance between this image and the portraits of Anne although is there any actual evidence that somewhere along the line someone used this image of Mary to create a portrait of Anne and so the famous image of Anne has little authentic foundations to it?

Thank you!

Question from Sonia - Owners of Tudor ships

I am researching the Tudor ships. Could anyone tell me please who owned which ships in Tudor times-merchants and trading ships.

Question from Liz - Toys of Henry's daughters

This may be a silly question, but did Henry VIII's daughters, Mary and Elizabeth, play with dolls? Are there any of thier toys still around?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Question from Katlyn - Suggestions for sources on the Reformation Parliament

Next year, I am undertaking a year-long independent study on Henry VIII which will commence in a thesis-style paper (I am not a history major and thus cannot write a thesis in this area, but plan to attend graduate school in this field of study and want to supplement my application / qualification / knowledge by doing this, so all my personal research will come to produce something tangible).

Anyway, the professor who will be overseeing me (the only one knowledgeable at all on Henry in my area) is only familiar with the time period of the Reformation Parliament, and I must restrict my topic of focus to this. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions of books use in research, for this time in general, especially primary sources, or where I could search for this information. I have a book of Tudor Royal Proclamations and those sorts of things, but I would like to pull from a plethora of legitimate sources to create "the big picture."

Thank you all so much. :)

Question from Katlyn - Affair between Anne Stanhope and her father-in-law

I have heard - I believe I read it in Joanna Denny's book on Anne Boleyn (which I realize is viewed as rather partisan) - that Anne Stanhope, Edward Seymour's wife, had an affair with Sir John Seymour, her father-in-law, and produced a child with him. And that this was (understandably) a huge scandal.
My questions are: Is this true?
If so, why isn't it more prevalent of a piece of information?

I find this so interesting. I feel like the Seymours are always portrayed by historians (and the popular opinion at the time) as being thoroughly English, honest, et cetera, whereas the Boleyns were easy to see as grasping and Frenchified (nevermind that most noble families were grasping and likewise most of them spent time in France) - and thus, this little detail would conveniently never have been mentioned.

Anyone? Is this true?

Question from Alex - Edward VI and animals

I have read something that when Edward VI was king he was nasty to animals and i'm not sure if it's true of not???

Friday, April 17, 2009

Question from Liz - What if Mary Tudor hadn't signed the Oath

If Mary hadn't signed the oath, do you think her father would have had her exucuted?

I've heard various stories from different historians. A documentary by David Starkey claimed that he threatened her friends, but not Mary herself. Another book I read said that he did in fact threaten her life. Or do think she would have been punished in some other way if she didn't submit? He was her father, I guess he could have had her whipped or something.

Question from Mick - Signatures on Mary QOS's death warrant

Who has countersigned the death warrant for May Queen of Scots.

In Peterborough Cathedral it says it was sign by Mary!

Was Mary Queen of Scots was required to countersign her own death warrant!

Question from Joy - Death sentence of Thomas More

I'm just starting to watch The Tudors on Showtime. I know it's riddled with misinformation, so I've been researching to find out what really happened! Anyway, I've just seen the episode in Season 2 where Sir Thomas More is put to death. In it, he was supposed to be drawn and quartered, but then Henry decides to just behead him, in what I'm assuming is some sort of relent. Did this actually occur, or was this just for dramatical purposes only? Thanks in advance!

Question from Matilda - Visitors to Anne Boleyn in the Tower

Was Anne Boleyn allowed visitors (aside from Cramner, Kingston, etc.) when she was imprisioned before her execution? Would nobility have been allowed to request a visit and be allowed to speak with her? Thanks!

Question from Tudor stumped - Information on portrait

I'm trying to locate a picture which I believe is from Tudor times. It's a picture of a group of siblings and I believe two of the boys are twins. I need to locate an image of this picture to show my class as we are studying Tudor rich & poor and this picture is ideal to show some examples of clothes, children and food!

The portrait is the same as the one used on the English Heritage book cover for Tudor Cookery:

Does anyone know the name of the portrait/family etc?

Thanks in advance for any responses!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Question from DeclareJeNos - Forms of address between children and adults

Although there is much information recorded in books and online regarding forms of address for Tudor dynasty royalty, nobles and common folk, I find there is relatively little/no information on how children would address adults, especially in the ‘education system’ as it were.

For example:
How would school-boys in a grammar school address their tutors?
How would a chorister address his master of the choristers?
How would an apprentice address his craftsman?
How would a non-noble child address is father and/or mother (formally)?

I would be fascinated if anyone could throw some light on this subject. Many thanks.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Question from Tudorrose - Opinions on "Mind of a Tyrant"

what does everyone think of the new documentary series narrated by david starkey think of it so far?

[Ed. note - I haven't had a chance to search around yet, but if anyone knows of plans to air it in the States, please post a comment! If I remember correctly his other series have shown up on PBS?]

Ahhh, mystery solved

In a follow-up to the post from a week or so ago about the strange post that showed up, it turned out to be a Blogger bug after all. I'm still glad that I updated my passwords, but it is nice to know it was just a test post by Blogger.

Here's the link to the info, in case any of the rest of you have blogs through Blogger and are interested in the issue:

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Question from Haven - Children of George and Jane Boleyn

Did Jane Boleyn have any children with George? I'm reading The Boleyn Inheritance and it says Jane has a son. And I know that it's only fiction, but in The Other Boleyn Girl, I don't recall George saying anything about Jane being pregnant.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Reminder about Q&A with Leanda de Lisle

Head on over to the Lady Jane Grey Reference site blog and submit questions for Ms. de Lisle!

Here's the link:

Question from Lisa - Jewelry from Starkey's "Elizabeth" series

I really loved David Starkey's production of "Elizabeth." My question pertains to one of the beautiful pieces of jewelry used in it. The specific piece that I am interested in was shown on Elizabeth when she was out in a garden. She was wearing a black dress and rather ornate black necklace. Does anyone know who designed that piece of jewelry? Also, has it been reproduced for the mass market?

Friday, April 10, 2009

Question from Christina - Gender differences in crime and punishment

Hi, I'm currently doing a school assignment on the Tudor-Stuart Law and Society/ Crime and Punishment in 7th form (age 17). I have came up with three questions to do my research on specifically during 1558~1667.

1. How were punishments for crime successful in maintaining social order in Tudor-Stuart England 1558~1667?

2. To what extent did men and women's criminal actions differ due to the different punishments in Tudor Stuart England 1558~1667?

3. How did the church have effect on the law and society in Tudor Stuart England 1558~1667?

I have already read materials on law courts and criminal trials and also watched documentarys, but I haven't found many specific cases during this time period and none based on differences in gender. The second question is a bit of a struggle to find information on.

Thank you so much for the help.

Question from Diane - Elizabeth's muske catt

Back in June, 2008, KB answered a question from Juju about the pets of Elizabeth I. KB said the Queen had a "Muske catt." I've tried to find out what that was and all I could discover is that it is similar to a small African animal called a genet. What exactly is a Muske catt?

Question from Jill - Queens regnant in 16th century Europe

I'm curious - other than England, Spain (Castile that is), and Russia, and Scotland, what other countries, if any, in Christendom in medieval/Tudor times allowed women to be Queen-Regnant?

Question from Haven - Children from Mary Boleyn's second marriage

I was wondering if Mary Boleyn had any children with William Stafford, and if she did, what happened to them?

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Question from Elisabeth - Anne and Mary Boleyn's relationship

For a school project in AP English (I'm a senior), I am comparing the facts about Anne Boleyn and how she was protrayed in Phillipa Greggory's "The Other Boleyn Girl."

A major part of my paper is the relationship between Anne and Mary Boleyn. So my question is, what do we know about the Boleyn sisters relationship after Anne returned from France? Were the sisters close or bitter enemies?

Thanks for any help you can provide!

[Ed. note - Elisabeth, you might also want to search the blog for past posts on "The Other Boleyn Girl" - I don't think that this specific question was addressed, but you might find some other useful information]

Congratulations are in order...

To our kb, who passed her oral defense/viva and now has a PhD from the University of Nottingham! Congratulations!

Monday, April 06, 2009

Question from Stephanie- What was Henry VIII doing on Anne's execution day

Hi Everybody! Does anyone know of any historical records of what happened at Court or what Henry was actually doing the day Anne Boleyn was executed? I know he never said anything "On the record" about Anne but I'm just curious to know what he was up to that day, and what transpired at court? (Her execution date was May 19 1536 if anyone needs it!)

Also, looking through more records or accounts:

I'm sure this question is up for speculation, but, does anyone know the last time Henry and Anne saw each other? Did they say goodbye? It's unlikely, but I wonder about their last encounter. Thanks!!

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Question from PJ - Cromwell threatening Anne's ladies

Did King Henry the Eighth ever find out that Cromwell threatened Anne's ladies -in- waiting so that they would indict her behavior? Did these ladies ever admit to anyone that hey lied?

Question from Calamity Bob - Symbols on armor

Why might a piece of armor incorporate both English and French symbols in its decoration? The armor in question was a helmet dated to 1590 and belonging to George Clifford, third Earl of Cumberland. It was decorated with fleur de lis and what appear to be tudor roses. My knowledge of sixteenth century heraldry is virtually non-existent, so any help would be much appreciated.

Question from Bob - London tours

Are there any one day or 1/2 day London Tudor tours in July?

Friday, April 03, 2009

Sorry for any blog strangeness today

I don't know what happened, but the blog was showing up a little strangely this evening so I've been going through and changing my publishing settings. I think everything is normal now, but I'll keep an eye open for any more oddball behavior.

Question from Michelle - Henry Fitzroy's possible place in the succession

I'm wondering what everything knows/thinks about the following:

Does anyone know if Henry ever made or discussed plans to add Henry Fitzroy to the line of succession before Edward was born?

Also, even after Edward's birth, if Henry Fitzroy had lived, what is the likelihood that he would have been placed in the line of succession? And if Fitzroy was added, where would he have fallen - after Edward/Edward's issue, but before Mary and Elizabeth since he was a male? Or, since legally all three (Mary, Fitzroy and E I) were "bastards", would he be between Mary and Elizabeth based on age?

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Sorry for the flood of posts this morning!

I got a little behind again, so I apologize for posting six new questions all at once this morning. The submissions tend to come in waves and if I miss one they tend to stack up!

Question from Brittany - Hoods and headwear fashion in Elizabeth's reign

I notice in painting of Queen Elizabeth I, that she seems to never wear a hood. My friend told me that hoods were only for married women at the time, but I dissagree because Anne was well-known to wear french style hoods. I know that taking my friend's word for it is not good, because she did not tell me where she read that only married women wore hoods, so I decided to look it up, but I could not find an answer to my question. My actual question is Were hoods simply going out of style in Elizabeth's time or did she just not like to wear them, because she's rarely painted with one on.

Question from Tony - Portraiture of Lady Jane Grey

Do you think a portrait of Lady jane Grey painted throughout her lifetime will ever be found? is their any evidance to say she sat for one?

On the Lady Jane Grey internett museum their is a black and white picture of the NPG new portrait which is different to the one they have on display is this another copy and if so could it pre-date the one they have on show?

[Ed. note - PhD HIstorian, this one is for you! I know we've had a lot of discussion of her possible portraits lately, but I was curious about one point raised in this question - is there any evidence that she sat for a portrait?]

Question from Marilyn R. - "Feminization" of history

What does anyone think of this in the Daily Mail?

Women Turn History into a Bizarre Soap Opera:

Women historians have feminised history by focusing on the 'soap opera' of key figures' love lives rather than their achievements, David Starkey claims. The TV historian said his female counterparts concentrated on 'big box-office' subjects such as the six wives of Henry VIII instead of major political events of the time.

Where's Lady Antonia Fraser when we need her?

[Ed. note - I was debating posting anything about this latest Starkey screed over on the news blog, but since it was submitted here, I guess I shouldn't keep avoiding it. :) ]

Question from Ann - 16th century herbalism

Hi, I'm looking for information please about herbalism during the 16th century,in particular pain relief (if any) after injury on the battlefield or after a duel by sword or dagger.
Thanks in advance.

Question from Stephanie - Death of Katherine of Aragon

Does anyone know how Katherine of Aragon died?

Question from Colleen - When was Elizabeth restored to the title of Princess

I was wondering if someone could tell me when exactly Elizabeth was restored to the title of Princess. I know when she lost the title, but I've read quite a few books on the Tudor family and a lot of the information is conflicted - some authors begin referring to her as Princess Elizabeth immediately after her father's marriage to Katherine Parr; others call her the Lady Elizabeth up until her accession to the throne. Does anybody have a clear answer?

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