Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ahhh, mystery solved

In a follow-up to the post from a week or so ago about the strange post that showed up, it turned out to be a Blogger bug after all. I'm still glad that I updated my passwords, but it is nice to know it was just a test post by Blogger.

Here's the link to the info, in case any of the rest of you have blogs through Blogger and are interested in the issue:



Anonymous said...

My Theory Of George Boleyn Dean Of Lichfield.

The birth parents of the George Boleyn Dean of Lichfield, has been debated,
for many years, with no one knowing for Shaw weather his parents were
George Boleyn Viscount Earl of Rochford & Lady Jane Parker Rochford,
As there was no evidence of his birth or who his parents were, he was born to some one in the Boleyn family that we know for Shaw and his father had to
Have the last name Boleyn, other wise George Dean of Lichfield would in fact Of had a different last name to Boleyn.

My Theory is! and it is only a theory as no one will ever know, as this was taken to the grave my George and those that knew of his true Parents.
As far as anyone knows, George and Jane Boleyn had no children, But
Jane helped to have her husband George & his Sister Lady Anne Boleyn
Beheaded, so maybe Lady Jane purposely had all and any evidence destroyed of George Boleyn Dean of Lichfield of Being hers and husbands son as so to protect him after his father and Aunt had been Put to death for incest and treason, for Lady Jane her self was put to death some years later,
So no one well ever know for Shaw,

(“What is found from the Oxford Dictionary National Biography:-
"Boleyn, George (d. 1603), dean of Lichfield, is often said to have been the son of Jane Boleyn, née Parker (d. 1542), and George Boleyn, Viscount Rochford, executed in 1536 on a charge of incest with his sister, Queen Anne Boleyn. In his will of 1603, George Boleyn refers to Sir William Knollys, grandson of Mary Boleyn, Queen Anne's sister, as his kinsman, but the fact that Rochford's inquisition post-mortem names Mary, rather than George, as his heir throws doubt on the supposition that George was his son, or at any rate on George's legitimacy”)

So if "Boleyn, George (d. 1603), is not the son of George Boleyn, Viscount
Rochford, executed in 1536 on a charge of incest with his sister, Queen Anne ,
Then is “Boleyn, George (d. 1603), the basted son that Mary Boleyn was
Said to of had with Henry VIII.

But until the Historians or Researchers can come up with 100% Prof
Or evidence that George Boleyn Viscount Rochford and
Lady Jane Boleyn Rochford, Are not his parents, which will never happen
As the truth when to the grave with the Boleyn family of the Tudor period.

Then I will go on considering George Boleyn Viscount Rochford
and Lady Jane Boleyn Rochford, as my 10th Great Grandparents.

The only way to be Shaw is for modern D&A Test to be done on the remains
If any of George Boleyn Viscount Rochford, Lady Jane Boleyn Rochford,
Mary Boleyn and George Boleyn Dean of Lichfield, to clear up the 500yr old
Misery of George’s parents

Lara said...

I think this comment actually belongs in the thread below it: http://queryblog.tudorhistory.org/2009/04/question-from-haven-children-of-george.html

Lara said...

Anyone trying to follow up on the comment about George Boleyn, please post it in this thread: http://queryblog.tudorhistory.org/2009/04/question-from-haven-children-of-george.html

Unknown said...

Thanks for posting the information about George Boleyn - Dean of Litchfield. He shows up in my family tree as an 10th Generation connection and i've been trying to link a connection to George and Jane Parker.

Family surnames in our tree roll down from GB -DL as follows: Boleyn/Morse/Clarke/Mason/Nichols/Brace/Ensign & Pritchard

The theory in the article makes a lot of sense since having the Boleyn last name was probably not a popular thing, so hiding any connection to George and Anne might have been prudent at the time and for the safety of George DL. We also see the surname Boleyn show up 3 or 4 generations later as "Bullen" where it eventually makes it's way to America with the Morse and Clarke surnames in Massachusetts (1600's)

Analog Pedals said...

So... The past couple days I've gone down this rabbit hole of tracing my family roots. George Boleyn - Dean of Litchfield is my 12th Great-grandfather. I knew there was some connection with the Boleyn's, but I never thought I'd ever take my genealogy back that far. I was bouncing off the walls when I saw those names George Boleyn and Lady Jane. But, then I watched some videos of George and Jane and it stated that they had no children. I'm like... Wait a sec. Then I read the whole debacle. So, my family surnames are Bologne/Boleyn/Bollen/Bolin. I have to admit, I'm intrigued! Even if George Boleyn - Dean of Litchfield isn't George and Lady Jane's son, I'm still super excited that I have found the information that I have.