Sunday, April 19, 2009

Question from Sonia - Owners of Tudor ships

I am researching the Tudor ships. Could anyone tell me please who owned which ships in Tudor times-merchants and trading ships.

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Tudorrose said...

There were the ships that belonged to merchants and seamen and ships that belonged to the king himself.Depford was a place were the making of the ships took place.depford was used for repais and anchorage during the reign of king henry VII.Trinity house which was discovered in 1514 by king henry VIII was associated it was working to support english shipping.During Elizabeth I's reign Trinity house was responsible for the maintinence of lighthouses and other aids of navigation. with shipmen and marrinersTudor carvel which dates from 1470.The carvel was a type of ship that was linked with the new age of discovery.Two of the ships that sailed during the time of christopher columbus's voyage around the world were carvels.The caravel redunda dated 1470 which derived from the caravel except the sails were a different shape.The tudor carrack 1470 it had a huge sail in the middle and two small sales at either end.The mary rose built in 1509 was king henry VIII's favourite warship he had it named after his sister Mary tudor.The ship sunk unfortunately in 1545.Henry came to southsea castle to watch his fleet and ship leave the harbour.portsmouth harbour during the battle of solent with the french.
English great ship.The great harry as known as so after king henry.1520 was one that was comonnonly used in the 15th and 16th centuary.Each nation had one. A considerable amount of naval development went on during King henry VII and Henry VIII's reign.The bull dated 1546.the bull was rebuilt in 1570 but their are records of the ship being used until as late as 1591.Galleon dated 1550 The ship looked a bit like and was like the carrack but more built up.The golden hind 1577 was francis drakes ship.Drake sailed around the world in this ship from 1577 till 1580.Francis drake was knighted on his return to depford in 1581.It was also used in the spanish amada in 1588.Galleon 1590 Galleons were used in elizabethan times and were popular alot of the ships and vessels that were used in the spanish amada were galleons such as The golden hind.