Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Question from Guy - Magazine and journal recommendations

Can anyone recommend a good history magazine/journal for those interested in the Tudors?


kb said...

Hmm...There isn't really a magazine for Tudor geeks.

There are several academic journals that regularly publish studies on the Tudor period.

The most efficient approach may be to identify a local university with a subscription to JSTOR. JSTOR is a collection of several hundred academic journals that cross most disciplines.

Once you have access to JSTOR, you can search across all the journals for articles with specific keywords, by certain authors, etc. The articles can be read online, or downloaded as PDFs for reading offline.

Megan said...

Though it spans a broader timeframe than just the Tudor era, Renaissance Magazine often contains information and articles on many facets of the 15th and 16th centuries.

Guy said...

Thanks to both of you. I had never heard of Renaissance magazine, but have just subsribed, so hopefully I'll like it, looks like my cup of tea. I'll see what else is available on jstor, I think I can access that.