Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Question from Guy - Primary sources, particularly on Henry VIII's finances

How good are the range of primary sources onlnie and can anyone recommend a site? I am most interested in the finances of Henry VIII's reign

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kb said...

I would suggest starting with 'British History online'.


The definitive source for Henry VIII's reign is known as 'Letters and Papers'. These are online at the above site. The financial information is woven throughout. There are also other groupings of papers available with concentrations of economic information. I am not aware of the records of the Exchequer for his reign being digitized and available online.

Another site that you may find useful is the Internet Archive.

I've found a lot of useful sources for the Tudor period there.

Finally, you might want to check the Tanner Ritchie site. They digitize official records into downloadable searchable PDFs. They charge but have great sales from time to time. I bought 20 volumes of state papers for $200 Canadian at a sale a couple years ago.

You can also purchase online subscriptions via MEMSO. The site will at least tell you what papers are available.