Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Question from Guy - Sources for rumors of Catherine Howard's pregnancy in 1541

I read that there were rumours in 1541 that Catherine Howard was pregnant, and that Henry VIII was angry with her for a while after they realised she wasn't. Are there any sources for this?


Roland H. said...

I believe the source is in 'Letters and Papers (Henry VIII)', or 'Calendar of State Papers Spanish'.

Roland H. said...

I forgot to mention - from what I recall, Henry wasn't mad at Katheryn Howard in particular (pregnancy or no pregnancy).

He had simply fallen sick and had secluded himself in his private chambers away from everyone, including his wife.

Guy said...

Found it - LP, XVI, 864; LP, XVI, 712; LP, XVI, 1332; p.142, Lacey Baldwin Smith, Tudor Tragedy.