Friday, September 30, 2011

Question from Orla - Henry VIII and his mother Elizabeth of York

I'm curious about the relationship between Henry VIII and his mother Elizabeth of York. I heard that he was favoured by his mother, and he would always compare her to any woman he was married to. My question is, what proof is there that they were actually close?

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tudor princess said...

David Starkey certainly believes that Elizabeth had a profound influence on Henry VIII, as a boy.

Unlike his brother, Prince Arthur, who had his own household, away from the court, Henry was brought up with his sisters, in a more feminine environment.

Starkey also believes that the similarity between Elizabeth's handwriting and Henry's, points to the fact that Elizabeth may have taught Henry to write.

Henry was later to write that, "the death of my most dearly-loved mother was the most hateful intelligence to me". I've always thought that was a very interesting and telling phrase.

Henry certainly had Yorkist colouring as a child, which also perhaps made him more attractive to his mother.