Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Question from Sarah - Skipwith family

Does anyone know any information about the Skipwith family at Henry VIII's court?


Marilyn R said...

The Skipwiths lived near Lincoln. Sir William Skipwith (d. 1547) married into two other prominent Lincolnshire families: first 1505, Elizabeth Tyrwhit, daughter of Sir William Tyrwhit of Kettleby, by whom he had one son: second Alice Dymoke of Mareham-on-the-Hill. (The Dymokes of Scrivelsby were the King’s champions who threw down the gauntlet at coronations to anyone who might object to the crowning; I’m not sure how Alice was related to these.)

The Margaret Skipwith at the court of Henry VIII was the daughter of the second marriage and married George 2nd Lord Tailboys, (also Sir Peter Carew and Sir George Clifton?).

For references to “Complete Peerage”, etc and family trees from “Lincolnshire Pedigrees” see

Unknown said...

There were also Skipwiths in Leicestershire. They were close to the Grey family (as in Lady Jane Grey). They sided with Henry Grey, Duke of Suffolk when he rebelled against Queen Mary in 1554 and remained friends with his surviving daughters in Queen Elizabeths reign

Anonymous said...


From what source do you know the Skipwiths were close friends with Henry Grey?