Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Question from Ann B. - Number of heretics killed in Henry VIII's reign

How many Heretics were killed during Henry VIII's reign??

I'm currently writing a paper on Mary I and i wanted numbers for how many heretics were burned during her father's reign. I know he had a bunch of people killed, such as the Carthusian Monks, but they were not killed for Herecy but left to starve to death for not compiling with the Act of Supremacy.
Everywhere i look it just says 'numious' or 'countless' if you can give me a soild (or approx) number.

IF YOU CAN PLEASE give me a source i would like to look it up myself.

Question from Colleen - Places to travel to for consumption "cures"

Does anyone know if there was a place people traveled to when suffering from consumption (tuberculosis)? I know that in later years it became common for people who could afford it to travel to the Alps, where it was thought that the air would heal their lungs. But in the 16th century, was there a common destination for wealthy people who were afflicted with the disease to go and be "cured"?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Question from Lee - Jane Grey portrait off display at the NPG

Does anyone know why the national portrait gallery has taken the lady jayne portrait off display? It seems such a shame that all that money was spent on it and its not on public display. Are more tests or conservation work being done on it?

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Question from Emma Leigh - Henry VIII refered to as "King Harry"


I do have a feeling that these questions have already been answered, however the link that answers my question isn't available anymore.

I am looking for a picture of Amelia Cleves, and also the older Cleves sister Sybilla.

Also just been reading some Alison Weir books, and Henry is refered to as King Harry, never read this before or maybe I have and just havent noticed. But am just curious to why this is..
Thank you
Sorry if the questions have been answered/asked before.

[Links to the answers on the first question posted below. - Lara]

Question from G D'oca - Details of Philip and Mary's wedding ceremony

Have we any detailed reports of Mary Tudor and Philip's wedding ceremony?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Question from JHGirl - Someone at all or most of Henry VIII's weddings

Is there anyone (besides Henry himself) who was present at all or most of Henry VIII's six wedding ceremonies? This would imply there was at least one person with whom Henry remained on good terms for most of his life.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Question from Melissa - Catherine of Aragon and the painting The Wedding of Cana

I stumbled across a painting of The Wedding of Cana by Flemish artist David Gerard and was struck by the resemblance of the bride in the painting to Catherine of Aragon, Henry VIII's first consort. The painting can be seen here:
I know other artists painted Catherine as the Madonna so it seems possible Gerard stuck her in this painting, and he is a contemporary of hers so the time periods would match up, but I can't find any additional information. Does anyone know if this is indeed a representation of Catherine of Aragon?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Question from Marie - Jane Austen's dislike of Elizabeth I

I was watching a documentary on Jane Austin last night. When Jane was a little girl, she wrote a satirical history booked entitled "The history of England." The commentator mentioned that she must have not like Elizabeth I much, because she drew a very unflattering portrait of her.

My question is, why did Jane Austin dislike Elizabeth I so much? Obviously, they lived in different times, so I wondering if in the Regency period of England's history, did people not think of Elizabeth I as "Gloriana" anymore? Why did her memory fall out of favor at this time? Why this change of view?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Question from Marilyn R - Oliver Cromwell and Jasper Tudor

Justin Pollard, writing in this month’s BBC History Magazine, says that Oliver Cromwell’s ancestor Morgan ap Williams “was the son of Joan Tudor, a woman who was probably the illegitimate daughter of Jasper Tudor". I have not heard this before – is it likely that Joan was Jasper’s daughter?

[See below for a previous thread that included info on a rumor of an illegitimate daughter of Jasper. - Lara]

Question from Fred - Thomas More at Catherine of Aragon's coronation

Was Thomas More at the coronation of Catherine of Aragon?

Question from Stephen - Tudor England autobiographies

Autobiographies - any for Tudor England?

Not contemporary puff piece biogs, but personal accounts with insight and observation, written by the person's own hand.

The best link I could find is a bit odd, with a strained academic interpretation:

My favourites are from Europe - they read like picaresque novels:

Italian artist Cellini -

Medical student Platter -

Spanish Armada disaster story by de Cuellar -

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Question from Sara - Relationship of the Boleyn siblings

A few questions regarding the Boleyns.

Did George actually have affairs with any men? Are there any oil paintings of George Boleyn, and Mary Boleyn? Also what was the relationship between Mary, George and Anne? Is there evidence?

I have read a lot of different books that all suggest differently from another, just wanted people's opinions on these matters. :)

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Saturday, October 02, 2010

Question from shtove - Deathbed quote of Elizabeth I

Deathbed quote by Elizabeth I - reliable?

"I find that I sent wolves not shepherds to govern Ireland for they have left me nothing but ashes and carcasses to reign over."

My citation for this is F.Chamberlain, The sayings of Queen Elizabeth (London 1923) p.308.

Magnificent (and truthful), but smells of propaganda!

I wonder if this book is worthwhile, and whether anyone has a view on the reliability of the quote.

Quick google yielded a flash of critical invective from JE Neale:

Here on Amazon: