Friday, January 29, 2010

Question from Kayleigh - Website recommendations

This is a pretty non-specific question. Basically im a web browser, in the sense that i use it to look at things that interest me regularly, so here im wondering if anyone has any Tudor site recommendations aside from this one (which is fantastic by the way Lara). My particular areas of interest are Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn, Tower of London, Hampton Court, Elizabeth I, but anything Tudor related grabs my interest.

[Thanks Kayleigh! - Lara]

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Question from Sasha - Living descendants of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York

I know there are no decendants of Henry VIII on record. I would like to know are there any direct decendants of Henry VII & Elizabeth of York? Birth records seem to cease at a certain piont. If there are do they hold any titles?

Question from Katlyn - Henry VIII and Cromwell's letter from the Tower

This may be common knowledge, but I just want to make sure: Henry VIII read Cromwell's letter from the Tower (the famous "mercy, mercy, mercy" one), yes? I was under the impression that this was established but I just realized that I don't know where I got that idea, and I could not find an answer online. Thanks!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Question from Melissa - Statue of Anne at Blickling Hall

Hi. I was just reading Agnes Strickland's book on the queens of England, and when she talks about Anne Boleyn, she mentions a statue of her at Blickling Hall. Does anyone know if this statue is still extant? None of Anne's other biographers mention it, which leads me to believe it either turned out to be a fake, or, more likely, has since been destroyed or lost. Any info? Thanks.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Question from Jessica - Monopolies cancelled by Elizabeth I

It is claimed that Elizabeth I cancelled some monopolies after much lively debate in the Parliament of 1601. Do you know which onopolies (or who held them) were cancelled?


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Question from Thamina - Tudor horse tack

I am setting up a dollhouse Tudor Inn, what kind of tack,(saddle, bridle, etc.), would the horses wear? A merchant and minor noble would be what i am looking for.

Question from Elizabeth M - Sources for Ethelreda, possible daughter of Henry VIII

I have just started reading AFTER ELIZABETH, by Leanda de Lisle, and I have found something I have never come across before. She mentions very early on that Henry VIII had an illegitimate daughter named Ethelreda. I knew about Henry Fitzroy, and the arguments that Mary Boleyn's two children may have been fathered by Henry. But I have never heard of Ethelreda. Henry never acknowledged her? What is known about her? Were there other children fathered by Henry that were not acknowledged by him? Where did Ms. de Lisle find out about Ethelreda?

[She has popped up in other threads about possible bastards of Henry VIII, which I've linked to below. There are a lot of other discussions on this site about unacknowledged children of Henry VIII which can be found by searching on "bastard", "illegitimate", "mistress", etc. - Lara]

Question from Lovey - Mary I and pardons of Katherine Howard and others

I have a couple of questions that I hope someone can answered for me.

I once read that when Mary 1 came to the throne she issue a pardon for "Katherine Howard". Does anyone know why she would do that? (beside the fact that Katherine Howard was catholic,that is) Considering that there were rumors that she didn't get along with Katherine Howard. When issuing a pardon to someone who is deceased , what exactly do it entail?
Who else had Mary 1 pardon when she came to the throne?

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Question from Louise - Tips for travel to London

I'm going to England in February. I have six days. I've been once before but it wasn't "my" trip, so I didn't get to choose the sites to see.

Can I get some tips?

I have been to Westminster. I NEED to see the Tower. I have heard good things about the British Museum and the Museum of London. So I'll be visiting those. I just got a tip on the National Portrait Gallery's audio tour. What else?

Also, as fellow Tudor lovers, any suggestions of other aspects of British history that might interest me and be accessible to me during my trip?

[Like with the book suggestions posts, it never hurts to have additional discussion on travel suggestions, especially with new exhibits, etc. coming along every so often. - Lara]

Question from Rachel - Thomas Cromwell's execution

I recently read on a message board that the author Karen Harper in her book "The Last Boleyn" states that Thomas Cromwell was drawn, quartered and then beheaded. I always assumed Cromwell was granted a simple beheading. Does anyone know which sentence he was given?

Question from Nikki - Henry VIII's greatest successes

what were king henry the eighth's three greatest successes?

Question from Orla - Younger brother of Catherine of Aragon

Hi, I know this isn't exactly about the Tudors more about Catherine of Aragon, but has anyone every came across that she had a younger brother named Pedro who was born from 1488 and died young in 1490? I came across this once, but haven't found anything else on it.

Reason why I want to know is that Pedro (if he was real) would have been second in line for the Spanish throne (behind Prince Juan)and in 1490 the eldest daughter of Fernando and Isabella married the heir to the Portugeuse throne Afonso, he was killed in a horse accident 6 months later and apparently under mysterious circumstances and I read that Fernando and Isabella had tried every trick in the book to stop that marriage from happening as it was a term in a treaty to end the Castilian sucession wars.

Question from Joanne - Tower and Dressed to Kill exhibition

After browsing you website, I seen the list of events about Henry VIII 500th anniversary, I was lucky enough to be able to attend the Tower of London's Dressed to kill exhibition! We were not allowed to take any photographs of his actual armour but I do have some fantastic photos (available on request!) of that day at the tower, the tower was buzzing with people, exhibitions, shows and characters, it was defiantly a day to remember. Hopefully this will be of some interest to other Tudor fans

Many thanks

Question from Laurel - Greenwich Palace and Edward VI's burial

I am starting a Tudor novel, obviously historical fiction, centered around Edward VI. The floor plan of Old Greenwich Place is vital, especially the room where Edward died, & that room's access to the paddock. Is it true OGP has been demolished??? I was hoping to visit one day. I live in Ann Arbor MI, USA, & travel won't happen soon. Also, cannot afford the highly recommended books--but I've been wanting to write this novel forever. So is there anyway I can get the floor plan for free or at a discount; WAS the old place demolished; also, just exactly where is Edward interred? With his grandfather in Westminster Abbey? (I have a twist on what happened after he died, possibly a true story.)

Thanks to anyone who can help me.

Not a school project. I'm 58 & curious.

[Previous thread on Edward VI's burial linked below. - Lara]

Monday, January 04, 2010

Question from SarahAnne - Books with important Tudor documents

I am looking to purchase a book with the important Tudor documents, but don't want to purchase the wrong one! I would prefer not to buy tons of books, so I was wondering if there are any especially good compilations. Any suggestions?

I recently found one entitled "Tudor Constitutional Documents" by J.R. Tanner. It covers the years 1485-1603. Has anyone read this? Would this be a good book to start out with?

Question from SarahAnne - Further reading suggestions

I read a lot about The Tudors, but I'm not sure how to find the best and most accurate books to read and the most credited historians/authors.

I have read a lot by Alison Weir and Eric Ives lately and like them.

However what other authors should I look into? I am interested in it all, whether it is a biography or an historical document from the period! For example, has there ever been a book published on Chapuys writings? I would really appreciate any help that would further my "quality" of future Tudor learning! Thank you!

[Some previous similar threads are linked below. This is a topic that never hurts to have come up again and again since there are always so many new Tudor books coming out! - Lara]


And some fiction recommendations:

Question from Elizabeth M - Record of Jane Grey commenting on Anne Boleyn's religious beliefs

I am currently reading Leanda de Lisle's book on the Grey sisters, and in it, she points out that Jane Grey had respect for Princess Elizabeth and her religious beliefs. Is there any record of Jane ever praising Anne Boleyn for her promotion of evangelical ideology or acknowledging the debt the evangelical movement in England owed to her?

Friday, January 01, 2010