Thursday, December 31, 2009

Question from Elizabeth M - Did Anne Boleyn and Kathryn Howard ever meet

Has there ever been any documentation found that Anne Boleyn and her cousin, Katherine Howard, ever met?

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Question from Hayley - Meaning of Anne Boleyn's motto


Im very interested in Anne Boleyns history and have read many books on her. One thing i cant seem to find is one definate definition to what she meant by her motto "The Most Happy". Could be please explain what Anne's motto meant and why she used it?

Thank You

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Question from Katlyn - Follow-up on previous research help question

Hello everyone! I'm Katlyn; I posted a question here a few months back with questions for preliminary research for a big Henry VIII-oriented paper I'm doing this year in college. Now, with Lara's leave, I would like to ask about sources again, but this time I am looking for more ideas about primary sources for my narrowed-down focuses.

My paper will be a comparison between the careers of Wolsey and Cromwell, comparing specific aspects of their careers and their relationship with Henry, and in the context of this I want to examine the downfall of each man and relate it to historiographical questions about faction and the king's displeasure.

So in general, primary sources that I already have include:
Life and Letters of Cromwell in 2 Volumes (Merriman)
Life and Death of Wolsey (Cavendish)
Tudor Royal Proclamations
Some letters from the Pilgrimage of Grace participants
Random accounts found in secondary source books.

Specific topics I want to examine in my paper include:
Wolsey: the nature of his ambition, his changing relationship with the king, his hand in foreign politics and his French persuasion (i.e. Field of Cloth of Gold), his participation in the Duke of Buckingham affair, the failure of the Amicable Grant, his extravagance, his failure in the Great Matter and his subsequent actions prior to the treason charges.

Cromwell: the way in which his career in government began, the nature of his service to the king, his relationship with and affinity to the king, his part in the fall of Anne Boleyn, his religious reforms - I would like to try to examine his religious persuasions but realize that this is probably out of my reach! - his efforts to find Henry a wife, his involvement in investigating the Pole conspiracy, and his very sudden disfavor and downfall.

In each case I want to examine the presence of political faction and what sort of role it played under the specific circumstances. From this I think I want to draw some conclusions about the political atmosphere, the presence of the New Men, the nature of Henry when it came to protecting or sacrificing an advisor, and whatever else seems to come up. (I realize I may not have enough room for all!)

So far I have been using the following secondary sources:
In the Lion's Court (Wilson), The Cardinal and the Secretary (Williams), Henry VIII and the Mask of Royalty (Baldwin Smith), The Pilgrimage of Grace and the Politics of the 1530s (can't remember the author), and plan to use Ives' biography of Anne Boleyn for the basis of Cromwell's involvement in her career). I have heard that McEntegart's book on the Cleves marriage would probably be useful. Should I maybe add Scarisbrick on Henry VIII?

Any suggestions for what primary sources I might be able to utilize for the topics listed above would be quite useful. In addition, if anyone knows where I might be able to find some of the rarer ones (chronicles, ambassadors' accounts - I don't read Italian, Latin or French, unfortunately), that would be useful as I am new to searching out such things. I'm sorry for asking so many questions! Feel free to just pick one and answer it if you have the time. I would appreciate the help so much. Thank you all!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Question from Haven - Jane Boleyn and the Field of of Cloth of Gold

I've been reading to my mother the book about Jane Boleyn by Julia Fox. MY mother wants to know what picture there are of the Field of Cloth of Gold and if there's any surviving fabric from the tents. What I want to know if this book is a reliable source. Thank you.

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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Question from Jacque - More on wardship

I often see references to aristocratic children in Tudor times going to be brought up or raised in the household of another aristocratic family or person. Was this the same thing as wardship or is there a difference? Also, regarding wardship, if a child was made a ward while their parents were still living (I'm thinking of a situation like Lady Jane Grey's where I think she became Thomas Seymour's ward while her parents were still living) could the guardianship of that child ever be legally returned to their parents even if their guardian was still alive? Or could they only go back to their parents if their guardian died?

Monday, December 07, 2009

Question from Rosa - Wardship of orphans

In the 1520's, if a child of a knight was orphaned, would that child become a royal ward? And if so, who would have control over her wardship? Was it automatically the King or could the child be a ward to a noble associated with her family?

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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Question from Victoria - Sources for essay on Protector Somerset

I am writing an essay on 'What was the significance of Protector Somersets actions in provoking disorder and rebellion?' I am an A Level Student and am 17 years old.

Im looking at things like the religious reform, economic issues as well as things beyond his control like harvest failures and the fact that in regards to foreign policy it was not necessarily his own actions that provked problems but instead was the situation left by Henry VIII.

I have to include a variety of Primary and Secondary sources in this and am having a great deal of difficulty in finding relevant onces.
I would appreciate any general help in this.


Question from James - Denny biography of Anne Boleyn

What is the general view on this site of Joanna Denny's biography of Anne Boleyn? the critics slated it but i thought it was well written and researched.

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