Sunday, March 28, 2021

Question from John - Looking for information on Elizabeth Fielding

Looking for a connection between Elizabeth Fielding daughter of Edward Fielding and his wife Elizabeth Maria Polteney (1646-1692) who was daughter of Maurice Wittelsbach Simmern (1620-1652) who was the son of Frederich V Vonder Pfalz of the Palatinate of the Rhine, who married Elizabeth Stuart (1595-1662) and through them to James Stuart VI of Scotland and I of England and VI of Scotland and son of Mary Queen of Scots. There seems to be some disagreement as to who the Elizabeth Fielding really was, there is some mention of her being adopted. If she is who some say she is, the line can be traced back through Mary Queen of Scots all the way to Chrodobertus (6720-673). That would make King James a great grandfather and his mother, Mary, a great grandmother. It all becomes very interesting and somewhat time consuming. If anyone has any information to share regarding Elizabeth Fielding, I would be most appreciative.