Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Question from Steve - Tudor roofing

Thanks for this opportunity.

I am trying to create a truly realistic Tudor house.
I have researched all I can, but there is one thing I cant find.

On Tudor house roof design, did they use 'V' shaped ridge tiles, or strips of lead ???

Thatched roofing is no issue, as the material did the task, but roofs made from slate or stone ???
Also, if the house was grand enough, and they used tiles, were they shaped, or simply rectangular ??

Any help would be greatly appreciated,
Steve (Sorry, too old to be a student.....)

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Question from Mary - Clarification of two pieces of information on Edward VI

I am working on a personal project and need two minor pieces of information on Edward VI. I know this information is found in "The Last Tudor King" by H.W. Chapman, but right now personal access to the book is not an option for me. Also, I was hoping someone may have more detail than is mentioned in Chapman's book.

1) What are the details of Edward getting lost while riding in Wiltshire c. 1553? He came across a child named Dew, from Bower Chalk. This child lived well into the 17th century and told people the story of meeting the king. What are the details of that story (or that story within a story-- who was "Dew")?

2) Years after Edward VI died, one of his desks was opened. What was found inside? I remember something about dog collars-- what else was in the desk? And how many collars? Who opened the desk when the discovery was made, when was this discovery made, and where?

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Question from Conor - Katherine Howard's resting place

Hi - I am researching and writing a biography of Queen Katherine Howard and I have just finished reading Elisabeth Wheeler's study of her. Not only does Wheeler suggest that the execution was carried out secretly at night-time, but she argues that Katherine was never buried in the Chapel of St Peter ad Vincula, near Anne Boleyn - as her body was never found in the Victorian period. She suggests Katherine may have been buried elsewhere.

I have also read Weir's "Lady in the Tower" and she suggests that the body identified as Anne Boleyn may actually be Katherine, which I disagree with.

I personally believe that Katherine WAS buried in this chapel, and like Lady Jane Grey, her bones were never discovered as they had dissolved due to her age (both were teenagers).

Can anyone provide me with further info / their own ideas? Thanks.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Question from Courtney - Gates of London

I was wondering if anyone could tell me which gate a group of travelers from Worcestershire would use to enter the city of London in 1558. I've been leaning toward Aldersgate, but it's so difficult to find a legible map of 16th century London (let alone one that illustrates where all of the gates were actually located) that I'm not sure I'm correct. Any ideas? Thanks!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Question from William - Shakespeare's role in Tudor times

Hi, I was wondering about William Shakespeare's role in the Tudor times. Did he really do anything?

Friday, May 17, 2013

Question from Alison - Quote at arrest of Earl of Essex

When the Earl of Essex is arrested by Queen Elizabeth I - the mob cry "Saw, Saw, Saw. Tray" What does this mean.

It also appears in the Benjamin Britten opera.

Question from Roger - Tudor word "Yonker"

I am researching some tudor era words associated with the crew of the Mary Rose warship and found one "Yonker" which I think may refer to a boy sailor who has a specific job e.g. a Gromet who is a boy tasked with turning the ships time keeping sand glass. Is there a definition of what a Yonker is? Many Thanks

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Site slow or completely down for some viewers

Again, I'm thankful that I keep this blog on a separate service, since I know it's one of the most popular parts of my site! So my webhost is having issues - again - and the rest of my site (which I was planning to do some work on today!) is down. I've been pretty loyal to my webhost for several years now but I'm starting to think about shopping around for a new one. Moving sites is a huge pain but I might have to seriously consider it if this continues. *sigh*

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Question from Shahzeb - How the Tudors influence us today

I was wondering if you could help me with an assignment. I want to present The Tudors in a less traditional way. So I'm looking for some information about The Tudors, today. What have they done in the past that's had an effect on us today? From litterature to technology.

I'm looking forward to your reply :-)

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Question from Katie - Sources for research on Tudor women

Hi, I'm doing a dissertation on Tudor Women - could anyone recommend any useful archives, or general places/books/etc. for primary sources they've found useufl?

Site slowness issues...

... and this is why I keep this blog on a separate service from the news blog and website! My webhost is having issues so a lot of sites, including mine, are slow or are having their connections dropped. If you try to go to pages on the rest of the site (i.e. other than queryblog.tudorhistory.org pages) they may be slow, not appear correctly, or won't even come up at all. I know they are working on it so hopefully everything will be back to normal soon.