Submission Instructions

Welcome! The Tudor Q&A Blog replaced the old Query pages in November 2005 because a blog format allows more interaction between the people asking questions and the readers who are answering them.

Some info on the types of questions this page is intended to help answer, other places you can find help and pages that might already have the answer you are looking for:
This page is for queries like: Where can I find out more info on Bessie Blount? or looking for more information about a particular book and that sort of thing. The more specific the question, the better. Questions like "Tell me everything about Henry VIII" or something that can be easily answered with a search on Google will not be posted. I reserve the right to not post any submission that I feel does not meet the criteria I have outlined here.

If you are looking for help on a school essay or project, please be honest and say so. Most commentators can sniff out a homework assignment anyway, so you probably will get more help if you're honest about it up front. We won't do your homework for you, but we might have some good tips or resources to help you. Also, it is helpful if you tell readers your age so they will know what level of information is appropriate. Some tips on getting started on school projects can also be found by going to the Students Page.

Questions or comments about the me or the website (if not answered on the About page) should still be submitted by going to the Contact Page.

Also, check to make sure that your question hasn't already been asked or answered somewhere on the website. The best way to check is to use the search box on the left column of the blog. It searches the whole site and it is also a good way to search through the blog comments.

If you have multiple questions on different topics, please submit them separately so each question can get its own post.

How to submit a Question:
You can submit your own message by using the submission form. Please note that your message is not automatically posted on the blog, so it may take a little while before your message appears - I get to them when I can. Do not resubmit your message if it doesn't show up in a few days!

It will be your responsibility to check to see if someone has responded to your submission. Check the "Comments" link below the post with your question to see if anyone has answered.

Remember: The more specific the question, the better we can help you with it. And, using correct spellings, grammar and punctuation is helpful too. Please do not submit questions typed in all capital letters. If you have multiple questions on different topics, please submit them separately so each question can get its own post.

How to submit and Answer:
If you want to answer a question, just hit the "comments" tag below the post title and enter your response. You have the option of posting with a Blogger ID (if you have one), or your name and email address, or anonymously. All comments will be emailed to me for approval and I will reject any that I feel are inappropriate.

Please read through any other comments for a question before posting your own to make sure you aren't repeating information that has already been given.

Important note!
Please DO NOT submit new questions in the comments to an old post! Please send new questions through the submission form so they will appear on the top level of the blog and people will be more likely to see it.

And Finally...
Be sure to check back to see if someone has answered your question or if a new question has come up that you might be able to help out with!