Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Questions from Tabitha - Follow up misc. questions

Thank you for your help esp. with the literary works that I can read upon. I have a couple of other questions, I hope someone can help with these.

1.During the reign of Elizabeth I she had attainders reversed for 2 of the decendents that were excuted with Anne Boleyn, who were they?

2.I read that Anne Boleyn had some type stomach problem, what was it?

3.Does anyone know of books written about babies and general childcare in the 16th century.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Question from Brittany - Information on Thomas Culpepper

I'm currently writing a short story about Thomas Culpeper, but I can find very little details on him. I've already looked at tudorhistory, wikipedia, and, but everyone mostly talks about his involvement with Katheryn Howard and little else. They pass briefly over the incident where he apparently raped a girl, and don't give many details. No one seems to mention when he was born either; I saw someone somewhere speculate 1500, but that would mean he was 40 when he had an affair with Katheryn and I always assumed he'd be pretty young (a good deal younger thn Henry at least!). Katheryn's mother Joceta (or Joyce?) was a Culpeper, so he was related to her I suppose, but I also heard he was related to the Howard family. So if anyone knows details about this, they'd be much appreciated.

And if anyone knows extra tidbits about the history of Francis Dereham, or even Henry Mannox, I'd love to hear it!

Thank you.

Question from DSnow - Anne's desire to breast feed Elizabeth

I have a question about Henry's response to Anne when she wanted to nurse Elizabeth. He said that she could not nurse the baby especially since she was a girl.

Was this statement referring to the lower status of females or could his intent be to speed her return to a fertile state (since breast feeding delays this) and he wanted to get busy with the quest for a male child?

Just wondered about others thoughts on the matter.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Questions from Tabitha - Misc.

I am a HUGE fan of tudor times, I am so glad I found this site I like to learn alittle more everday. I would appreciate any help with these questions.

1. I seen on a previous question that the maid of honors and lady in waitings sometimes didn't get paid, but if they did what would have been an amount earned for their work?

If possible, please convert english money into US dollars and also how much would that be in todays money.

2. In tudor times things were so proper in many ways, why was it necessary for so many people to watch the consummation of a marriage, and who had the right to watch?

3. Does anyone know how much money england had when Henry VIII died? And how much when ElizabethI died? I think I seen it in a book once that Henry inherited millions upon his succession in 1509, I thought it would be interesting to see the difference between 1509 to 1547.

I know I have 3 questions, I hope thats ok.


Friday, April 25, 2008

Question from Sarah - Book recommendations for entertainment, food, etc.

Could anyone recommend to me a book that covers entertainments, food, clothing etc during the reign of Henry VIII? I am a university student and so want something more than the basics.



Monday, April 21, 2008

Question from Rae - "The Tudors" second season on iTunes

Hello! I'm living in Australia right now, and we have only just finished the 1st season. I've already seen the first season and have been waiting patiently since it ended in the States. Does anyone know when the second season will be up on iTunes? If at all?

[ed note - I haven't heard anything about when or if the second season will go up... although I'm sure it will at some point... but I thought I would throw it out there in case anyone had any info]

Friday, April 18, 2008

Question from Lilly - Elizabeth of York

I've got a question regarding Henry VIII's mother, Elizabeth of York. Does anyone know much about her? I know a little bit, but there's a lot in her past that I don't know. For example,

1. How old was she when she was married to Henry VII?
2. How old was Henry VIII when she died?
3. What did her seventh child die of? It was the birth of Katherine, Elizabeth and Henry's seventh child, that proved to be too strenuous on both mother and daughter. Katherine died within hours of her birth and Elizabeth died within a few days. Does anyone know specifics about this incident?


Question from Patricia - Wives' badges


I am curently reading about the six wives of Henry VIII, and am curious to know each wives seperate badge. I known there was the pomegranate, the falcon, and the phoenix for the first three wives but what of the latter?

Question from KB - Online map of 16th century England

Does anyone know of a reasonable map of 16th century England available online?

Question from Taya - Jane Seymour and Henry before their marriage

Hey Guys! I'm 16 and just getting into all this Tudor mania! =)

I was watching a documentary and came up with this question: Did Jane Seymour "hold out" from sex with Henry before her marriage like Anne Boleyn or did she become Henry's mistress during his marriage to Anne?


Question from Beth - Women's underwear and menstruation

Is it true that women in Tudor times didn't wear any underwear? If so, how did they keep their rags (well, I'm assuming they used rags because tampons/pads weren't invented yet) in place when they menstruated?

Question from Lynne - Palaces when the court wasn't there

What happened to royal residences like Hampton Court when a monarch was not there?--were there people who lived there full time (perhaps to take care of it?), or was it generally left empty until the next royal visit? Sorry if this has already been addressed.

Question from Jessica - Crime and Punishment

I would like to know what were the most common crimes and punishments during 1558 and 1688?

Also who decided the punishments for crimes and who enforced them?

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Okay... we MAY be back in business here

Well, I just tried something (I'll spare you the technical details) with the publishing that appears to have worked. So, let's see if this post shows up a little quicker than the last two. :)

I'm probably going to still move the blog over to WordPress on my own site, if this fix actually works, but it won't be as urgent - so I'll probably hold off for a little while. There are a couple of things I'd like to iron out on the news blog before I switch this one over.

I still have quite a few questions from the last week that need to go up, but I'm really tired so I'm going to save those for tomorrow. For now, a hot shower and sleep are calling me!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Still having problems

Well, there still seem to be some posting issues. After nearly 24 hours of trying, I finally got one more post to go up (the question below). So now I'm going to start trying to post this one and see what happens.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Question from Sarah - Questions from second season of "The Tudors"

I just finished watching this week's epidsode of The Tudors on Showtime. As a true history fan, I was confused by three things that happened in this episode:

1. The use of guns. I have never read anything to indicate that guns were prevalent during this time and that an attempt on Anne's life by use of a gun.

2. Hinting of a gay relationship between Mark Smeaton and George Boleyn. I thought Mark was completely devoted to Anne and was the only one to confess to a sexual relationship with her.

3. Who is Eleanor Luke? I kept waiting for that woman to be idenified as Jane Seymour, but maybe they are going in a different direction?

If anyone has any thoughts or insight on these three observations, I would really appreciate it.


New posts coming soon

It looks like the Google/Blogger folks have finally fixed the FTP uploading issue which has kept me - and many other people - from being able to post to my blogs since late last week. This is the second time this has happened for a multi-day stretch in about the past 7 or 8 months and it has prompted me to start looking at other options. I've installed WordPress on my server and I'm playing around with that now, so I might be moving to that blogging platform in the near future. Blogger is usually quite reliable and easy to use, but not being able to make any posts (or have any comments show) for nearly 4 days is really annoying.

Look for many new questions this afternoon or this evening. There have been a lot coming in, which made this a really bad time to not be able to publish!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Question from Sarah - Maid of Honor v. Lady in Waiting

What is the difference between a maid-of-honor and a lady-in-waiting?

Monday, April 07, 2008

Question from Briar - Women in the English Civil War

[Most of these questions are a little past our time period, but I was hoping someone might be able to recommend some resources -- I'm hopeless when it comes to the English Civil War!]

Hi my name is briar and im studying seventh form history at school. Im doing a research internal that has me looking for information on woman during the civil war?

The questions i have been asked to research are:
How were woman portrayed during the period 1558-1667?
What roles did woman assume during the civil war?
What lasting impact did the gains made by woman during the Civil War have and how did society view this?

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Question from Joyce - Edward VI's death and burial

I have read that Edward V1's death was concealed by John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland so that he could first apprehend the Lady Mary. As it was July the body began to stink and he was forced to substitute another corpse for the funeral in Westminster Abbey. Does anyone know if this is true?

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Question from Meghan - Spain's reaction to Katherine's fall

Does anyone have any information, online or otherwise, about Spain's reaction to the fall of Katherine?

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Follow-up question to previous post

From Mike: I am piggybacking off of Angie's question on homosexuality in Tudor times. phd Historian named a few monarchs as possibly being homosexual, one of them being Henry II. My question is this, was Henry II homosexual or did he mean William II?

[4/1/2008 - edited typo in subject line]