Monday, June 16, 2014

Question from Annabell - Lady Howard and Lady Dacre

Hello! I was reading a question about lady Howard at the New Year gift list and found it by myself and I was researching about lady Howard junior and lady Dacres of the South, but could not find anything about them. Were they related or not and biographies. Thank you a lot!!!!!

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Question from shtove - Source of Armada quote

Here's a famous Armada quote: "we are sailing against England in the confident hope of a miracle."

It's reported by a papal legate as spoken to him by a Spanish government official a few weeks before the Armada sailed in 1588.

It's the end part of a short, ironic speech that shows the official was fully aware the Armada was doomed to defeat, and is cited all over the place as an example of the folly of religious absolutism. One author uses the very final phrase as the title of his book on the Armada. Important stuff.

So I looked for the source, and everything led back to Garrett Mattingly from his Armada book in 1960 - I think he got a Pulitzer for it:

It reads very nicely, but no source. Then I found Geoffrey Parker using it - good, a serious historian - in his revised book on the Armada with a footnote that gives the source as ... Mattingly.

I can't get past Mattingly. And Britannica says this about him: "However, Garrett Mattingly (190062), generally regarded as the master of historical narrative among American historians, enlivened his work with speeches he wrote and attributed to historical characters without always identifying them as invented."

Not good. Can anyone get past Mattingly? (I tried Foosean search terms - no luck.)


Sunday, June 08, 2014

Question from ? - Marriage of bishops from 1547 to 1553

Can anyone help in finding marriage records between 1547 and 1553 of Bishops.

John Bird, Bishop of Chester who had responsible position within Henry V111 court, was married after
Henry V111's death in 1547. As many other Bishops married during the same period, once Mary 1 was on
the throne, some were sent to their death and others were given different punishments.

John Bird, Bishop of Chester had to surrender his Bishopric and repudiate his wife. He was sent as
vicar to Great Dunmow in Essex and died in 1558 and stated as in an 'obscure condition'.

With his connections to Henry V111 ,therefore his position being of some importance I would have
thought a record of Bishop John Bird's marriage between 1547 and 1553, would have been recorded
somewhere. To date I can find no mention of who his wife might have been, other than being young.

Can anyone help? Many thanks in advance.

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Question from Peter - Tudor marriage records

Dear Friends,

Re Tudor marriage records.

What sources are there for marriage records apart from Parish Registers, Bishop's Transcripts, Marriage Allegations and Bonds, Herald's visitations and Wills?

I have a record of one Wakefield (in Yorkshire) Tudor ancestor with four wives but no source given!

Thank you for any help,

Question from Peter - Inquisitions post mortem

Dear Friends,

Re Inquisitions post mortem.

Please could someone shed light on the role of Trustees per the following IPM below.

What are the duties of Trustees?

Why was the Trusteeship passed down the Peck family for several generations?

What does having the role of trustee tell us about the Peck family?

What does the Peck trusteeship tell us about the nature of their relationship to Sayvile?

What other genealogical and social nuggets can we glean from this IPM regarding the Peck family?

So many questions - sorry and thank you.

John Sayvile, Knt. 21 March, 12 Hen. VIII. (1520/1)

One Thomas Sayvile, great-grandfather of the said John,was seised of the manor of Folrigge, co. Lancaster. By charter, dated at Folrigge, St. Hilary's day, 8 Hen. V., he conveyed the same to trustees (amongst whom was Henry Sayvile of Copley, Esq.), entailing it on his heirs male.

(The last surviving trustee was Richard Peke, from whom the trusteeship has descended to John Peke, now living, son of Richard, son of Richard, son of John, son of the afore- said Richard Peke).

John Sayvile, Knt., died 20 March, 20 Hen. VII. Henry Saivile, Esq., is his son and heir, and
heir of the aforesaid Thomas, viz., son of John, son of John,son of John, son of the said Thomas. At the date of this inquisition he is 22 and upwards. By Letters Patent,5 Nov., 2 Hen. VIII., the wardship and marriage of the said Henry Saivile were granted to Richard Hastings, Knt.
Vol. ii., no. 11.

Very many thanks,