Sunday, February 16, 2014

Question from CJ - Children of a nobleman who lost his fortune

I was wondering what might happen to the children of a nobleman who lost his fortune. What would happen to his daughters if he couldn't dower them? Would they go into some kind of service? Presumably a son would still inherit, but aside from finding a rich wife, in what ways would he maintain his lifestyle? (Aside from borrowing, of course.) Thank you!

Question from Sarah - The King's Primer

What was the 'King's Primer' in the 1540s and was it written by Cranmer?

Saturday, February 01, 2014

Question from Amanda - Siblings of Katherine Howard

I have come across various sources that differ on how many siblings Katherine Howard had. Some state that she had none and others say that she had numerous brothers and sisters. Is there any concrete info regarding the validity of either of these? Assuming that Katherine did have siblings, how many were there and were they older or younger than she? Also, is there any list anywhere that lists the siblings (Katherine included) in their birth order? Thanks in advance. :)