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Question from Elizabeth M - Mary QOS' options for dealing with Darnley

I am wondering about Mary, Queen of Scots and her options to be rid of her degenerate spouse, Lord Darnley. She could not get a divorce based on their close relationship, being first cousins, or because they married before the Papal dispensation arrived, because that would have made her son, James, illegitimate. She and Darnley could not legally separate, because then neither could remarry. And the law in Scotland then had no provision for charging a king with treason (even though he deserved it, being an accomplice in the murder of Mary's secretary, David Rizzio, and the Queen being held captive immediately thereafter by the assassins, not to mention his correspondence with France and Spain in a possible aim to grab the Scottish crown for himself. My question is this--why could Mary not have, after Darnley had attended the christening of James (which she wanted him to attend, as there would be foreign ambassadors there and it would have been awkward to not have the baby's father attend)--why could Mary not have banished Darnley back to England and let Queen Elizabeth deal with him? Elizabeth would have been within the law to charge him with treason against England, as he married Mary without her permission, which he was supposed to get, being close in blood to the throne.

Question from Nikki - More on Anne wearing red at her execution

I asked the question before about Anne Boleyn wearing red to her execution. I actually found it written on this site first! (I am sure Lara can find the post.)

Here it is suggested again in these two articles. Are these false?

[And yes, I did find the previous thread. :) - Lara]

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Question from Alia - Thoughts on Anne Boleyn's execution anniversary

As some of you probably know, today is the anniversary of Anne Boleyn Queen of England and Marquess of Pembroke's execution day. Join me in honoring her with any GOOD opinion, cool info, anything you want to say really. Queen Anne Boleyn, RIP.

Question from Caroline - Differences in titles of the nobility


I am doing a project for school and I was wondering if someone could help me. I'm trying understand what the difference between a Duke, Earl, Baron, Viscount and (I don't know if I'm spelling this right but) Marquess.

What does each title mean? How do responsibilities differ and does each area (like Warwick) for example have a Duke, Earl, Viscount ect. of Warwick? And how would someone's standing at court be affected by their status.

Question from Stacey - Anne Boleyn honored at Elizabeth's coronation

I was reading an earlier question about Anne's remains & in the answer it was talked about how Anne was featured in Elizabeth's coronation. I've read that she was featured, but how was it done?

[This was touched on in the comments to the question linked below, but if anyone knows of more, please leave a comment! - Lara]

Monday, May 17, 2010

Question from Queenie - Moving Anne Boleyn to Westminster in Elizabeth's regin

I always wondered why didn't Elisabeth move her mother's grave to W.Abbey? Just like it was done for the Queen of scotts by her son? After all she was once the Queen of England and mother of a great monarch! I just find it terribly sad that she continues buried in St. Peters almost nameless. Considering the power she had once and noise she made? Why didn't her daughter do anything to get her buried there?

[I thought this question had been asked before, but for the life of me I couldn't find it. It might have been touched on in previous threads about Anne's burial, but I don't think it was asked outright. - Lara]

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Question from Alia - Opinions on Catherine of Aragon

Hi. I want to hear everyone's opinion on Catherine of Aragon. What do you think? My favorite historical figure EVER is Anne Boleyn, so I have to admit that I'm a little prejudiced against her...but I'm eager to hear new thoughts. Thanks!

Question from Teresa - Katherine's age vs. Princess Mary's age

Hello everyone, I am trying, for no reason other than its been annoying me that i can't find out, if Katherine "kitty" howard was older or younger than Lady/princess Mary tudor? I know they were close in age but who was older?

Question from Bron - Anne Boleyn as proxy at Frances Brandon's christening, etc.

Anne Boleyn apparently served as Queen Katherine of Aragon and her daughter Mary’s proxy, when they were asked to be godparents @ the christening of Lady Frances Brandon in 1517 and were unable to attend. Lady Frances Brandon, Duchess of Suffolk, was the second child and eldest daughter of Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk and Mary Tudor, dowager Queen of France and sister of Henry VIII. Frances went on to become the mother of Lady Jane Grey.

The christening may have been @ Hatfield.

How is it possible that Anne Boleyn could have served as a proxy for the Queen of England and the Princess at the christening of a daughter of the Dowager Queen of France? Surely Anne was no more than a lady in waiting at the time, and a very young lady at that?

This raises some questions.

We are often told that the Boleyn family was mercenary, low-bred and ambitious: Anne has been described as a grocer’s daughter. But there is a most interesting web site, classing people throughout history on a comparative and contemporary scale of monetary worth. I include the following snippet:

Sir Geoffrey Boleyn
Richest of the Rich position (in the whole history of the world): 206
Birth/Death: died 1463
Origin of wealth: Land
Wealth: £10,000
Net National Income: £3.5m
Net National Income Percent: 0.28%
In Today's Money: £3.107 billion

He died 'a great rich man' according to Leland, a contemporary chronicler. The official extent after his death showed that, apart from his London property and Norfolk manor, he had other manors in Kent and Sussex.

See: The Richest of the Rich, by Philip Beresford and William D. Rubinstein, Harriman House, 2007.

So, it may have been that Anne was an extraordinarily wealthy young lady in waiting. But, while she may have been a member of a particularly wealthy family, there is no indication that her family was politically prominent at that time, above and beyond all other young ladies in waiting. Why would Anne have been nominated at a proxy for the Queen and the Princess?

My question is, is this story true? And if it is true, I may have to rethink how I see Anne Boleyn within the context of the Tudor court.

There has been some debate about which sister was the elder. It seems to me Anne may have been the elder sister. Various birthdates have been given for Anne, from 1499, 1500, 1501, 1502, 1503, 1504, to 1507. Much of this debate is based upon speculation regarding at what age a girl might have had the strength of character to withstand the King’s advances. It is unlikely a very young girl would have had these skills. An Italian historian writing in 1600 suggested 1499 as a birth date.

Mary c.1499/1504 -19/30 July, 1543
Anne c.1501-19 May 1536 @ Tower of London: (M. Pembroke/Queen of England)
George, 2° Viscount Rochford c.1504/06-17 May, 1536 @ Tower of London
(Also a Thomas and a Henry who died young)

So, if Anne were the Queen’s representative at this christening in 1517, she must then have travelled abroad, prior to her return in 1522. I add, without confidence, the suggestion that when Mary Tudor married the 52-year-old King Louis XII at Abbeville at the age of 18 on 9 October 1514, that one of her Maids of Honour who attended her in France was Anne Boleyn. Mary was described by the Venetian Ambassador as "a Paradise—tall, slender, grey-eyed, possessing an extreme pallor". Was this prior relationship between Mary and Anne influential?

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Question from Teresa - Katherine Howard's age

Hello everyone, I am a very big Tudor fan and have been trying to find out how old Katherine "kitty" howard was when she married king henry VIII and when she was beheaded. I tried googling it but i got three completely different answers saying she was 15, and then saying she was 17 and finally saying she was 19 when she married the king. I was hoping someone might be able to help me find the right age. Thanks for all the help and god bless.

[There was an old discussion about this from about three years ago, but I figured it couldn't hurt to have a new discussion on it. - Lara]

Question from Alia - Anne Boleyn's favorite color

Hi, I'm an Anne Boleyn fanatic, and I'm wondering if it is known what her favorite color was. Google left me with more questions, as I got about 5 different answers. Thank you!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Question from Stephanie - Seymour's wife and Culpepper's head on "The Tudors"

Hi Everyone, I have a 2 part "The Tudors" TV show question:

1- Who is the man that is sleeping with one of the Seymour's wives? I looked it up and I believe his name is Lord Surrey? But I can't find any information on him as that was just a title. He seems very treacherous!

2- Is it true that Katherine Howard saw Thomas Culpepper's head on a spike in the tower of London, or did they just take artistic license? (I have a feeling it's artistic license!)

Thanks Everyone!!!

Question from Stephanie - Katherine Parr's involvement in Elizabeth's cut dress incident

Hi Everyone, I have a rather disturbing question but I am wondering if anyone has any information on this. Recently, I was reading about Katherine Parr, Thomas Seymour and Elizabeth. I already knew that allegedly Thomas and Elizabeth had a rather inappropriate relationship, but in one article there was a story about Katherine being a part of the "games" that Thomas and Elizabeth played together. Namely one story where Katherine held down Elizabeth while Thomas cut open some "black dress" with his sword. This shocked me because I didn't think Katherine had any part of this relationship, let alone participated in something this twisted. Does anyone know anything about this?

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Question from Lori - Elizabethan military

I am in grade 9 and am doing a school project on the warfare of the Elizabethan era. I am having trouble finding information on the military and how they fought, specifically on land (i.e. did they fight on horses, behind forts,with what wepapons, etc.). Thanks in advance.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Question from Lucy - Duties and positions in the Queen's household

Were the Queen's Apartments just like the King's in everyway? Did she have a Master of the Stool, Lord Chamberlain and everything else.

How many of the Queen's "people" were women? Was the Master of the Stool a woman or was it different title? The Queen had Ladies in Waiting and Maids of Honour but what's the difference?

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Question from Jacque - Mother of Gertrude Courtenay, Marchioness of Exeter

I have seen conflicting information regarding Gertrude Courtenay, Marchioness of Exeter (the daughter of William Blount, Lord Mountjoy)'s mother. Apparently Lord Mountjoy was married four times, to Elizabeth Say, to Inez de Vanegas, to Alice Kebel and to Dorothy Grey. There appears to be some confusion regarding which of his children had which mother, but I am mostly interested in who Gertrude's mother was, since I have seen her listed as both Elizabeth Say and Inez de Vanegas. In Weir's "Henry VIII: The King and His Court," it says Gertrude's mother was Maria de Salinas, but I think she must have mixed Maria up with Inez de Vanegas because as far as I know Maria de Salinas was never married to Lord Mountjoy!

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Question from Ally - Purpose and effects of images of Elizabeth

hi, currently in our NCEA level 3 class (7th form) we are studying Elizabeth I reign. i wanted to know if you had any information on images of Elizabeth that were created during (and after) her reign. what was the purpose and the effects of these images?

Question from Gabby - Privy Council v. Members of Privy Chamber

What's the difference between members of the privy council and members of the privy chamber? Are they the same?