Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Question from Stacey - Anne Boleyn honored at Elizabeth's coronation

I was reading an earlier question about Anne's remains & in the answer it was talked about how Anne was featured in Elizabeth's coronation. I've read that she was featured, but how was it done?

[This was touched on in the comments to the question linked below, but if anyone knows of more, please leave a comment! - Lara]


tudor fanatic said...

You know, I'm ashamed to say that I can't really remember much about Elizabeth's coronation procession, but I have a vague feeling that I read once that Anne was featured in one of the pageants performed to Elizabeth, as Anne was mentioned during it at some point. Can anyone verify me on this point or else tell me that I've got confused?!?

Diane said...

As Elizabeth rode through Gracechurch Street in London prior to her coronation in 1559, Anne and Henry VIII were depicted together as scenery in one of the pageants staged to honor Elizabeth.
Anne's image was crowned and carried a scepter.

kb said...

It was a tableau presented to her during her entry into London. It represented both Elizabeth's parents and Henry's parents. It was meant to affirm her Tudor lineage.