Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Question from Shahzeb - How the Tudors influence us today

I was wondering if you could help me with an assignment. I want to present The Tudors in a less traditional way. So I'm looking for some information about The Tudors, today. What have they done in the past that's had an effect on us today? From litterature to technology.

I'm looking forward to your reply :-)


tudor princess said...

You could kick off by reading "What the Tudors and Stuarts Did for Us" by Adam Hart-Davis. This was also a television series and it may be possible to find clips on YouTube.

Anyway, the book will give you some ideas eg Sir John Harrington (godson of Elizabeth I) invented the WC, Anne of Cleves was a "mail order Queen" as Henry VIII picked her from her portraits.

It may be worth checking out Doctor Dee, too as he invented the concept of mind-mapping and also the concept of the British Empire.

Have fun!

shtove said...

I think centralisation of government is the main Tudor theme.

It happened all over Europe, but England was probably the most efficient at this - maybe because of the underlying organisation of property information from the Norman conquest and the Domesday Book.

Confiscation of the monasteries, abolition of manorial/palatine jurisdictions, stabilisation of currency, regular taxation, suppression of outlying territories and their lords/ tyrants.

We are still centralising, and as always a lot of people are not happy with the restriction of their freedoms. So that's a modern theme.

ps. I did not know Dee inveted mind-mapping, will check it out.

Anonymous said...

Protestantism came about because of the Tudors. Martin Luther published a 'heretical' book, which was read by Anne Boleyn, and she changed Henry VIII away from Catholicism.