Thursday, May 21, 2009

Question from Joyce - Commemoration of Anne's execution anniversary

As oit just past the anniversary of Anne Boleyns death do the warders at the Tower do anything to commenmorate ? are floers placed on her plaque etc, do visitors bring flower?


Lara said...

When I visited on the 19th in 1998, there were yellow roses, which I have a photo of. I later got an email from the person who left them, so at least that year they were left by a visitor. When I was there on the 20th in 2003, there were red carnations still there from the day before, but I didn't catch whether the Yeomen Warders left them or if they were from a visitor.

Anonymous said...

There is an anonymous donation of flowers (usually roses, although sometimes visitors bring others)sent to be laid either on her grave or on the execution memorial site every year. It's been going on since the 20s and, whilst there is a lot of debate and different theories about who sends it, no one has ever said for sure. It just arrives and they lay it out. This year it was pink roses.