Sunday, May 17, 2009

Question from Monica - Morely Old Hall and Devizes Castle

I see that Morley Old Hall, Norfolk and Devizes Castle, Wiltshire are both up for sale (a spare £2.5m anyone?) Did Henry VIII ever visit these houses? I know that Devizes Castle belonged to Catherine of Aragon, but did she spend any time there? And is Morley Old Hall connected to Jane, Lady Rochford?


Lara said...

I keep seeing Morley listed as Elizabethan or late-16th century, so I would assume the current property was built after Jane Rochford died. It's possible there was an earlier property on the site though.

I blogged about its sale back in December:

(looks like one of the links doesn't work any more)

Marilyn R said...

Don't know about either of these but if you google "mail online moat" you'll come up with an article on the scandal of our MP's fiddling their expenses, and the first property shown is Kettlethorpe Hall - on the site of Kathryn Swynford's old pad, where the present multi-millionaire owner has used taxpayers' money to have his moat cleared. The moat, gatehouse and part of the house are original.There is a lot of land not shown on the photo, but the tree-lined moat appears to be in good condition, thanks to the rest of us!