Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Q&A with Leanda de Lisle at the LJG Ref Site

Head on over to the Lady Jane Grey Reference site blog and submit questions for Ms. de Lisle!

Here's the link:


Kathy said...

Well, Lara, are you going to ask her what she thinks of that miniature that we have been discussing? *S*

Lara said...

Oh! I hadn't even thought about that. I can't remember if she talked about it in her book... I should check that first. :)

Tudorrose said...

I think the portrait is of a lady from the Dudley familly myself.
I'm for the streatham portrait as being the true bLady Jane Grey.
It would be interesting to se what she thinks.

PhD Historian said...

The miniature does appear in the book, and the illustration credits on page xii identify it as "Lady Jane Grey by Lavina Teerlinc (c 1545-47), Yale Center for British Art, Paul Mellon Collection, USA/The Bridgeman Art Library."

The caption for the color plate, which appears between pages 102 and 103 of the book, states: "This controversial 'limning' or miniature, identified by David Starkey as Lady Jane Grey, may have been painted in the winter of 1561/2. If it is of Jane it is the closest we have to a likeness of her. The artist, Lavina Teerlinc, knew Jane personally and painted at least two limnings of Jane's sister Katherine. She habitually gave her subjects blue eyes, although Jane's are said to have been brown."

On page 225, Ms de Lisle states the miniature "may" date from the same period as that of Katherine's, circa 1561. She states that "the iconography certainly fits" for it to be a portrait of Jane.

Thus Ms de Lisle seems to believe that the miniature was painted 7 or more years after Jane's death, and may or may not be a portrait of her.

Tudorrose said...

What do you think P.H.D about the minature that is supposed to represent Jane Grey according to starkey.?
I would go with the streatham portrait myself.
I thought lady Jane had brown hair and brown eyes.
After all everyone including master starkey is entitled to an opinion.Whether its right or wrong.!
Because the two portraits don't even look alikeso that means only one can be an authenticated likeness of Jane.?!

PhD Historian said...

As I have said repeatedly in this thread and the separate one addressing the miniature specifically, Tudorrose, I do not believe the miniature is a portrait of Jane Grey. Neither do I believe that it was ever intended to be a portrait of Jane Grey.

For my full opinion on the miniature, see :

At the same time, I do not believe that the Streatham portrait is an authentic portrait of Jane Grey, either. I believe it is largely the product of someone's imagination, since it was painted at least 40 years after Jane was dead. And the cartoonishly poor artistic quality leaves it all but useless for purposes of getting a glimpse of what Jane Grey looked like.

Tamise said...

Tudorrose - That is an interesting theory! Do you have any thoughts about which Dudley lady it could be?

That would be a good question to ask Leanda. Who else the sitter could be.

Tudorrose said...

I have a theory that it could be one of Guilfords sisters either Mary or Jane Dudley.

Tamise said...

Thanks Tudorrose! I have sent your theory to Leanda.

Tamise said...

Leanda's answers have been posted here: