Thursday, July 17, 2008

Question from ? - More books and places to visit recommendations

This board answers some great questions! I am fascinated with The Tudor Dynasty and I LOVE Showtime's The Tudors!! I am very aware that it is not totally accurate, but it brings the characters to life for me. In reading books about The Tudors, I am able to put a face with the name. (Well, most of the time...Showtime likes to switch characters on us!) I just like the entertainment. I am always looking for new websites with royal info, past and present.

My question is this...what are some other websites or books that would give me more info about the Tudor Monarchs? I have read a couple books by Allison Weir.

Are there any specific sites in London that I could visit? I am lucky enough to get the opportunity to go each year and I want to take full advantage! I've already done Westminster Abbey (by far my favorite place in the world!) and The Tower twice. I got to visit Hampton Court last year and I want to go back!

[Ed. note - yeah, this is kind of a repeat of some other questions, but the person didn't put an email address on the form so I couldn't write him/her back directly]


Anonymous said...

If you are interested in reading about English royalty there is a website that may be helpful:

The website gives information about England's Royal History. There is information about the Tudor Dynasty and other related topics. It also lists books about The Tudors, their relatives and supporters, homes and palaces, Tudor law and government, religion, travel, geography and more.

Anonymous said...

If you enjoyed the Tudors, you'll love Phillipa Greggory's novels on them. The titles are The Queen's Fool (about Mary, his daughter), The Virgin's Lover (about his other daughter, Elizabeth), The Other Boleyn Girl (about Anne and Mary Boleyn), The Constant Princess (about Catherine of Aragon), and The Boleyn Inheritance (about Anne of Cleves and Katherine Howard). I really enjoyed these. Also good are books by Jean Plaidy. And Margaret George, especially her The Autobiography of Henry VIII. Not to mention Alison Weir, who is also an outstanding author. I just got a book, too, called The Queen of Subtelties by Suzannah Dunn, but have yet to read it. It's about Anne Boleyn too. That's all I can think of off the top of my head.