Monday, July 14, 2008

Question from Bernice - Tudor and Elizabethan interiors

I am interested in Tudor interiors especially Elizabethan. What colors did they like etc. Are there any examples surviving?

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Anonymous said...

I would suggest looking at some of the websites for the various palaces and houses listed on a recent posting about them. Many of those websites will include photographs of what the interiors look like now. But do keep in mind that many of the interiors were changed over the intervening years, so that "now" may not resemble "then." My own vague impression from having visited a large number of such houses and palaces from the Tudor period is that among the wealthy, polished wood or carved stone predominated. Walls painted in colors other than white ("lime-washed") seem to have been relatively rare. But all walls seem to have been heavily decorated with pictures and other applied designs. Anybody with other thoughts or expertise in this area? All I have are impressions.