Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Question from Guy - Holinshed's Chronicle

I was looking at Holinshed's Chronicle ([]), which as recommended to me recently. I found this version hard to read. Does anyone know if there are other versions you can get online? Also, what parts of Tudor history is it useful for? I'm wondering whether to perservere...


kb said...

This is a key text for serious academic research. I'm talking masters and doctoral level. In fact most doctoral dissertations/thesis covering issues from the early-modern period reference this text.

It's not easy to read because the printed text uses early modern grammar and spelling which is variable but phonetic.

I do not know of a version translated into modern spelling and grammar. It can be a hard slog but useful.

shtove said...

Try the Holinshed project:

I don't think you can get the full text without institutional subscription, but plenty of useful information there.