Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Question from Shelley - Tudor-Grey-Seymour descendants

Dynasty - Descendants of Tudor-Grey-Seymour families. If there are legitmate descendants from Mary Tudor living, why isn't this group on the "throne of England" vs. the House of Windsor, which is more Germanic-Greek, etc.?


Anonymous said...

After the end of Henry VIII's line, the succession went to the descendants of his elder sister, Margaret, not his younger sister, Mary.

Jason said...

As the above commentor states, the succession went to Margaret Tudor's descendants. Queen Elizabeth passed the succession onto James VI(of Scotland)and I (of England) who was her cousin and, (I'm guessing here) of the most royal blood. Margaret Tudor had married King James IV of Scotland making James VI of royal descent on both sides. The Tudor line died out with Elizabeth, the Grey's were from Mary Tudor and Charles Brandon (a commoner raised to nobility who then married Mary Tudor), and the Seymour's, though noble, were not royal.