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Question from Michelle - Rings of Kings and Queens

I know that there was a ring Henry VIII wore when he was king and then one that Mary wore when Queen that was removed from her when she died and given the Elizabeth when she became queen. Is there a name for this ring or kind of ring? Is it like a ring that says "im king" or "im queen"?


tudor princess said...

It was traditional at the coronation of a monarch of England to be presented, and to wear a coronation ring. This literally meant that the reigning monarch was spiritually wedded to their country.

Elizabeth I's reign was so long, her coronation ring had to be cut from her finger as it had grown so tight; this upset Elizabeth greatly as she regarded it as metaphorically breaking a link with her beloved England.

I think it may have been Mary Tudor's coronation ring (or possibly her wedding ring)that was taken from her finger, when she was dead and presented to Elizabeth, when she was at Hatfield. Elizabeth then knew that Mary was truly dead, since Mary would not have been parted from her ring in life.

kb said...

The coronation ring was an important symbol of Tudor monarchy.

When Mary was rallying London against Wyatt's rebellion she made a speech where she said, 'What I am loving subjects, ye know your Queen, to whom, at my coronation, ye promised allegiance and obedience,, I was then wedded to my realm, and to the laws of the same, the spousal ring whereof I wear here on my finger, and it never has and never shall be left off.'

I am pretty sure this was the ring taken from Mary's finger at her death and given to Elizabeth.

When Parliament thought they could push Elizabeth to marry, she tool the coronation ring from her finger held it up and said (more or less) 'Yea, to satisfie you, I have already joyned myself in marriage to an Husband, namely, the Kingdom of England...And to me it shall be a Full satisfaction, both for the memorial of my Name, and for my Glory also, if when I shall let my last breath, it be ingraven upon my Marble Tomb, "Here lieth Elizabeth, which Reigned a Virgin, and died a Virgin.'

kb said...

Although I could be wrong about which ring was taken from Mary's finger at her death.

Michelle said...

Thank you so much for the answers

Michelle said...

Thank you so much for the answers

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