Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Question from Haven - Descent of Elizabeth II from the Careys

I've been reading about descendants of Henry VIII and the Careys, and I've been wondering: How would Elizabeth II be a direct descendant of Henry VIII if he was the father of the Careys?


Dana Riel said...

Her Majesty the Queen is descended from Henry VII, through his daughter, Margaret of Scotland; not Henry VIII. Margaret's great-grandson became James VI of Scotland and James I of England. His daughter Elizabeth of Bohemia was the ancesstress of the Hanoverians.

Lara said...

If Henry VIII was indeed the father of Mary Boleyn's children, then Elizabeth II would be a descendant though the following line (and regardless of the Carey parentage, she's descendant from the Boleyns):

Mary Boleyn
Katherine Carey
Lettice Knollys
Robert Devereux
Frances Devereux
Jane Seymour (d. 1679)
Charles Boyle
Charles Boyle
Richard Boyle
Charlotte Elizabeth Boyle
Dorothy Cavendish
William Cavendish-Bentinck
Charles Cavendish-Bentinck
Nina Cecile Cavendish-Bentinck
Elizabeth Bowes Lyon
Elizabeth II

(I may have missed a Boyle or a Cavendish in there, but you get the general idea... you can double-check it at )