Friday, April 10, 2009

Question from Haven - Children from Mary Boleyn's second marriage

I was wondering if Mary Boleyn had any children with William Stafford, and if she did, what happened to them?


kb said...

I have no concrete information regarding children by William Stafford. I found a hint, but not proof, that they had a child that died in infancy or birth. Others have suggested that Mary died from complications after a birth. She was 35 when they married and she died at 44.

William married Dorothy Stafford in 1545 and they had 6 children, 2 who died in infancy. So William was capable.

Others might have further information.

Tudorrose said...

Mary Boleyn had two children from her first marrage to william carey.Their names were Henry and Catherine carey.During Mary's second marrage to william stafford their have been suggestions that William fathered two children with Mary.One being a boy named Edward who didn't survive infancy and a girl who also didn't survive childhood.The girl was called Anne.she was probably named Anne after her sister.They had no children that survived until adulthood.

Emmalyn said...

Though Mary was married to William Carey during the birth of her children Henry and Catherine, it is fairly obvious that these children were that of the king, Mary was his mistress before he married her sister Ann Boleyn