Friday, April 17, 2009

Question from Tudor stumped - Information on portrait

I'm trying to locate a picture which I believe is from Tudor times. It's a picture of a group of siblings and I believe two of the boys are twins. I need to locate an image of this picture to show my class as we are studying Tudor rich & poor and this picture is ideal to show some examples of clothes, children and food!

The portrait is the same as the one used on the English Heritage book cover for Tudor Cookery:

Does anyone know the name of the portrait/family etc?

Thanks in advance for any responses!


PhD Historian said...

The portrait is of the family of William Brooke, Lord Cobham. It dates to about 1567. The artist is unknown. It is in the collection of the Marquess of Bath at Longleat House. For the best online image of it, try the website Tudor and Elizabeth Portraits. It is an excellent site, though the information about the individual portraits is not always up to date.

Diane said...

I don't know who is depicted in the painting, but perhaps you can get information from the publisher. It is:

English Heritage
Customer Service Department
PO Box 569


phone +44 (0) 870 333 1181

I hope this helps.

Tudor stumped said...

Brilliant! I now have the picture and the details I need. My pupils will be thrilled to see this portrait and have great fun deciding who's who and whether they are a boy or girl!

Interestingly, I didn't realise this portrait was at Longleat. I have been there many times and have obviously missed something I would love to see in person.

Thanks again.