Saturday, April 11, 2009

Question from Lisa - Jewelry from Starkey's "Elizabeth" series

I really loved David Starkey's production of "Elizabeth." My question pertains to one of the beautiful pieces of jewelry used in it. The specific piece that I am interested in was shown on Elizabeth when she was out in a garden. She was wearing a black dress and rather ornate black necklace. Does anyone know who designed that piece of jewelry? Also, has it been reproduced for the mass market?


Lara said...

If you have the program handy (like on DVD), I would suggest looking through the credits for info on who did the costumes. It might be a good place to start.

Kathy said...

The IMDB entry for the program (Full Credits) lists the costume designer as Anna Palmgren. She has her own IMDB page.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lisa,
I found your blog and question about the necklace by chance :-)
I designed the costumes for "Elisabeth" by United Productions and the jewellery came from the BBC Costume Store and Angels (also a costume hire place) in London.
Anna Palmgren