Monday, April 17, 2006

Question from Shannon - Another illegit. son of Henry VIII

I have come across information that an Agnes Bewitt Beupine married to William Edwardes had an illegitimate son,Richard, for Henry VIII and that is how the family recieved Edwards Hall in Wales. Henry never claimed him, as Agnes was already married. Does anyone know about this?


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Unknown said...

Hi Melissa - while its been a while since your original post, I'm Susan, a neighbor in Michigan, and also an purported to descend from this line. I would LOVE to see that handwritten tree directly from bibles, etc. My family went South, were in NC and then TN, after it became a State. If you're able to share that, it'd make my year. Thanks in advance. :)

Unknown said...

Richard Edwardes was not a prince... Agnes and Henry VIII weren't married together

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