Saturday, April 02, 2011

Question from Lauren - CSP

If a reference says "CSP", is this the same as Letters&Papers, or as CSP, Spanish?


kb said...

Usually "Letters & Papers", which function as the state papers collection during Henry VIII's reign, are abbreviated as 'L&P".

Check the preliminary pages of the book, or look for the very first reference for a 'Calendar of State Papers' to see which one the author is referring to. If multiple volumes of calendars of state papers are being used in a single article or book, abbreviations usually indicate exactly. For example, CSP-Spanish, CSP-Ventian, CSP-Domestic. These might be abbreviated further as CSPS, CSPV, CSPD.

Usually there is somewhere in the text that indicates how the author or editor has chosen to abbreviate.

shtove said...

I wonder if anyone knows if the microfiches of the state papers, rather than the calendars, are online?

kb said...

Cengage has some of the Tudor era papers online in the original form, i.e. pictures of the original documents. Some of these are accompanied by transcriptions and/or matching entries in the calendars. Unfortunately, the product is institutional subscription only.