Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Question from Guy - Further information on Catherine Middleton's ancestry

Further to my earlier question about possible Tudor descent of Kate Middleton...

My copy of "The Ancestry of Catherine Middleton" arrived today, and I'm afraid it's a disappointment as far as Tudor connections go. Despite information in newspapers, it shows no link to Thomas Leighton and does not show descent from the Boleyns/Careys. It states that they removed late on some information about the Davenports.

She is descended from Edward III through his son Lionel. She is descended from the 4th Earl of Northumberland, so there are distant connections to the Percys. Her known Tudor ancestors were Sir Thomas Fairfax and Agnes Gascoigne. Slightly later, her ancestors included the Sheriffs of Norfolk, including Elias Browne and George Birch, who was Sheriff in 1604.

Just thought I'd share!

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