Sunday, June 14, 2009

Question from Courtney - Unanswered questions and secret artifacts of Henry VIII

Do you think that there is and or any Questions that have not been not ansrwed or artifacts that are kept secret from the public from the monarchy, ABout HenryVIII and his time?

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PhD Historian said...

The question itself is a little garbled and difficult to understand, but you seem to be asking whether there are any artifacts from the early Tudor period that are held in secrecy and not made known to the general public. For my own part, I cannot imagine why there would be. I cannot think of any reason to keep anything secret after almost 500 years.

As for unanswered questions ... I am not sure what kind of questions you mean, but there will always be unanswered questions about the past. I can think of many questions related to Henry VIII for which we do not have absolute answers. Instead, we have speculation and conclusions based on evidence, but not absolute answers. Was Katherine of Aragon a virgin when she married Henry VIII? What was the cause of Henry's leg problems, or Mary Tudor's false pregnancy? How many illegitimate children did Henry VIII actually have? And the list goes on.....