Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Question from Peter - Brother of the 3rd Earl of Southampton

The Earl, who was, I believe, born in 1573 had an older brother who died in childbirth. I've never been able to get the name, or the date of birth of the brother. Would you be able to find that out?

[Ed. note - This is in reference to Shakespeare's patron, Henry Wriothesley]

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Anonymous said...

The 3rd Earl's parents were married in February 1566. They had a daughter in 1567.

The 2nd earl was imprisoned in the Tower from October 1571 until May 1573, though he was allowed to leave the Tower occasionally to visit his former guardian and his father-in-law.

The 3rd Earl was born in 1573.

Based on the above timeline, I suspect the elder brother was born between early 1568 and late 1571 or very early 1572.

I have not been able to discover whether his name was recorded, but I suspect it was also Henry, or perhaps Thomas, as both were used in almost every generation of the family.