Thursday, November 06, 2008

Question from Mary Ann - Living descendants of Thomas More

Does anyone know if there are any living descendants of St. Thomas More? I know the male line died out (I believe in the 1700s), but I know that his daughters married and had children.


Lara said...

Not a descendant, but I have a cute story about a little boy that was part of a field trip tour I was giving at work several years ago... The kids were lining up and the teacher said: "Everyone get behind Thomas More" and when I got to the front I asked "So, you're name is Thomas More?" He looked up at me and smiled and said "I'm named after a guy that got his head chopped off!"

So, it totally doesn't answer your question, but it always makes me smile. But I will look through some books tonight and see if I can find a real answer for you, if no one else beats me to it!

Lara said...

Well, it's not an answer, but I did find a reference to a book (published this year) titled "The Family and Descendants of St. Thomas More" by Martin Wood. Sounds like that might have some good information if you can get ahold of it.

Anonymous said...

I recently discovered that I am a direct descendant of Thomas More as he is my 10th Great grandfather.

Post a reply or email directly through my webpage if you'd like to see the descendancy.

Martin Wood said...

I am the author of the book "The Family and Descendants of St Thomas More" mentioned in a reply to Mary Anne about living descendants. Thomas More is my 14 x great-grandfather.
The book is available from the publisher 'Gracewing' and from
Each chapter of the book deals with a different generation of the family down to the mid 1800s.
I will help anyone who contacts me.

Mary Ann said...

Thank you for your answers. I've ordered Mr. Wood's book and look forward to reading it.

Alexis said...

For all you fans of “The Tudors” and more. Here is a fascinating view of the descendants in the audience..I might be one of them and so could you!

Tudors Descendants in the audience. Are you one of them?

See the fan charts for the characters in The Tudors:

J5 said...

I am a directed descendant. I forget how many greats are in there, but he is my great-grandfather to some degree.

mkotick said...

I am a direct descendant of Thomas More. He is my 17th great grandfather. My line comes into Virginia, West Virginia, and now in Ohio. Surnames associated are: Foster, Terrill, Burns, and Burch.

toberwine said...

I am a direct descendant via the Roper and Winn line. My great grandmother was Lucy Strickland-Constable who was the great-great-great-great granddaughter of Elizabeth Henshaw, nee Roper.

deanmissy said...

I had just the direct linage of my husbgand done by a geneologist 2 years ago. It showed my husband was a direct descendant of Sir Thomas More.
Unfortunately, I had my computer compromised and lost all my information. I have been able to work Out all lines of his family except the More one.
Could somebody set me right , as far as the first generation to be born in America.

Anonymous said...

I also discovered through, that Sir Thomas More was my 12th great grandfather, through my father's line.
I'm so amazed!

Anonymous said...

I'm a direct descendant through my father's line. Sir Thomas More is my 12th great-grandfather and Captain Myles Standish is my 9th great grandfather.

celti said...

From I found out that Sir. Thomas More is my 17th great-grandfather on my father's mother side.

Anonymous said...

he is my 13th great grandfather from my mother's line

Tina Tompkins Ames @ said...

Thomas More is my 14th great grandfather according to This is on my fathers side. . .from the US

Jackie C. said...

Same here, says he's my 16th Great Grandfather. kinda cool. I never did like that Henry Tudor anyway....

celti said...

He Is My 19Th Great Grandfather On My Father's Mother's Side. Ancestry.Com

Anonymous said...


I descend from Sir Thomas More, starting with his paternal grandfather, as follows:

William More Esquire (died 1467)
is my 16th great grandfather
Sir John More (1451 - 1530)
son of William More Esquire
▽Sir Thomas More (1478 - 1535)
son of Sir John More
▽John More II (1509 - 1547)
son of Sir Thomas More
▽Thomas "The Younger" More III (1538 - 1606)
son of John More II
▽Thomas More (1568 - 1616)
son of Thomas "The Younger" More III
▽Alice More (1593 - 1628)
daughter of Thomas More
▽Thomas Vail (1620 - 1687)
son of Alice More
▽Samuel Vail (1654 - 1695)
son of Thomas Vail
▽Rev. John J. Vail (1685 - 1774)
son of Samuel Vail
▽Joseph Vail (1717 - 1804)
son of Rev. John J. Vail
▽Joseph "John" Vail (1741 - 1818)
son of Joseph Vail
▽James Vail (1796 - 1825)
son of Joseph "John" Vail
▽Solomon Vail (1825 - 1906)
son of James Vail
▽Merida Marlow Vail (1854 - 1925)
son of Solomon Vail
▽Byron Solomon Vail (1878 - 1949)
son of Merida Marlow Vail
▽Courtney Ballard "Bill" Vail (1911 - 1978)
son of Byron Solomon Vail
▽Dennis Michael "Mike" Vail (1940 - 1998)
son of Courtney Ballard "Bill" Vail
▽Douglas Micah Vail (born 1970)
the son of Dennis Michael "Mike" Vail

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately Ancestry has mistakes which lead some (especially in America)to believe that they are descended from Sir/St Thomas More when they are not. If you make such a claim, I can help. Contact me at
[Martin Wood: Author "The Family and Descendants of St. Thomas More". Published in the UK. April 2008.

Anonymous said...

I thought I was a descendent of Sir Thomas More as well until Martin showed me I was incorrect. I never got an answer from Martin about DNA testing though. Have you had your DNA tested? If so I have done 23andme& AncestryDNA and would love to compae! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Many comments from people claiming to be direct descendents of Thomas More, yet online genealogical charts say that there have been no direct descendents from the male OR female line since the late 18th century.

Anonymous said...

Some of the most used internet genealogy sites have led a number of people to believe that they are descended from Sir/St Thomas ore, when they are not.
There are no early descendants who went to America.
The Vail line, fro0m which some claim descent is far from proved and has involved a good deal or name and place changes to make it look authentic.
Some claim descent from a John Moore who went to Virginia in 1620, but his English ancestry is unknown. He was most certainly not the son of Mary More (b.1553) and her husband Edward Moore/More who (beside five daughters)only had two sons, Henry and Thomas, both of whom became Jesuit priests. The claim that a Thomas More married a Martha Brookes is a pure fabrication.
Martin Wood
[Author: "The Family and Descendants of St Thomas More". Published in the UK. April 2008.]

Anonymous said...

Attention of Mr martin Wood, author of the book related to the descendants of st Thomas More.
My Granbd grand mother, born Marie-Antoinette-Jeanne Onffroy de Verez used to relate the fact that we are descendants from Thomas More by claire Pike de Barbuth who married Pierre-Rolland Onffroy de Verez. can you tell me if any of these names is appearing in your research before I purchase youir book ?

Renee Jones said...

My mother told me when I was young that sir Thomas more is my 5th great uncle or so and I have been trying to find others but I'm not sure if all of these people here are actually related since ansetery is not a good resource.

Anonymous said...

After researching myself, the late Martin Wood of England was correct on clear proof needed to connect the Vail line with Sir Thomas More. Martin Wood's prevailing book is well researched and countervails travails. Possibly an archive will surface, but to no avail so far. The Vail family did marry into the More and Moore families in England and America in the 16th and 17th centuries, but evidence is still vital for exact descent from any of the family of Sir Thomas More.

He is a well missed author.


Douglas Micah Vail

Anonymous said...

My second cousin researched the Roper family tree. When tracing his father's family tree (Edward Roper) he discovered that the Roper's from Reading in Berkshire were decendents of William Roper and Margaret Moore (Sir Thomas's daughter). Does anyone have any info on the Moore-Roper anvestry ?

ron2000 said...

Hi! Thomas More is my 14th-Great-Grandfather. I'm 16, and my grandfather, who is British (TM's 12th-great-grandson), found an old family tree in his childhood home when he was cleaning it out following his mother's death about 20 years ago and made this discovery. I don't have the full line right now, but I'll try to find it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your post. I am new to tracing my ancestors so I can only go on snippets of info. I did contact my cousin but he didn't respond. The last piece of information I can find was that William and Margaret had 2 son's Thomas and Anthony. They both married and Thomas had 2 daughters who married so that was the last of the Roper name. Anthony married Lucy Cotton but I don't know if they had any children. There is a huge gap overy the centuries until you get to my Gt Grandfather Edward Roper who died in 1966.

Betty Maynor said...

I've been researching my family history and Sir Thomas More is my 16th great grandfather. I'm related to him by his son John More.

Betty Maynor said...

I've been researching my family history and Sir Thomas More is my 16th great grandfather. I'm related to him thru his son John More.

Anonymous said...

My family genealogy shows that we too are from the More/Moore line. But I tend to be a bit skeptical, therefore will continue to research the lineage. Things that I do know is that a side of the family were very much into ministry of the Christian Faith in England and in America. Late 1500's (Eng) thru 1800's (USA), anything is possible. Member of the Champion Family

Jamie More said...

I am James More, and my family thinks that we have relations with Sir Thomas More. I am also a male. What do you think? You think the descendants are still alive my last name is spelled More also, which is a peculiar thing. Tell me what you think. Thanks

James More

Ginny Newkirk said...

I am a decendant of the George Moore family of Moore Hall in County Mayo, Ireland. Family lore has said that they (and therefore I) are descended from Sir Thomas More, bUt I have never been able to find the direct connection. I would appreciate if you know.

Anonymous said...

I am also 17th great granddaughter of St. Thomas Moore. Would love to connect with other descendants! We have a lot to live up to!

Unknown said...

I am a 12th descendant to Christopher Cresacredit Moore, he was Sir Thomas Moores Grandson. :-)