Thursday, November 06, 2008

Question from Haldira - Reproductions of Anne Boleyn's other jewelry

I am researching Anne Boleyn jewelry (other than her B necklace) and was wondering if anyone has any information on companies that do any good reproduction work. I know she's been painted with a cross necklace, and there is the emerald ring she was gifted...but I can't find any repro's, nor can I find any paintings as evidence.

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Anonymous said...

I found this English site that has Tudor jewelry reproductions called Pewter Replicas. It has some nice copies of the jewelry worn by Henry VIII, Jane Seymour and Princess Elizabeth among many others. Just type in the person's name you want to search for.

Anonymous said...

Definitely check out the wonderful answers given in my question. And most jewelers that create replicas are more than happy to do custom work. If you explain to them what you want (and if they don't already offer it), like some of the other jewelry that was suggested in the answers to my question, they would work with you to recreate the replica that you wanted.

Also you can check out The woman that runs that site provided the famous "B" necklace for The Tudors and Ugly Betty. Her jewelry is really pretty. Good luck! And if you do find some really nice reproductions, please let me know! :)