Sunday, October 05, 2008

Question from Ashley - Pronouncing "Henrician"

This may be a really off the wall and naive question to ask but I have actually heard debates about it among history students.

How do you pronounce Henrician?

1) Hen-ree-shun

2) Hen-ree-cee-en

3) Hen-ree-can



Anonymous said...

In the US, most university history professors and such pronounce it "Hen-ree-shun." Among British professors, I've heard both "Hen-ree-shun" and "Hen-ree-cee-en." I think the second is probably the more completely correct pronounciation, but the first is perfectly acceptable.

Hen-ree can is incorrect.

Anonymous said...

I vote for #1 That's always the way I've heard it.

Anonymous said...

phd historian, an English professor of mine in graduate school once told us, "Don't even consider becoming a writer until you know what the adjectival form of your last name will be."

I doubt that Henry (7 or 8) ever gave this a thought, but I find it strangely apropos! *LOL*

Anonymous said...

I'm lucky ... the adjectival form of my last name is "Edwardian," pretty straightforward.

Anonymous said...

The correct term for Henrician is Henreeceeen.