Saturday, January 13, 2018

Question from Julian - Records of Early Modern English

I would appreciate any referrals to audio recordings of Early Modern English that I could buy. I have been re-creating the Persona of Matthew Baker, Henry VII's "great Esquire" since 2003. Having now assembled clothing, accessories, and an exhibition encampment, I thought that this year before my Lady and I get too old, we would make an attempt at Early Modern English pronunciation, speeches, and phrasing. The vocabulary and the phrasing are enshrined in contemporary documents and we have assembled a considerable library of transcriptions to help us. But the SOUNDS? Where can we find some audio recordings to buy? I understand Professor David Crystal is considered the suprmeme Authority on this subject - but i cannot find any audio recordings on sale anywhere. perhaps it's GIGO on my IT searches.Help?


PhD Historian said...

This may seem obvious, but have you tried YouTube? I know that there are dozens of videos there of experts reciting Shakespeare in seemingly authentic accents.

kb said...

PhD Historian is right. Look for YouTube videos on OP or Original Pronunciation. The Crystals, father and son, are the keepers of this flame. You can also check out their web site on this at