Friday, January 26, 2018

Question from Sarah - Description of Mary Tudor Brandon's death and funeral

Can anyone help me find a good contemporary description of Mary, Dowager Queen of France's death and funeral?


Jacky LORETTE said...

I answer to this request with a big delay. I have been researching Mary Tudor Brandon for almost 40 years. The first biography of her in French that I wrote will soon be published in France as well as that of Catherine of Aragon. Mary Tudor Brandon is in my opinion the lady of The Lady and the Unicorn of the Museum Cluny in Paris.
Walter Richardson's book, Mary Tudor, The White Queen, Peter Owen, 1970, describes the last years of her life and her funeral. If you can’t find this book, I can send by internet the pages devoted to this episode of her life.
“A Remembrance for the buryall of the Right Excellent prynces Mary” is preserved among the records of the Royal College of Arms.
Very cordially. Jacky LORETTE

LORETTE said...

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