Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Question from Jina - Daughters of Elizabeth Tilney and Agnes Tilney

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I am hoping to get some help.

Did both Elizabeth Tilney and Agnes Tilney (cousins that were married to Thomas Howard, 2nd Duke of Norfolk) have children named Elizabeth Howard?

I am trying to confirm which Elizabeth married Henry Radclyffe, 2nd Earl of Sussex. I also need to confirm they had a daughter together named Mary Grey Radclyffe.

I think the two Elizabeths are being confused leaving the date of death years before Mary Grey Radclyffe's birth.

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Marilyn Roberts said...

Elizabeth Tilney died in 1497 and within a few months her husband Thomas Howard Earl of Surrey, aged about 50, married her cousin Agnes who was about 20. The Howards lost the Dukedom of Norfolk after Bosworth in 1485, so Elizabeth never became Duchess of Norfolk and it was not until 1514 with the restoration of the title that Agnes became duchess.

Elizabeth Tilney’s daughter Elizabeth Howard (c. 1480-1538) married Sir Thomas Boleyn and was the mother of Anne who married Henry VIII. Agnes’s daughter Elizabeth Howard was almost of a younger generation and married Henry Radcliffe, with whom she had two sons, late 1523 or by May 1524, the date of her father’s death. They had two sons before she died in the 1530’s.

If you go to my website www.queens-haven.co.ok and scroll down to ‘Ladies on the Mowbray Cover’ you will find a small piece about Elizabeth Tilney.