Monday, December 23, 2013

Question from Jeanie - Munnings Family

I am researching the history of the Munnings Family of Nedging, Suffolk. The Manor of Nedging was given to Charles Brandon in 1516 after the death of Margaret de la Pole, widow of Edmund, previous Duke of Suffolk. In a 1615 history of the family, a Henry Munnings who lived in Nedging was said to have been hired by Charles Brandon to be his Superintendent of Music in his chapel. It also says that because Henry Munnings was fluent in the french language he traveled with Charles to France in 1515 when he "fetched home the french queen Mary". My question is does this sound the slightest bit plausible? Is there anyway to find out if it is true? My gut tells me this is a bunch of nonsense, but I need to be able to really disprove it. thank you for any help you can offer.

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kb said...

What part do your suspect is nonsense? That Brandon hired a superintendent of music who was fluent in French? Or that the musician went to France with Brandon? I am not an expert in the Brandon family. Yet, I find it plausible that Brandon could have hired a French speaking musician to manage his in-house musical needs. It is also plausible that a wide range of household staff would travel with their lord to add to the glitter of his retinue.