Sunday, December 15, 2013

Question from John - Story of Elizabeth and a man in the garden

Where did the story that Elizabeth hugged man in the garden when she lived with her stepmother Catherine Parr.Thanks for any answers.

[The submitter didn't leave an email address so I can't contact him to clarify, but I believe this is in reference to the incidents between Elizabeth, Thomas Seymour, and Katherine Parr at Chelsea. - Lara]


john said...

Yes question about this incident.Thanks for the clarification.

kb said...

Much of the information comes from investigation into allegations of impropriety by the young princess. The investigation is well documented in state papers and some letters. The most damning testimony came from Elizabeth's dear companion, governess and lady-in-waiting, Kat Astley. Her depositions form the investigation as printed in various sources from the times. You might want to look at the Hatfield Papers. They might be available as digital downloads from the internet archive. The citations to the original folios, as opposed to the published versions, are Hatfield, Cecil MS 150, Fol. 86r, 85r-87r, fol 80, etc. Some of these are reprinted in the Calendar of State Papers for the years 1548-50.